Reid glanced over at the doorway and took in his boss's form. He looked like he always did, except the dark shadows under his eyes. Before he could open his mouth Morgan butted in, "Hotch, are we okay to leave today? I know the hospital wants him to stay a few more days, but we can take care of him at home just the same."

The two of them started discussing Reid's conditions and when a nurse came in they requested to have him released. Morgan and Hotch left his room for a few minutes to talk with the hospital staff and Reid was relieved to be alone. Hotch hadn't even looked at him when he entered the room and completely ignored his presence when Morgan started speaking.

Reid knew that he cared about Reid, but he didn't feel like it at the moment. "Pretty boy, you ready to go?"

Reid stared at his sheets for a few more seconds before taking a look at Morgan and Hotch in the doorway. Taking his chances, he spoke his mind, "No, I'm not. I think I should stay here until they really want to release me so I don't take a turn for the worse. Did you know that 47% of patients that check out too early end up in a worse condition than they started in?"

"Reid, are you sure? How will you get back?" Hotch questioned while staring at the younger agent with conflicted eyes.

"I'll get a plane ticket and yes. I think I need some time away from the office just until I can breathe without wincing and not having drugs pumping into my system."

Morgan protested a bit, but when Garcia arrived, he agreed. When all the agents had left, Reid exited his bed and signed the release papers before leaving. He caught the first flight to Vegas and headed to his mother. He didn't know why, but he needed to be away for a while and his mother's place seemed like a good escape.

Two days after he arrived at his mother's, he received text messages and phone calls to the point he shut his phone off. He had asked the front lady to not tell anyone who called for him that he was there, stating that he was feeling under the weather and needed more time to recover with his mother.

"I just don't understand why you didn't go back to work? You love it there don't you? I can tell by the way you speak of your co-workers, or friends. Yes, more like friends, or even family. Their all there for you while I'm not," his mother chattered.

"I'm not entirely sure, I want to return to work because I miss the team but," his face contorted to pain and sadness, "I think I'm scared."

"You were never scared before, so why now?"

Reid stared at his mother and then the floor. He didn't know the answer so how would he answer that. He had been shot before and beaten to death and back, why was this so hard? Had it even been the injury to begin with? Or had it started before that?

"Spencer Reid! How dare you do this to me!" Reid's head snapped up at Garcia's voice and his eyes grew large at the group of people standing in his mother's doorway.

Garcia launched forward and hugged Reid into her chest before pulling away and staring at his face. He still was looking at all of them. "Honey, why are you crying?"

Reid's eyes reflected confusion and he reached a hand up to feel the wetness that coated his cheeks. Fear crept into him and he tried to understand why he was crying. Was he in pain but couldn't tell? Why was he crying?

"I-I don't under," Reid stopped talking and wiped his eyes again and again trying to stop the tears. "Why am I crying? I don't understand," his voice was covered in fear and confusion.

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