Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Asami/Akihito

Spoilers: Minor Spoilers for Pray in the Abyss and Working Cameraman Takaba Akihito's Fulfilling Life of a Housewife

Contains: mature language, explicit sexual situations, no plot

Summary: (A one-shot set sometime post the last chapter of Pray in the Abyss). Asami demonstrates that they've only begun to scratch the surface of what's between them.

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Yamane Ayano, not me.

Author's Note: I was looking at Working Cameraman Takaba Akihito's Fulfilling Life of a Housewife today and was struck with the need to write a bit of smut and to give that secret room a little more use. That's pretty much all this is. I also listened to Monster by Lady Gaga while I wrote it. ;) Also, I am working on Chapter 2 of Under the Skin. I took a break over the long holiday weekend, so apologies for the delay.

"Asami, the guys invited me out tonight."

Akihito carefully cleaned the lens of his camera and tried to look nonchalant as he shot a glance over his shoulder. Asami was sitting at the table, absorbed in the paper. He made a noise of acknowledgement, but didn't raise his eyes from his reading.

"Yeah," Akihito said brightly. "A new club opened recently that's apparently really hot right now. There's an invite only event tonight, but Kou somehow got on this list. He knows the DJ or something, I'm not sure on the details. But anyway, he got us invites, so..."

"Have fun," Asami said, still seemingly engrossed in the newspaper.

Akihito frowned. This was decidedly odd. He put down the camera he was servicing and carefully scrutinized Asami. He looked the same as always; gorgeous, self-possessed and impeccably turned out.

"So..." Akihito drew out the word, hating himself for sounding so hesitant. "It's okay?"

Asami turned the page, still not taking his eyes from the paper. "Are you asking my permission?"

"Hell no!" Akihito scowled and stood up in a huff. "I'm just a little surprised, that's all."

Ever since a rumored threat against Akihito, Asami had both upped his security detail and "kindly requested" that Akihito be sensible in his choices of where to spend both his work and free time until Asami was able to determine the seriousness of the situation.

Akihito had mostly complied, but he was well sick of it. He wasn't convinced the rumor had any truth to it whatsoever, but he had to admit Asami wasn't usually given to controlling his every movement under normal circumstances-not outside of bed anyway.

"Um, so is that situation...handled?"

Asami did look up over the edge of the paper then, only his very amused eyes showing. "I told you before that everything is under control. Be patient a little longer and things can go back to normal."

That made Akihito mutter, "As if things are ever normal around here." He stalked over to Asami and crossed his arms. "Why aren't you making a fuss then? You keep telling me that nightclubs are a security nightmare. Why are you okay with-" Akihito's eyes narrowed.

Asami lowered the paper and smirked.

"This is your club? I should've known."

"I know you've been chafing at all the precautions lately. You've been such a good boy about it for once, I wanted to reward you."

"You really are something else." Akihito jabbed his finger into Asami's chest. "I'm not a kid, so stop with the good boy crap."

An abrupt tug sent Akihito sprawling into Asami's lap. Asami's voice rumbled in his ear. "Oh, you can be very good when you want to be."

Akihito bit his lip as hot breath fluttered against the sensitive spot low on his throat. In what he knew was a futile effort to play hard to get, he pulled away a little, planting his palms on Asami's chest and looking him in the eye.

"I thought you didn't bother with clubs like that. Don't you usually stick to stuck up and stodgy places like Sion, where old perverts like you with too much money hang out?"

"Sometimes they cater to young perverts with too much money. You should know after nosing around Dolasena, isn't that right, Akihito?"

Akihito blushed under Asami's amused gaze.


Asami laughed. "Don't worry. The manager of this club isn't my type at all, so there's no need for you to get jealous."

He was never going to live that embarrassing episode down, when Asami had figured out that Akihito had seen him and the young manager from Dolasena together and had imagined all sorts of things between them. Asami had been highly amused, not to mention rather smug, the bastard.

"You just might be the one to get jealous tonight, Asami."

"Is that so?" An eyebrow lifted in amusement. "Are you planning on any specific course of action to make that happen?"

"No! But I'm a good dancer, and I just bought a pair of jeans that makes my ass look great, so you'd better watch out."

"Your ass always looks great, especially when it's thrust up in the air and you're on your elbows and knees, begging me to fuck you into the mattress."

One of Asami's hands slipped into the back of his jeans and squeezed. Akihito's cock twitched, but he only shook his head and sighed.

"You're so predictable."

Asami's eyes dropped to Akihito's crotch and he smirked. "As are you."

Akihito went pink again, but he straddled Asami and leaned in, taking great delight in ruffling Asami's perfectly groomed hair as he tangled his fingers in it. "You need to take responsibility."

"Do I?" His warm breath caressed Akihito's face. "And how would you have me do that?"

"Well..." Akihito's tongue darted out, lapping at Asami's full lower lip. "Maybe you should make me remember why I should come home to you tonight instead of-" A pained sound, halfway between a moan and a cry, escaped him as Asami sunk his teeth at the junction of his shoulder and throat.

Akihito's fingers tightened in Asami's hair even as his neck arched in pleasurable submission.

"Oh, I'll make you remember, all right." The low, rich baritone of Asami's voice vibrated against his skin, sending electric shivers down his spine. "I'll make it so you can think of nothing else. Every twist of your hips, every sway of your cute little ass, every move you make, will remind you just where you belong and to whom."

Fuck, but those words went straight to his cock, and Akihito tugged Asami's face up and kissed him hard, licking his way inside Asami's mouth and moaning as his tongue was sucked hard enough to draw him up off his knees. He was gasping when Asami finally let him up for air and proceeded to cup Akihito's ass, lifting him higher so he could suck and bite at his nipples through the fabric of his thin t-shirt.

"Everyone person in that club, man and woman alike, will be able to smell my scent all over you when I'm done with you."

Akihito moaned.

"Maybe I'll leave you with my come dripping down your thighs before you pull on those new jeans you're so proud of. Or I could plug you up, keep you that way all night so that you'll remember every second what it feels like to be filled up with me. And when you come home to me-and there's no question at all that that's exactly what you'll do, is there, Akihito?-you'll be loose and slick for me. No need for preliminaries. I'll just rip it out of you and fuck you right up against the wall before you even have time to take off your shoes."

Fuck. Asami was trying to kill him. The hot flush that suffused his face and body was only partly from the embarrassment the lewd words elicited. He was so turned on he could barely breathe or think. The idea of Asami doing something like that should really be disturbing on some level, and yet it make Akihito so fucking hot that he couldn't stand it.

"Put your money where your mouth is, Ryuichi," Akihito managed to retort, and then he hissed as Asami bit down hard one nipple.

"That's what I love about you, Akihito. Your eagerness to play with fire."

His world spun as he was upended over Asami's shoulder, body jolted by Asami's quick strides to the bedroom. Instead of being flung on the bed like Akihito expected, he heard the door to the hidden room open.

Oh, shit. He hadn't been in there since Asami had punished him for throwing out his antique guns. The breath was knocked out of him when he hit the bed of this room with a heavy thump.


Asami's simple command made heat pool low in his belly, but it wouldn't be playing the game if Akihito complied so easily. He let his eyes narrow in challenge.

Asami was on him so suddenly he gasped; his shirt ripped away like it was nothing, and his jeans jerked off his hips and legs with a few forceful tugs. Down to his briefs, Akihito found himself up close and personal with his lover, caged by strong arms and staring into eyes that were flickering with a feral playfulness. His heart was pounding so wildly, Akihito thought it might beat right through his chest.

"Now, do you want to take the rest off yourself, or shall I teach you why people ask how high when I tell them to jump?"

Though the words were filled with a certain dark humor, Akihito could feel the aura of potential danger rolling off Asami in invisible waves that made all Akihito's senses tingle with both apprehension and anticipation.

He must've taken too long to answer because he could feel the muscles in Asami's body coil. The golden eyes darkened, and Akihito sucked in a breath, hastily wriggling out of his underwear as best he could with Asami looming over him.

A mouth lowered to his ear. "Wise choice." Dark amusement dripped from Asami's voice. Then his teeth grazed down the side of Akihito's neck. He sucked a light kiss there, not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to make Akihito bite his lip in pleasure.

"Now," Asami's warm breath moistened his skin. "Raise your arms over your head and clasp your fingers together."

Akihito's arms slid across the silk sheets, his body stretching out beneath Asami. The fabric of Asami's shirt brushed against his nipples, creating an aching tension that spiraled all the way down to his cock.

"Good boy," Asami murmured. "Show me that sexy look I love so much."

Akihito glared.

"Yes." Asami's low laugh rumbled over him. "That's the one."

Akihito opened his mouth to retort, but Asami's fingers slipped between his parted lips, pressing lightly on his tongue.

"Shh." He reached between Akihito's legs with his free hand and cupped his balls. "I don't want to gag you just yet."

Pressing his heels hard against the bed, Akihito managed not to arch up into the touch, but Asami smiled knowingly anyway.

"You want me to take you, don't you, Akihito?" One finger teased back along delicate skin, pressing between the crease of his ass and circling the furled opening lightly. "You want me here."

Oh, God, he did. He wanted it so much. Still, only the bare tip of a finger worked him open, dipping in and out with shallow, tiny thrusts that made him whimper, his tongue flexing around the fingers still in his mouth.

"You're always so eager, so lewd, even when you're playing at defiance. Your body never lies."

Heat bloomed across his cheekbones, but Akihito couldn't look away from that keen gaze that flayed him open as easily as a scalpel to expose all the things he tried to keep hidden.

"My Akihito wants this, doesn't he? All of me? Everything that only I can give him?"

He shuddered, his tongue curling around Asami's fingers with helpless need and sucking them in them deep; a silent appeal to the man playing him so expertly.

Asami breathed out a long sigh of satisfaction. "Ah, you are being so very good today. How can I not reward that?"

Akihito tensed in expectation, but confusingly, Asami pulled away, fingers first and then body. Moving with a slow, deliberate pace, Asami went to the display case on the wall and laid out a selection of leather and metal that made Akihito's mouth go dry.

Gently, almost reverently, the cuffs were buckled around Akihito's wrists and then his ankles. Akihito was pulled to his knees, Asami's deft fingers fastening a wide, leather collar around his neck. They slid into his hair next, pulling his head back and allowing Asami to take in his wide, dilated eyes.

Whatever he saw made Asami smile. He tugged Akihito off the bed by the round metal ring dangling from the front of the collar, and placed the rich, black harness across Akihito's chest. The buckles were tightened until his breathing was restricted just enough to make him aware of the subtle control.

Only then did Asami pull him back against his chest and slide a hand down Akihito's stomach to ghost over his neglected erection. "This won't do."

Akihito's eyebrows drew together. "What do you mea-ahhh..." His words broke off as Asami began to stroke him firmly. One firm hand on his chest held Akihito still, while the other worked him to a quick and dirty climax that left him panting, coursing with endorphins, and bewildered.

While he was still recovering, Asami bound his wrists to chains that extended from the ceiling.

"Now this will go on nicely."

Asami held what looked like a leather g-string, only the front was adorned with a cage of metal rings. Oh, fuck. Asami had tried out practically everything else on him, but he'd never used that on him. He eyed it with a mix of emotions he really didn't want to analyze.


"Shh..." A finger tipped his chin up. "Don't speak. Make any other noises you want, but don't speak. Otherwise I will gag that pretty little mouth of yours."

Akihito bit his lip, allowing Asami to slip the thing up his legs and adjust it snugly. Then, his spent cock was carefully worked into the cage of rings, already throbbing and beginning to thicken a bit at the brief touch.

Asami stepped away and took a long look. It was almost excruciating to be so exposed, bound up and decorated in such a way, especially when Asami was still fully clothed and regarding him with such intent hunger.

He couldn't hold Asami's gaze for long, and he felt the heat rush to his face. Involuntarily, his wrists tested his shackles in an unconscious attempt to cover himself.

"I know every inch of you, Akihito. You can't hide from me. You shouldn't try."

A soft, whirring sound startled Akihito, and when he raised his eyes again he was faced with a large, full-length mirror on the wall in front of him. Once again, Asami moved behind him, fingers skimming over Akihito's nipples, teasing them until they were hard and sensitive and Akihito's head lolled back onto his shoulder.

His cock was swelling now, frustratingly not able to achieve full hardness, but constricted in a delicious, agonizing way that balanced along the line between pain and pleasure.

"Beautiful." Asami's murmur vibrated against his throat, and Akihito squeezed his eyes shut, not wanting to look upon the lewd picture he must present.

Of course, Asami wouldn't allow that. "Open your eyes."

He pressed closer, and Akihito felt proof of Asami's own arousal, hard and so hot, even through the fabric of his trousers.


The word was a warning, and Akihito forced himself to look into the mirror, locking onto Asami's golden eyes as he rested his chin on Akihito's shoulder. The look in them made him shiver.

"Have you ever wondered why I haven't made more use of this room and its toys with you?"

Akihito shook his head.

"No? Well, I'll tell you."

While Asami spoke, his hands moved ceaselessly, roaming over Akihito's skin, seeking out every erogenous zone that he knew so well, earning soft gasps and moans despite Akihito's efforts to contain them.

"Just look at you." He sighed deeply. "Your skin so soft and fine, so pale against the dark leather. Bound up like this-for me-you look like an offering. Poor Akihito." His smile was dark and wicked. "A sacrifice for a sinful God."

If he dared talk, Akihito might have made a snide comment about Asami comparing himself to a God, but, in truth, he could only think that it was a frighteningly accurate depiction of the way he felt.

"Seeing you like this, well, it makes me want to do things to you, my sweet Akihito." Asami smiled again, and even in his reflected image Akihito could see the swirling undercurrents of primal emotion that lit that possessive gaze. "Things you haven't even begun to imagine."

A surge of lust and adrenaline made his knees go weak. This is what he could never resist about Asami, everything was always dancing that knife-edge of potential and utterly addicting danger.

"You look so fragile like this, such a contradiction to that stubborn will of yours. I want to see how far I can push you. How far you'll let me take you. I want to mark that fine skin, bruise and bite and flay you open until your soul wells up like a fountain, and I'll dip my hands into it, let it run through my fingers as I drink deep again and again."

Oh, how his cock ached, throbbing so hard within it's cage, matching the pounding thud of his heart. Akihito moaned, a supplication. Arms tightened almost unbearably around him and those penetrating eyes closed as Asami sighed again, his cheek resting against Akihito's. "Ah, you mustn't tempt me, Akihito. Even my self-control goes only so far."

Without thinking, Akihito opened his mouth-to say what, he wasn't sure, maybe to plead-but he caught himself in time, and instead, twisted to press hot, desperate kisses against Asami's jaw. Fingers dug into his hips with bruising strength, and then Asami's mouth covered his, making Akihito spill a litany of moans and whimpers that he blushed to hear.

Just as suddenly, Asami pulled away, his reflection a little wilder and discomposed than before. "No. I don't know what I might do if I let myself start now. You certainly wouldn't be fit to go anywhere else tonight."

Uncaring, shameless now, Akihito met his eyes in the mirror, arching back against Asami with feverish need, brushing the heated erection he could feel against his ass. He was rewarded with a gasp, but those implacable hands held his hips still and Akihito cried out in frustration.

"Shh...listen. Will do you something for me?"

The wild light was still flickering in Asami's eyes, and Akihito was caught by it, every nerve in his body thrumming to the wavelength of energy Asami was emitting. He nodded, frantically, willing to agree to anything if Asami would just touch him. He could do anything he wanted if he just wouldn't stop.

"Wear this for me." His fingers danced along the rings that circled Akihito's cock. "Tonight at the club. Under your jeans. Wear it for me."

Akihito's eyes went wide. He couldn't be serious. He wanted to protest. What if it was noticeable? Could he even function like that? What if-then Asami's fingers slick with gel had nudged the thin, leather strip between his ass aside and pushed inside him, opening him up with rough haste, and he couldn't think anymore.

His thighs were spread wider, and the blunt head of Asami's cock pushed up and into him. Akihito groaned as his body adjusted to the invasion, the burn of it sending his own arousal higher, frustratingly so as the hard metal of the rings restrained him. But it was so good. Those sounds really couldn't be coming from him, could they? Asami took him hard in front of the mirror, never once looking away, even as he emptied himself inside Akihito, and the furious beating of his heart reverberated through Akihito's back.

"Please, oh please, Asami." Akihito was past any coherent thought or ability to obey the order to stay mute. "Please."

"Shh..." Soothingly, Asami whispered soft words in his ear, hands stroking over his chest and belly slowly, attempting to calm him. "Do this for me. Wear this. Bear it."

Akihito whimpered.

"Be patient for me, and tonight..."

Tonight. Akihito trembled, all his muscles taut and quivering with the strain of his arousal. Tonight was a thousand years away. He mustered up a glare, and the corners of Asami's mouth curved up in a sharp, dangerous smile.

"And tonight, I'll devour your body, heart, and soul, my little sacrifice. And you'll die in ecstasy."

Heaven help him, but he didn't doubt the truth of it. What's more, he truly couldn't wait to offer himself up on that altar of Asami's making. And Asami would be impossible after this, even more smug and arrogant and pleased with himself than usual, if that were even possible.

But he would get mind-blowing sex. He couldn't even imagine what Asami would do to him, and that was part of the dark appeal, wasn't it? That feral light in his eyes-Akihito shivered again, electrified by the potent reminder that there was nothing tame about his lover. Really, there was only one answer he could give.

Akihito straightened his shoulders, chin lifting as he met eyes that darkened with pride and approval, and he nodded.