Hey, guys! That's right. It's me with my OWN version of Transformers Prime. Virtually, it's the same. But I'm gonna have different characters and relationships. And in advance, I would like to thank Gertrude Fin – a fellow fanfiction writer and Optimus/Arcee shipper – for providing me with help and ideas. I'll give a heads up as to which ideas are Gertrude's since I'm not the kind of person who steals credit that shouldn't even be mine in the first place.

And…was anyone else in shock about the season 1 finale? When I watched it, I was like, '…WHAT THE MECH? OPTIMUS CAN'T BE A DECEPTICON! HE JUST CAN'T BE ONE OF THEM! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, OPTIMUS! YOU CAN'T FORGET WHO YOU ARE!' I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the only one. Sorry. I tend to go crazy at times. Fair warning.

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I'm gonna do what I'm doing with Transformers: Ground Zero. I find a song that's related to the episode and use the first verse and chorus at the beginning and the final parts of the song at the end. Don't judge me, alright? It's a new form of writing I wanna try. I wanna expand myself.


"You took my hand.
You showed me how.
You promised me you'd be around.
Uh huh.
That's right.
I took your words.
And I believed,
In everything you said to me.
Yeah huh.
That's right.

If someone said three years from now,
You'd be long gone,
I'd stand up and punch them out.
'Cause they're all wrong.
I know better.
Cause you said forever.
And ever.
Who knew?"

Ah, there's nothing like a bright sunny day. The birds were chirping. There were lush green patches alongside the desert road in the small desert town. The sunset gave a beautiful orange glow. I'd say, it's the perfect occasion for a nice little drive around. I'm sure two Autobots disguised as a car and motorcycle respectively named Cliffjumper and Arcee feel the same way I do. Even if they're driving in different parts of the world, they still have the same beautiful sunset casting its glowing rays that danced with the elements of the beautiful planet known as Earth.

"So there I am on the lookout when out of nowhere, these height beams light up my rearview. And then it hits me. I'm illegally parked!" Cliffjumper recalled a story to his partner, Arcee, via commlink.

"Another parking ticket?" Arcee sighed in exasperation.

"Better. The Boot."

"Big metal tyre clamp impossible to remove," Arcee guessed.

"Bingo! So the local polies do their thing. I let them get all the way down the block. That's when I kicked off my new shiny shoe and BAM!" Cliffjumper exclaimed.

"New York's finest soil themselves?"

"You know me, Arcee. You mess with Cliffjumper," Cliffjumper started.

"And you get the horns. Not sure how that complies with Autobot rule number one: keep a low profile," Arcee reminded her partner.

"What can I say? Patrolling for Energon out her in Dullsville is lonesome. Almost makes me miss the Decepticons."

"Like Jasper, Nevada's a party? We're alone wherever we travel on this rock cliff."

That was when Cliffjumper's GPS navagation system started going off, alerting him of something. The screen changed from the road route of the area Cliffjumper was currently travelling to a sonar picture of the area he was travelling in. He picked up something on the radar not far from his current position.

"I'm getting a signal," Cliffjumper suddenly announced.

"Need backup?"

"Do I ever need backup?" Cliffjumper retorted before going off-road.

At the highest speed, he sped towards the location. When he arrived, he skidded to a stop at the edge of a ditch. Immediately, he recognised something that was familiar to Transformers.

"I just found a whole lot of Energon," Cliffjumper proclaimed before the sky darkened and he suddenly transformed, "Decepticons!"

Bye-bye. Wait. Not yet. He just got blown into the Energon-filled ditch by a shot fired from the Decepticons' main ship. He even crashed into some shards of Energon. Thankfully, he managed to pick himself up off the ground. A door on the ship opened and a whole lot of Decepticons started jumping out. Cliffjumper knew that he was outnumbered.

"Arcee, about that backup…," Cliffjumper trailed off.


Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman


Duane Capizzi
Jeff Kline

Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman

Jeff Cline

"Remember when we were such fools?
And so confinced and just too cool?
Oh no.
No no…
I wish I could touch you again.
I wish I could still call you friend.
I'd give anything…

When someone said count your blessings now,
'Fore they're long gone.
I guess I just didn't know how.
I was all wrong.
They knew better.
Still you said forever.
And ever.
Who knew?"

"Fair warning, boys. I'm gonna put a few dings in ya," Cliffjumper warned before transforming into the car.

Revving his engine, he sped up the wall of the ditch, flew off of it, transformed into his bipedal mode once again and began beating these Decepticon slaves into the scrap metal they are.

"Arcee to Optimus. The 'Cons are back. Cliff might be neck deep in scrap."

"Understood. Ratchet, do you have Cliffjumper's coordinates?" Optimus Prime asked his old friend, Ratchet.

"I've locked on his signal, Optimus. But our team is scattered across time zones. And Talida is back at the base," Ratchet informed Optimus as he skidded to a stop on the icy road.

"Arcee. Bulkhead. Bumblebee. Rendezvous back at base and prepare to Groundbridge," Optimus instructed before the three Autobots did so, "Talida, prepare the Groundbridge system to teleport us to Cliffjumper's coordinates. The Decepticons are back."

"How about I just bridge over there and see if I can help Cliffjumper even the odds a little bit?"

"And risk my daughter having another encounter with Malita? No. Stay at base and operate the Groundbridge. The others are on their way back to base. Have the Groundbridge ready by then," Optimus repeated firmly.

"Yes, dad. Be careful. I love you."

"Love you too, Sweetspark," Optimus replied as he picked up the speed.

With this fight, there are times where Cliffjumper thought that he wouldn't need backup; that defeating this wave of Decepticons and claiming that Energon supply would be easy as pie. However, there were also times where he wished that his backup would hurry up already! Cliffjumper was so desperate that he even wished that Talida would disobey her father and bridge over there to help him out. But what could she do? Sure. She's capable at hand-to-hand combat and weaponry with humans AND Decepticons. But she doesn't have powers of her own like a techno-organic would. And she doesn't have any means of protection against them. Without her powers, she would become a liability the moment she stepped onto the battlefield. Besides, if anything happened to Talida whilst under his watch in the field, Optimus would end up turning HIM into scrap metal as well as the Decepticons who caused her harm…with help from Arcee and everything. He was close to doing it before. Who says he wouldn't now?

Oooh! That's gotta hurt! A Decepticon hit Cliffjumper so hard that one of his horns flew off his head and sent him right back into that Energon ditch. At least he gets back on his feet quick.

"You want the horns? You got them," Cliffjumper said as he charged his cannons and fired.

Well…you know what they say…*imitates base guitar* Another one bites the dust! *imitates base guitar* Another one bites the dust. And another one gone! And another one gone! Another one bites the dust! *imitates bass guitar* Hey, I'm gonna get you too! *imitates bass guitar* Another one bites the dust. *imitates bass guitar* Well, that was fun. But…in this case…it's another one bites the Energon. Because the Decepticons blew up the Energon behind Cliffjumper which sent him flying. The majority of that Energon supply was destroyed. And Cliffjumper was captured by the Decepticons.

Up in the ship above the sight of the fight, another Decepticon stood by and watched the events unfold. He saw the blue smoke as the Energon supply was blown to nothing usuable. This Decepticon had another woman standing beside him. A techno-organic like Talida is. But she is older than her by a few years or so. She had slick jet black hair which was always in a wavy sideswept fashion like Kim Kardashian. Her eyes were as red as blood which was always dark with either lustful or revengeful desire. In this case, as she stood next to the Decepticon, it's lustful desire. Her skin milky pale and flawless except for various battle scars. She wore a blood red leather mini skirt that stopped just one inch above her mid-thigh with a blood red leather halter-neck bikini top that emphasized her medium-sized breasts and dark blood red leather boots that stopped just below her knees. She practically laid herself onto the Decepticon who is known as Starscream. After all, she is his lover. She is known as Malita.

"The Energon; it's worthless to me now," Starscream proclaimed.

"You must think of the positives. We have captured an Autobot," Malita purred in his ears as the Decepticons brought up the beaten form of Cliffjumper and threw him at her feet.

"Starscream. It's been a while. Where's your master?" Cliffjumper asked cheekily as he coughed.

"That doesn't matter!" Malita snapped as she shocked the weak Autobot, relishing his cries of pain.

"Malita. I could never forget a face. Especially that of a Decepticon's daughter. Especially the one who kidnapped the girl whom I considered family and tortured her," Cliffjumper growled.

"You still hold a grudge?" Malita sneered.

"Enough! Both of you! Besides, I am my own master now," Starscream proclaimed as he stabbed Cliffjumper through the chest with his own claws, "Any last questions?"

His only response was Cliffjumper's strangled moans of pain as the sky blue Energon slowly leaked from his body as death slowly, but surely, gracefully pulled Cliffjumper away from his life on Earth into its embrace. He fell to his kness before collapsing in front of the couple completely. Starscream and Malita didn't care about the mess. They lived for this kind of mess. Among others…

"Clean it up," Starscream ordered.

"And let's get out of here. If we know the Autobots as well as we do, they'll show up and demand a fight. And it would be worthless if that Prime brat isn't there with them," Malita added.

With those words said, Cliffjumper's body was taken away and the Decepticon ship sped away. If it weren't for the destroyed Energon and the slight damage in the ditch where the battle had taken place, it looked as if nothing had ever taken place down there.

Ah. NOW HELP ARRIVES! But the calvery will be far too late now. They can't do anything. Slowly, one by one, the Autobots jumped out of the Groundbridge. First was a red and white hybrid ambulance which transformed into the Autobot medic known as Ratchet. He was followed by a green ATV pickup who transformed into the former Wrecker known as Bulkhead. Following Bulkhead was a striking blue motorcycle who transformed into the small second-in-command known as Arcee. (AN: OK. In this, I don't know who's second-in-command. Most of the time, it appears to be Ratchet. But it appears to be Arcee as well. And since I have plans for this story and –though I like them both – I liked Arcee more than Ratchet, I'm making Arcee the second-in-command. LEGGO!) Immediately following Arcee was the black-and-yellow striped Camero known as the voiceless Autobot, Bumblebee. And then out came the big man himself: the Peterbilt 932 red, white and blue truck and Autobot leader known as Optimus Prime. All of them had their weapons ready to go. After all, they didn't know what to expect. But this was certainly what they WEREN'T expecting. They saw…nothing.

"An untapped Energon deposit," Optimus observed as they all deactivated their weapons.

"What's left of it," Bulkhead piped in.

"The first Decepticon activity in three years," Ratchet pointed out to his comrades.

"That we know of," Optimus retorted as he removed his face guard, "If the Decepticons are scouting for Energon, they may be preparing for his return."

"And Malika might certainly take charge in her father's place. She did almost two years ago," Arcee piped in.

"Don't remind me," Optimus pleaded his close friend as they approached the ditch.

Immediately, Arcee and Bumblebee bounded down the rocks and to the bottom for a closer look. Arcee's observant lavender and blue optic eyes immediately saw something she didn't want to see. It was the horn Cliffjumper lost during his little encounter with the Decepticons. But what made it a sight she didn't want to see…was the fact that the horn was all that was left of Cliffjumper on Earth. Suddenly, another portal appeared behind the Autobots. It caused all of them to turn around…only to be greeted by a familiar face.

Like Malika, she had milky pale skin. But she only had one scar. And that scar was on her wrist. The constant reminder of the torture she received years ago. The torture that taunted her in her nightmares. Her blue eyes shone brightly in worry and curiosity. Not an odd combination with the 15-year-old. Her brown hair flowed in waves with the shorter sides that framed her face tied up in a ponytail. She was wearing a black strapless top with a black skirt that stopped just below her mid-thigh and black boots that stopped just centimetres below her knee. On her wrist, she was sporting an extraordinary watch. About this woman, I can tell you this. Optimus wasn't sure if he was happy to see her or angry at her for defying his orders.

"Talida. I thought I told you to stay at base," Optimus rumbled in anger.

"Cliffjumper was my friend, dad. He was always there for me. So let me be there for him," Talida begged him.

"The reason we wanted you back at base is because you were the controller of the Groundbridge," Ratchet reminded her.

"I've got it all taken care of," Talida smirked as she showed him her fancy watch, "Portable Groundbridge Operator – PGO, if you will. This baby needs only one drop of my Energon to activate a groundbridge. Can teleport you anywhere at anytime. The device can go as far as the next galaxy if I choose too. But if I wanted to go as far as Cybertron…I'd have enough to get me there. But not enough to get me back."

That was when Talida noticed that the Autobot who had become a second mother to her after the death of her own mother was abnormally silent. And that worried her. Obviously, they were close. In fact, on numerous occassions, Talida had called Arcee her mother, sister, best friend and partner-in-crime all rolled into one. There were times where even Optimus didn't understand the relationship. Also, Talida was one of the few who knew of Arcee's traumatic experiences in the past. So she was concerned about how Arcee would react if Cliffjumper never made it back to them.

"Arcee. Hey. Are you OK?" Talida asked nervously as she approached her and noticed what she was staring at, "Primus. Please don't let it be…"

"Ratchet, can you track his position?" Optimus asked, fearing the answer he would come out with.

Naturally, as a father, Optimus worried about the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of his teenage daughter. Naturally, as a leader, Optimus worried about the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of his teammates. Basically, there would never be a time where Optimus wouldn't worry. So he feared that Ratchet wouldn't be able to find Cliffjumper. He feared how Arcee and Talida would react to that event.

So Ratchet opened the mineature computer in his wrists. He saw something that gave them hope. Then that hope simply…disappeared. Just disappeared as quickly as snapping your fingers. Ratchet didn't like delivering the news, especially with how distraught Talida and Arcee would be. However, he knew he had to tell. Besides, everyone surrounding him had the right to know this.

"No! Cliffjumper's life signal just went offline," Ratchet announced sadly.

"Oh my God. No," Talida mumbled sadly as she and Arcee clung to each other in despair.

"Soundwave. What is it?" Starscream demanded impatiently as the eavesdropping Decepticon approached him.

"Like Jasper, Nevada's a party? We're alone wherever we travel on this rock cliff."

Those words were one of the last real words Arcee said to Cliffjumper before his untimely death. Wait a minute. Why would those words interest Starscream now? Wait a minute. I think I know…

"The one called Arcee," Starscream sneered.

"Why slay one Autobot while we still have the advantage of surprise?" Malita chuckled evilly.

"We must not allow our anger over the loss of Cliffjumper to impair our judgement. As of today, only we six Autobots remain on this Earth. We owe it to ourselves; to the memory of Cybertron; to any Autobots in any galaxy seeking safe harbor; to humankind."

On the cliff not far from where Cliffjumper was murdered, as the sun set behind them, they were hosting Cliffjumper's memorial. Optimus delivered his usual words of wisdom. Meanwhile, unwillingly, Optimus sadly remembered when he had to give a speech at the funeral for Talida's mother. It was a rather painful memory he did not wish to bring up. It came up on its own. While Optimus continued his speech, Arcee walked forward holding Cliffjumper's horn in her hands. Standing near Bumblebee was Talida. She was close friends with Cliffjumper. So his death affected the young human Prime greatly. Seeing the tears leaking from her eyes, Bumblebee knelt down and nuzzled her affectionately, reassuring her that it would all be alright. Talida smiled sadly at the gesture of comfort.

"And we owe it to the memory of our fallen comrade to survive."

"Arcee…," Talida's voice trailed off. She knew that she wouldn't be able to comfort the female. She was grieving herself and couldn't find the right words to say. It was hard enough for them already without this happening.

"If Cliff's gone, standing around here sulking won't bring him back. So unless anyone minds, think I'll get back to protecting humankind," Arcee decided bitterly before walking away.

"Arcee! Wait!" Talida begged as she ran after her best friend, "Let me come with you. I need to get out of the base. Besides, there's someone I promised to meet up with."

"Got your helmet?" Arcee asked her.

"When don't I?" Talida retorted as she held up her helmet.

"Hop on," Talida invited as she transformed.

And hop on Talida did. And they disappeared into the desert sunset, leaving four concerned Autobots behind. But none of the Autobots were as worried as Optimus was. This was his closest friend and teenage daughter we're talking about here. Sure. Optimus knew Ratchet longer. But not even his relationship with Ratchet was as close as his relationship with Arcee. With Talida with them, they were a family. Nothing would be able to change that. Not even a million decepticons.

"Optimus, helping humans will result in more tragedy," Ratchet warned the leader.

"Your opinion is noted," Optimus nodded before gazing worriedly at the retreating figures.

"Talida will be fine, Optimus. She'll go through the stages of grief as normal. But after a few days, she'll be back to her old self. All she needs is to be around family and friends," Ratchet reassured him.

"What about Arcee?" Bulkhead demanded.

"Same as Talida. They'll help each other through it like they always have. And they always will," Ratchet answered.

But even the soothing comforting words of his Autobot comrade didn't soothe his worries. He was a father and a commander. It was natural for him to worry about his loved ones. Besides, he would be a bad father and commander if he didn't worry about his loved ones.

In the busy part of Jasper, Nevada, a sixteen-year-old boy was working at a local fast food restaurant called KO Drive-In. He had slick black hair and blue eyes. He was just a regular kid saving up for a motorcycle…but he won't be for long…

"Welcome to KO Drive-In where the patties are a knockout. May I take your order?" Jack Darby spoke into the microphone in a very bored manner.

"Uh, two super combos, extra fries."

"OK. Deus numerous deus. Anything else?" Jack asked as he prepared the orders.

"Yeah. Some advice. How do I get an awesome job like yours?"

That was when Jack heard the tormenting laughter through the speakers next to his ears as he laid all the orders out. Jack didn't have to deal with this. He deals with this scrap everyday. And now, enough is enough.

"So that's two not-as-funny-as-we-think-we-are combos with a side of bite-me," Jack sniped as he placed the bags on the counter.


So NOW the guy realizes he's being tormented. Took him long enough to realize.

"$5.59, sir, at the window," Jack seeved through his teeth.

He heard the sound of the car pulling up. But they took the order, laughed at Jack and drove away. The guys didn't even bother to pay for their orders! How rude!

"Hey! You have to pay for that!" Jack called after them helplessly before he saw another driver pull up through the cameras, "Welcome KO Drive-In where the patties are a knockout. May I take your order?"

"Yeah. I'll take my usual order and my best friend to hang out with while I'm at it."

Jack smiled. He recognized that voice anywhere. Besides, he's known this girl since they were in dipers. They practically grew up together. He treats her like the little sister he's always wanted. Even protects her like one…and that includes that one time where he threw a guy who disrespected her into a nearby trash bin. (AN: I drew that from personal experience. My older brother was friends with my friend's older brother while we were in Sydney. We were 6 (not our brothers) and some guy our age was giving the two of us a hard time. Our brothers eventually found out. Wanna know what they did? My friend's older brother came to school, picked up the kid and threw him in the garbage bin telling him to leave my friend and I alone or he was going to do worse. It's a funny story, in a way.)

"Two cheeseburger combos, extra fries for both and two Sprites. That'll be $5.50 at the window," Jack responded with a smile.

He had the bags ready as Talida pulled up on the motorcycle – (cough) Arcee (cough) – with the money ready to go. He accepted the money gracefully and noticed that she gave him more than necessary. He went to give some of the money back. But she stopped him with a smile and a gentle hand on his own.

"Keep it. You can put it towards buying a motorcycle," Talida smiled at him.

"Greatest best friend ever," Jack smiled as he handed the bags to Talida and jumped on the motorcycle behind her.

Arcee drove them to the parking lot before Sadie (Arcee's holoform) appeared on the back (without Jack noticing).

"Talida, I need to do my patrol. Call me when you're ready to go," Arcee requested.

"OK," Talida nodded as she left.

"Where's she going with your bike?" Jack asked as he handed Talida her burger and fries ready to go.

"Uh, she had to meet a friend somewhere. She said to call when we're ready to leave," Talida lied as she and Jack sipped each other's drinks.

"Are you entering the talent show this year?" Jack questioned as he took a bite of his burger.

"I don't know, Jack. Part of me wants to do it. But part of me thinks I should chicken out. Besides, no one wants to see me perform," Talida answered truthfully.

"That's bullscrap, Talida, and you know it. You are the best singer, dancer and pianist I know. You can actually take first place away from the populars," Jack retorted.

"No I can't," Talida shook her head.

"Yes you can. You just need to believe in yourself," Jack smiled at her before noticing the sadness in her eyes, "Hey. Are you OK, Lida?"

"A friend of the family was killed today," Talida confessed sadly, "Cliffjumper."

"I'm sorry," Jack apologized as he held her hand.

"It's alright. At least he's not in pain anymore," Talida sighed in mourning.

As Arcee drove around Jasper, Nevada on her patrol, she allowed her mind to wander to recent events. Well, it was kind of hard not to think of them. It's hard to lose a partner in the field. Especially a partner you have grown close to over time. She couldn't even comprihend how she's feeling. It was hard.

Then her mind wandered to someone else. Her commander. Optimus Prime. Sure. It was hard to deny that she's deeply in love with the Autobot commander. But it could never be. I mean, he had already fallen in love with someone else. And with the human, he shared a purely amazing 15 (almost 16)-year-old daughter. And according to the laws of Cybertron, a Transformer can only fall in love once and they never move on from their other half - their spark-mate - when they eventually die. So she virtually had no chance with the Prime. Optimus and Arcee are doomed to be nothing more than close friends for all eternity.

Wait. What are those cars doing following Arcee? Wait. They look oddly familiar in design. Are they-? Oh scrap…

"Twins," Arcee saw in her side mirrors before riding away at a faster speed than before.

She looked for any way of escape. She saw that she was back at the KO Drive-In where she saw Jack and Talida sitting there eating their burgers and fries talking and laughing. It made Arcee smile at the sight. At least she's coping…

"Take five, Sadie," Arcee advised before she deactivated her holoform.

"You still have that geeky ringtone?" Talida teased affectionately as Jack's phone began ringing.

"At least it's better than Justin Bieber," Jack retorted affectionately.

"Well played, my friend. Well played," Talida laughed before realizing what he said, "Oi!" (Me and Beliebers: I'm with ya there!)

"Hey, mum. I just got off. …no. I'm not going to the dance. Experience says I should never cut a rug…unless I'm installing carpet. Besides, I thought I'd just spend tonight hanging out with Talida. You know, doing stuff. …be careful? This is Jasper," Jack scoffed before properly letting his eyes wonder Talida's motorcycle (he never did before), "I love you… Yeah. I love you too, mum. I gotta run. Mum says hi."

"Are you falling for my bike?" Talida asked smirking teasingly.

"Hello, beautiful. Where have you been all my life? Nice! It may take a few KO paychecks. But I am going to own a ride like you someday!" Jack proclaimed as he felt the curves of the motorcycle and climbed on.

Behind him, Talida had her hand over her mouth hiding her smiles and laughter from her friends. She'd pay for laughing at the moment when she got back to base. Arcee would definitely make sure of it. But all of it would be OH SO WORTH IT!

"Are you talking to your motorcycle?" Sierra scoffed before she and her friend laughed.

Talida rolled her eyes and folded her arms in front of her chest. She never did like Sierra. To Talida, she is the typical bitchy head cheerleader. To Sierra, she's a typical nerd ripe for good old bullying. Of course, the Prime had a lot of opportunities to 'talk' some sense into the cheerleader. But she kept her hands and her bad words to herself for Jack's sake. After all, her best friend does have a crush on Sierra. And if she ruined their chances, Jack would never forgive her. So basically, she kept her mouth shut because she treasured her relationship with Jack.

"My motorcycle? This is Talida's," Jack clarified.

"That we own together. Yes. Jack and I bought a motorcycle together and we share it on occasions. But since Jack is always making me use it more than him, he thinks it's mine when it's actually ours," Talida lied.

"How's things, Sierra? Take you for a spin sometime?" Jack offered.

"Come on, smooth operator. Wrap it up," Arcee pleaded quietly as she saw the twin Decepticon vehicles pulling up.

"You've gotta be kidding me," Talida mumbled quietly.

"You know my name?" Sierra said.

"We're in homeroom together. I'm Jack. Jack Darby?" Jack hoped to clear her memory.

The cars revved their engines and shone their lights on Jack and Talida. Immediately, Talida knew that it was going to lead to trouble. And she had no doubt that Arcee knew as well. No time had to be wasted. She's already lost one good friend today. She wasn't going to lose another.

"Scrap," Arcee and Talida cursed at the same time as the cars approached and the girls ran away screaming.

"Talida! Hop on!"

Jack didn't have time to question where the voice came from. Because as soon as Talida had jumped onto the back and had her arms wrapped securely around Jack's waist, Arcee sped off. She wanted to get Jack and Talida somewhere that was safe. Their lives depended on finding safety. Although, mainly riding on the back wheel and driving between Decepticons…not the best idea. Immediately, the Decepticons followed Jack, Talida and Arcee around Jasper. Talida silently prayed that they would eventually lose the Decepticons and Jack would forget the whole thing. But deep down inside, she knew that her hopes were not to be.

"Do not let go!" Arcee advised Jack and Talida.

"Who said that?" Jack wanted to know, clearly freaking out.

"I'll explain later!" Talida promised as the Decepticon cars surrounded them, "Arcee! Pull back!"

And pull back Arcee did. Perfect timing, too. When she did, the Decepticons moved to the side intent on trapping them between one another…but crashed into one another. When they parted, Arcee swerved past them and sped ahead of them. Talida glanced behind her and saw that the Decepticons were gaining speed. No. She wasn't going to let herself get kidnapped and tortured. Not again. She wouldn't be able to take that. The torture on her and her family. Before, it was all too much. Imagine what it would be like now. Just hours after the death of Cliffjumper.

"Commander Starscream, target sighted with a human youth and the young Prime."

"Destroy them all!"

When Arcee had Jack and Talida safe in an alleyway, she finally stopped and let the two off. Immediately, Talida knew that Jack was freaking out and demanding some answers.

"WHAT IS GOING ON, TALIDA?" Jack screamed at her.

"Calm down and I'll tell you when this is over!" Talida retorted.

"What are you?" Jack demanded of the motorcycle.

"I don't exist. Tell anyone about me and I will hunt you down," Arcee threatened Jack.

"Arcee, are the Decepticons after us?" Talida asked in worry as Jack ran away.

"Yes. Go with Jack. Keep him safe. Try to calm him down. I'll deal with these Decepticon freaks. Stay safe," Arcee advised before Talida ran off.

When she saw the Decepticon cars approach her, she immediately noticed that one took off in the direction that Jack and Talida had taken off in previously. That was when she knew. These two Decepticons weren't after just her. They were also after Jack and Talida.

"SCRAP!" Arcee exclaimed as she took off after them.

In the process, she jumped over the oncoming car before turning the corner. In the alley, Jack and Talida were running. They held each other's hands so they could drag each other along. When they looked behind them, they saw a Decepticon car chasing them.

"I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER!" Jack yelled.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH US?" Talida screamed.

That was when Arcee drove over the car and sped up so she was directly next to Jack and Talida. Without each other, they would become nothing but remains in an alleyway. They needed each other.

"HOP ON!" Arcee instructed.

Immediately, Jack hopped on first and threw Talida on behind him, singlehandedly wrapping her arms around his waist securely. Obviously, he cared about her safety more than his own. Because of the strong care he had for the brave young woman. But he would still want answers.

As they drove on the highway, the Decepticons popped up their guns and started shooting at them. Some shots barely whizzed past Jack's and Talida's heads. They shielded each other.

"WHAT THE MECH?" Talida screeched. (AN: HEY! THAT'S MY THING!)

"Why are those guys shooting at us?" Jack demanded.

"There's no us, kid. And they are no guys," Arcee retorted.

"Talida to Bumblebee and Bulkhead. Arcee and I are having trouble with Decepticons in Jasper. A human is involved. We need backup at our coordinates. NOW!" Talida spoke into her watch.

No sooner than Talida sent the SOS, Bumblebee joined them on the highway and rammed into the Decepticons. After skidding around the highway a little bit, Bumblebee regained control and immediately went to follow Arcee, Jack and Talida, ready to protect them if necessary.

"Friend of yours?" Jack guessed.

"Family," Arcee and Talida corrected.

Bumblebee did his best to keep the Decepticon twins away from Arcee, Talida and Jack. However, he couldn't keep them away for long. One of them sped up until he was next to Bumblebee and rammed into him the same manner he did to them before.

Under the bridge in Jasper, Nevada, a young boy was racing his yellow Camero around by himself. The car completely resembled our favourite Autobot scout…only, the sound wasn't as throaty and the boy named Raff was making the noises. As he had fun with his remote control car, his phone rang, which he immediately answered.

"Hi, mamma. Racing right up the street. OK. Just five more minutes?" Raff begged his mother before hanging up and resuming his little race.

On the bridge above him, he had no idea of the chase that was going on between Autobots and Decepticons. But he was about to find out. Because Jack and Talida saw that they were approaching roadwork that closed the bridge. And Arcee showed no sign of stopping. Instead, she jumped over the guardrails and flew over the bridge. Jack and Talida screamed and clung to both Arcee and each other. On her back wheel, Arcee landed on the hill and jumped again to land on the ground…in front of Raff…who dropped his remote control in amazement.

"Whoa!" Raff exclaimed.

"You have no idea," Jack retorted as he and Talida climbed off with their limbs shaking wildly, "Talida Corrie Prime, what the hell is going on here?"

"I can't tell you, Jack!" Talida confessed.

"What do you mean you can't tell me? We've been best friends since we were in dipers! We have no secrets! What? You don't trust me or something?" Jack blurted.

"I trust you with my life, Jack! Look! This is complicated, OK? You wouldn't understand!" Talida warned him as the Decepticon cars revved their engines at the ledge of the road.

"How is this complicated? We're best friends, Talida! And the number one rule of being best friends is NO SECRETS!" Jack screamed.



"Would you two stop arguing for two seconds?" Raff screeched, causing the two teenagers to turn their attention to the younger boy, "First, she'll tell you when she's ready to tell you. Second, THE CARS ARE COMING TOWARDS US!"

"SCRAP!" Talida yelled as they transformed in front of her.

"This ends here, 'Cons," Arcee proclaimed as she transformed, "Talida! Get them to safety!"

"On it!" Talida nodded as she, Jack and Raff ran away.

That was when the fights started. The Decepticons were firing shots at Arcee as she ran towards them. Did any of them hit her? No. Wow. One thing's for certain: these Decepticons are lousy shots! She kicked one in the chest and knocked it to the grond before flipping and doing the same with the other. Jack and Raff were amazed at the sight before them. Talida…well, she's used to it. She practically grew up around the war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

"What are they?" Raff asked.

"Talking cars that turn into robots…or the other way around," Jack guessed.

"Autonomous Robotic Organisms. Arcee is an Autobot. Those two blackies are Decepticons. Autobots: good guys. Decepticons: bad guys," Talida cleared up.

"How do you know all this?" Jack demanded, "And how do you know their names?"

"Long story," was all Talida answered with.

"This! *punch* Is! *punch* For! *punch* CLIFF!" Arcee shouted as she beat the S*** out of the Decepticon.

Uh…probably shouldn't have let your emotions cloud your judgement, Arcee. You know how Optimus feels about that. Arcee realized that she was in trouble when she said those words. The Decepticon quickly recovered and shot at her. For the first few shots, she backflipped away from them. But the last one hit her square in the chest. Time seemed to slow down as she skidded across the area before stopping completely unconscious.

"ARCEE!" Talida screamed in terror, "BUMBLEBEE! WE NEED YOU!"

Immediately, Bumblebee jumped down and transformed. As soon as he did, he beat the S*** out of one of them. That was when he realized that he stepped on something. When he lifted his foot, he realized that he stepped on Raff's toy car and shattered it into a thousand pieces. Talida sighed and shook her head. One downside about being giant alien robots on Earth: the amount of times her family would accidentally step on something and shatter it beyond repair. Sheepishly, he faced Talida, Jack and Raff and beeped his apologies.

"No problem. Really," Raff reassured him before Bumblebee got it square in the chest.

"You have gotta be kidding me!" Talida groaned in frustration as she watched the Decepticons pin Bumblebee to the ground.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Raff exclaimed…only to have the Decepticons' attention – and their guns – turned to them, "Please?"

"Bad call," Jack remarked as he and Talida knelt next to him.

"Now might be the best time to run," Talida quipped before they ran for their lives.

"Come on! COME ON!" Jack shouted as they ran.

One of the Decepticon robots was hot on their tails. Immediately, they found a storm drain and climbed in. They ran as far into it as they could. Reaching inside for them was the robot's clawed hands. They didn't stop. They COULDN'T stop. If they did, the clawed hand would grab them and kill them without mercy. Besides, they're too young to die!

"KEEP MOVING!" Jack and Talida instructed as they ran.

They stopped suddenly and turned around as they saw how close the hand was to them. Suddenly, the hand was sharply tugged away and the sounds of the guy being beaten to a metal pulp could be heard. Talida smiled a secret smile. She knew her man would save them. Wait a minute! Her man? Bumblebee's not even a man! And since when is he HERS? Her thoughts were interrupted by the yellow robot himself looking in and beeping something to them.

"We're fine, Bee," Talida reassured him.

"Thank you," Raff thanked before Bumblebee beeped and walked away.

"Don't look back," Talida instructed the boys as the three of them continued running into the storm drain.

"What did we just see?" Raff asked as they ran.

"No idea and I'm not sure I wanna find out," was Jack's answer.

"Hey! Moments ago, you were demanding answers! NOW, you don't wanna know?" Talida exclaimed in disbelief.

"NO!" Jack snapped.

"STOP BICKERING!" Raff screamed.

"WE'RE NOT BICKERING!" Jack and Talida yelled in frustration.

The fight between Bumblebee, Arcee and the Decepticons continued. One involves Bumblebee getting kneed in his…male parts. As Arcee helped Bumblebee to his feet, the Decepticons slowly approached them ready to kill. Bumblebee and Arcee were ready to fight. Suddenly, a familiar horn could be heard. The giant AV pickup transformed into the former wrecker, Bulkhead.

"Who's ready to rumble?" Bulkhead asked as he stood ready to fight…and the Decepticons cowered away. Yeah. That's right. YOU BETTER RUN!

"What took you?" Arcee demanded as Bumblebee slumped in disappointment over the lost opportunity to fight.

"Traffic," was Bulkhead's short and sheepish answer.

"And the 'Cons would've been scrap metal if I wasn't distracted by the human," Arcee grumbled to Optimus back at the base.

"Human?" Optimus repeated in surprise.

"Yeah. Jack. He's been my best friend since…well, always," Talida told her father.

"Didn't seem like it to me. You guys were bickering the entire time," Arcee retorted.

"We weren't bickering!" Talida sighed in frustration.

"Oh no. You just had one of the screaming matches you have with Ratchet all the time," Arcee smirked.

"Talida and I argue about real issues. With Jack, they argue with matters that shouldn't really matter," Ratchet corrected.

"Everything matters, Ratchet. Especially in this war," Talida returned.

"Medicine and battles matter. NOT little matters such as the scrap you and Jack are dealing with," Ratchet shot back.

"Watch your scrap hole, Ratchet! Or one of your precious inventions may 'mysteriously' end up destroyed! I've done it once before! Don't think I won't do it again!" Talida threatened.

"Why you little…!" Ratchet growled.

"That's enough! Both of you!" Optimus snapped, causing Ratchet and Talida to shut up immediately as Bumblebee beeped something, "Two boys."

"I guess a second one caught us in action. I don't know. Was a little busy at the time. Besides, I asked Talida to get them to safety and she did. That's all that matters," Arcee remarked, "You did good out there today, Tally."

"I would've done better if I could've actually gotten involved in the actual battle," Talida mumbled.

"Talida, you know how I feel about you being involved in affairs that don't concern you. What you did today is having you too involved for my tastes," Optimus cut in.

"I hardly did anything! And what do you mean it doesn't concern me? This stupid war is all you guys ever talk about! I've been involved in the war since I was 14! Whether you like it or not, I'm a part of it now! Besides, today, all I did was almost getting my head shot off and getting Jack and Raff to safety in that storm drain!" Talida shot at him.

"Exactly. If the Decepticons are targeting us, anyone perceived as our ally will be a grave risk. Especially you, Talida. So watch your back," Optimus warned.

"Always do," Talida nodded with a grin as she kissed his cheek, "You don't have to worry, OK?"

At school, Jack was walking glumly down the stars to Talida who was leaning against the brick ledge next to the front staircase waiting for him patiently. Immediately, they noticed that Raff was trying to get their attention. Knowing very well what he wanted to talk about, they approached him. Besides, they needed to clear this whole thing up completely. They needed to get what they needed off their chests.

"Raff. Hey," Jack greeted, "Look. Let's just keep this between us and forget it ever happened, OK?"

"Besides, you guys aren't meant to know anything about what you saw yesterday," Talida told them, "My dad went ballistic when he found out."

"Jack! Talida!" Raff gushed excitedly as Bumblebee approached them.

"Not again," Jack moaned as Bumblebee opened its door and beeped at them, "It wants us to get in."

"Actually, he only wants Raff to get in," Talida corrected.

"How do you know that?" Jack demanded.

"He said so," Raff shrugged carelessly.

"WHAT?" Jack gasped.

"Besides, you and I are getting a ride with Arcee," Talida proclaimed.

"I really don't think that-," Jack got cut off.

"How's it going?" Raff asked as he climbed in.

"WHAT? WAIT! STOP!" Jack called as Bumblebee drove away.

"Coolest…bike…ever," Miko practically squealed as she drew Arcee…until she was interrupted by a phone call from her host parents, "Host parents? Ignore."

She went to draw the bike again…only to discover that it was gone. Enchanted by the bike, she followed Arcee. As Jack and Talida walked the alleyways, Arcee stopped in front of them.

"You know, alleyways are dangerous. They're full of criminals and pedophiles," Arcee warned the girl she considered a daughter and her friend.

"Not around here," Talida shook her head.

"WHOA!" Jack yelled in surprise.

"Relax...Jack, is it? I just wanna talk to you," Arcee reassured him.

"Don't you mean you and your new friend?" Jack corrected bitterly.

"Jack, there's a lot you don't understand," Talida told him.

"No. No. I get it. The first part about Robot Fight Club is you don't talk about Robot Fight Club. What you need to understand is I don't want a whole bunch of crazy talking vehicles following me around trying to get me killed!" Jack retorted as Arcee transformed behind him.

"What? You think that this is the glamorous life for me? I was BORN into this whole thing, Jack! I didn't have a choice! In fact, all I want is to be able to join them in a Decepticon encounter for once! Besides, your personal system is the reason why Optimus Prime has requested your presence!" Talida blurted.

"Wait. Optimus who?" Jack demanded.

"You may be in danger because you are one of the few – one of the only – who have ever seen us," Arcee told him.

"Wait. Prime? Talida, is he your father?" Jack realized.

"Ding ding ding. We have a winner," Talida joked.


Whoa. Wait. Who just said that? Please don't tell me another person has seen Arcee. Sadly, that is the case. They turned around and saw Miko standing there looking at them in amazement. And that didn't make Arcee very happy. Because that meant another human has seen them.

"Scrap!" Arcee and Talida exclaimed.

"Hop on," Talida sighed as she and Jack climbed on Arcee.

I can say this: Miko's having the time of her life on Arcee with Jack and Talida as they drove through the desert of Jasper, Nevada. Driving in front of them was Bumblebee with Raff riding inside in the back seat.

"And why exactly are we taking her?" Jack demanded.

"Rules," Arcee and Talida answered at the same time.

"Hey. Wait! WHOA!" Jack shouted as they drove past a stop sign.

Don't worry. They're not gonna crash. Chill out, everybody. It'll be alright. The rocky face disappeared and the mechanic doors opened to reveal a secret tunnel of some kind. As soon as Bumblebee and Arcee were inside, the doors shut and the secret entrance was hidden to the rest of the world. Miko gasped in amazement as they slowed down and entered the computer room.

"Cool," Raff sighed dreamily as he admired the computers.

"Whoa," Jack and Miko gasped as they faced more of these Autobots.

"Welcome to my humble abode, ladies and gentlemen," Talida smirked.

"This is where you live?" Jack exclaimed as they climbed out/off of Arcee and Bumblebee and they transformed.

"Yep," Talida nodded eagerly.

"I thought there were two," Ratchet recalled earlier conversations.

"Haven't you heard? Humans multiply," Arcee stated dryly.

"And we're living proof of that," Talida added as she referred to herself, Jack, Miko and Raff.

"I'm Raff," Raff introduced himself.

"I'm Miko," Miko piped in as she ran towards Bulkhead, "Who are you?"

"That's Bulkhead," Talida smiled.

"Are you a car? I bet you're a truck! A monster truck! Do you like heavy metal? How much do you weigh? Ever use a wrecking ball for a punching bag?" Miko began asking at 100 miles an hour, making Bulkhead a little nervous.

"Sorry, Bulk. I should've warned you about the questions they'd be asking," Talida apologized sheepishly.

"It's all cool, sprout," Bulkhead smiled as he ruffled her head.

"Are you ever gonna stop calling me that?" Talida laughed as she fixed her hair.

"Not even when you're old and grey and we're rusting away," Bulkhead smirked at their private joke.

"Wait a minute. If you guys are robots, who made you?" Raff questioned.

"Puh-lease," Ratchet scoffed.

"Ratchet, behave," Talida warned.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Jack, Miko and Raff were a little freaked out. But Talida, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee were used to it. Before the three humans knew it, they were standing before the commander of the little Autobot team and Talida's father, Optimus Prime. They looked at him in awe.

"We are Autonomus Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron. Also known as Autobots," Optimus proclaimed.

"Why are you here?" Jack asked.

"To protect your planet from the Decepticons," Optimus answered.

"The jokers who tried to bump us off last night," Arcee reminded Jack and Raff.

"OK. Why are THEY here?" Jack wanted to know.

"A fair question, Jack," Optimus complimented as he knelt before the humans and his daughter, "In part, they are here because our planet is uninhabitable; ravaged by centuries of civil war."

"Why were you fighting a war?" Raff questioned.

"Foremost, over the control of their world's supply of Energon, the lifeblood of all Autobots and Decepticons alike. The combat was fierce and indured for centuries. It all started LONG before you and I were even...you know, MADE. In the beginning, dad fought alongside one he considered a brother. But in war, ideals can be corrupted. And it was thus that Megatron lost his way," Talida explained.

"Is there gonna be a quiz?" Miko sighed.

"So what does Megatron or any of this have to do with us?" Jack demanded.

"Megatron has not been seen or heard from in some time. But if his return is iminent, as I fear, it could be catestrophic," Optimus answered.

"Whoa whoa whoa. Back up a minute. Talida, why did you call this guy your father?" Raff asked.

"I believe some introductions are in order. You've already met our scout, Bumblebee and our second-in-command, Arcee. This is our medical officer, Ratchet. Bulkhead is our muscle. And this big guy over here is the commander of the Autobots and my father, Optimus Prime," Talida introduced.

"That's your dad?" Jack gasped.

"Yep. I'm not all you think I am," Talida smirked.

"Then what are you?" Miko demanded.

"I'm a techno-organic. It means I have a parent who's an Autonomus Robotic Organism and a parent who is a human. In this case, Dad is an Autobot and my mum was a human. Yes. It's possible. But it rarely happens. Sadly, it can have its concequences. Mum died from an illness because of it when I was a month old. But everything happens for a reason," Talida shrugged, "You see why I couldn't tell you, Jack? I feared if you knew the Decepticons would come after you. And I didn't want that."

"Are you the only techno-organic?" Raff asked.

"Nope," Talida shook her head as Optimus scooped her into his hand and settled her on his shoulder, "There is another one we know of. But she's a Decepticon by the name of Malita. She's Megatron's daughter. We don't get along so well."

"Jack, remember that time two years ago where Talida was missing from school for a month?" Arcee asked, "That was when Talida was actually kidnapped and tortured by Malita."

"I was kidnapped for two weeks. It took me an extra two weeks to get my strength back and for my injuries to heal. It's how I got these scars," Talida explained as she showed the burn mark on her wrist and the scratch scar on her shoulder blade, causing Jack's blood to boil in anger.

"I wanna kill her," Miko growled.

"I almost did that day," Arcee confessed, earning a nod in agreement from Optimus.

"I still have nightmares about it sometimes. But the thing that comforts me is that they're just dreams. Horrible dreams that can't come true. So I don't have anything to worry about," Talida smiled sadly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Jack asked gently.

"The mental wounds take the longest to heal. A year later, I was OK…after a long period of depression," Talida grumbled.

"Don't remind me. I'm the one that stopped you from slitting your wrists, remember?" Jack cringed at the memory.

"Hey. It's in the past. And sometimes, we have to let go," Talida told him, "Hey. How about a tour?"

"I'm in!" the three of them exclaimed.

"Come on. Let's go," Talida giggled as she kissed her dad's cheek and they left.

"I think I can get used to this," Arcee smiled warmly at Optimus as she rested a comforting hand on Optimus' shoulder; a touch he leaned into and cherished every moment.

"Those transmissions are aminating from deep space. I would hate to waste the Energon," Starscream sighed, "Unless you are absolutely certain."

Soundwave nodded his head in confirmation. That was definitely a signal worth checking out. Soundwave's confirmation was enough for Malita. As the daughter of Megatron, she does have authority as well as Starscream who is the second-in-command of the Decepticons.

"Then lock on transmission coordinates and activate the space bridge," Malita requested.

A Decepticon drone nodded obediently and typed in the transmission coordinates. Within moments, the space bridge was activated.

In deep space, another space bridge was activated. Popping slowly from the swirls of green, blue, purple and white was a fighter jet who immediately transformed as soon as he was out. Sharp build. Flaming red eyes. Vengeful personality. Yep. This Decepticon is no ordinary Decepticon. He is the LEADER of the Decepticons. He is the father of Malita, Starscream's lover. And I think you can guess who he is without me having to tell you.

"DECEPTICONS…I HAVE RETURNED!" Megatron proclaimed.

To Be Continued…

"Yeah, yeah.
I'll keep you locked in my head,
Until we meet again.
Until we,
Until we meet again.
And I won't forget you, my friend.
What happened?

If someone said three years from now,
You'd be long gone,
I'd stand up and punch them out.
'Cause they're all wrong. And,
That last kiss;
I'll cherish,
Until we meet again.
And time makes,
It harder.
I wish I could remember.
But I keep,
Your memory.You visit me in my sleep.
My darling,
Who knew?

My darling.
My darling.
Who knew?
My darling.
I miss you.
My darling.
Who knew?

Who knew?"

Here we go. I'll have to next episode up soon. There will be some errors in the script for I have to do it by ear. Why can't there be transcripts like there are in CSI?