"…whoa," Fowler gasped.

"THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!" Megatron jumped up and down, causing everyone in the room to look at him with weird facial expressions, "You didn't see that!"

"The whole world's seeing it, Megsy," I giggled.

"Hey! Let's check out how everyone else reacted to the trailer!" June suggested, "OK. Mystic, you wrote two reviews, saying, 'cool stories and thanks for letting me be in season 2 im excited and can I be in the 3 stories and I tried to get a account on this website but it didn't work' and 'I kinda tried again to log in but it didn't work it showed me some weird words and a pirvate human code'"

"I don't see why it wouldn't work. It worked for me when I got my account. Well…then again, I've been on this website for four years now. Things change. And the weird words are meant to show up. It's a security measure. You know. To prevent people from going into your account. Although…it doesn't work most of the time. Thanks for the reviews," I laughed.

"Well, Sailor Shinzo said, 'This is getting good. By the way, when I look up the third episode of season 2, I found out the Orion/Optimus will go against Megatron's offer of joining the Decepticons. I believe there's still hope. I'll be looking forward to the sequel of this story.'," Fowler read.

"And I'm looking forward to writing it with my awesome co-writers. Thanks for the review!" I thanked.

"LadyAmazon said, '.AWESOME! I can do I lil dance!' I'll pay to see that!" Miko remarked.

"And that was my first time writing a trailer. Thanks for the review!" I beamed.

"DeathKillerMayDay said, 'THIS IS SO COOL!Please make the story soon!CAN'T WAIT! ~DeathKillerMayDay'" Talida recited.

"Hey! We have a new reviewer! Thanks, MayDay. I can't wait to do the sequel. How about I add another trailer? I've got ideas swimming in my head," I confessed.

"Don't kill us in suspense," Malita moaned.

"Shouldn't we be saying that to The Hub?" Kris retorted.

"Oh, that was just mean. Releasing half the episode and make us wait to see the rest," I commented.

"I swear those that work at The Hub are Decepticons in disguise," Rachelle remarked.

"Someone on FaceBook actually suggested that," I recalled, "You guys go on and have fun without me. I have a trailer to work on."

"Aw come on, Ice!" everyone moaned.

"Mum took my laptop for the week! I'm behind in stories!" I reminded them.

"Well…I just read the remainder of Rachelle's dares. Unfortunately…we don't have time to do them. This is mainly a farewell chapter," Jack said before yelling, "ICEGIRL2772, GET YOUR BUTT BACK IN HERE! RIGHT NOW!"

"Bloody hell, Jack. No need to shout," I grumbled as I returned to the room.

"Thank you for going on this crazy ride with us," Optimus began.

"It wasn't without laughs or tears," Arcee added with a laugh.

"We have shed blood, sweat, tears and precious metal together trying to make the perfect story for you," Talida smiled.

"In the beginning, there was a young girl. With a vision and a dream for her favourite cartoon show," Jack recalled.

"She didn't think she would stumble into people she now calls friend," Megatron sighed.

"And she didn't think that one story would turn into something like this," Miko made gestures with her hands.

"And it can only get bigger," Raf piped in.

"But she wouldn't be here without you guys," Malita remarked.

"So, as Optimus said, thank you for joining us on this wild ride," Bulkhead sniffled.

"It pains us to end something great," Ratchet whimpered.

"But we will be back Because there's more to come," Bumblebee bleeped.

"Thank you guys for the love and support you have given us during the story…and putting up with my craziness," I mumbled, causing everyone to laugh, "I wouldn't be where I am today without you with me every step of the way. And…I can only hope you will support me with every word I put to document. With every story I write. With every step I take. Talida Prime: Rising Darkness was the child of my imagination. And it honors me to be able to write a sequel. Talida Prime: Fading Light will be bigger and better. Expect the unexpected. As we answer the question to the best of our abilities: Will Optimus choose the right side?"

"So, it saddens us to say this…," June said as music began playing.

Me: Another turning point.
A fork stuck in the road.
Talida: Time grabs you by the wrist.
Directs you where to go.
Jack: So make the best of this test.
And don't ask why.
Miko: It's not a question.
But a lesson learned in time.

All: It's something unpredictable.
But in the end, it's right.
I hope you've had the time of your life…

Raf: So take the photographs,
And still frames in your mind.
June: Hang it on a shelf.
In good health and good time.
Fowler: Tattoos of memories.
And dead skin on trial.
Malita: For what it's worth,
It was worth all the while.

Boys: It's something unpredictable.
But in the end, it's right.
I hope you've had the time of your life…

Girls: It's something unpredictable.
But in the end, it's right.
I hope you've had the time of your life…

All: It's something unpredictable.
But in the end, it's right.
I hope you've had the time of your life…

"GOODBYE!" we all cried.