Title: Unwanted of God
Character: Krelian
Warnings: Spoilers for the end of the game
Summary: Krelian's feelings at the end of everything.

Unwanted of God

He soared. This was timelessness, a joy unrivaled, and he beat his wings to rise higher into the midst of it.

Now Krelian remembered only this feeling. Pain was far behind him and he reveled in the presence of God. He had no idea of the passage of time, how long he had ridden the wave beside Him. And he had no fear of it ending.

He had no fear of any kind. That had been taken away and he'd never been so grateful, so free.

His crimes had been great, but this was greater still. Forgiveness lifted him higher and there was no end to it.

Infinity embraced him and he curled into its arms. He faded-the man he had been was no more, a ghost, a whisper, a memory gratefully forgotten.

Krelian was one with God; he was as a God.

He simply was.