I was walking to school at an early morning
Totally forgotten about the warning.
My mom told me to not go thought the forest
She said in our town, that place was the cruelest.
I heard in the news a kid getting lost in there
And I heard there was also a bear.
But my silly mind of course forgot
Because I was too busy thinking of my grandma's pot.
So I went in the forest in a rush
From all the running I almost had a crush.
I heard some noises but couldn't tell what they were
Suddenly my tummy started to stir.
I felt weird and unhappy
Almost like I needed a nappy.
The bushes started to move
And there was for my mom a prove.
My jaw started shaking
I almost felt like crying.
But what came out behind the bush
For me it felt like a huge push!
That thing was huge and smelly
And I could certainly feel something in my belly.
The thing got closer and started to smile
It even had a t-shirt that was SO in style.
I looked at him curiously and then started to laugh
Then I realized it was a giraffe.
He said he could take me to school
And I thought that was just TOO COOL!
I got on his back
He said to call him Zack.
When we arrived at school,
I felt like a drool.
I was so thankful to Zack
But then we saw Jack.
Jack was Zack's friend
I wanted him dead.
Because Zack and Jack just left me there
In the classroom, on my chair.
I felt so sad and lonely
I felt in the whole world, it was me only!
Then you came to help me
But I really had to pee.
So you tried to catch me
But I was as fast as a bee.
But you finally got me and said you want to be my friend
But I said no, I want this to end.
You started to cry
Then you looked at the sky.
I looked too and saw a fly.
You were so scared, you almost died.
That was the time I realized your thumb was so wide!
I had to help you but I didn't want to.
Because like I said before, I had to go to the loo!

Once upon a time a girl got an email
And the email was about a random whale.
The girl was pissed by the stupid mail
She decided to send the person in jail!
She called the police that afternoon
When there was still no moon.
The police said the girl had a disease
And that she would turn into a smelly cheese!
The girl thought the police was just being weird
But she never recognized she had a huge beard!
Her face started to get yellower
Her skin was already much drier.
Her face started turn into a square
And she was instantly a chair!
She thought she would be cheese
Boy! That was not an ease!
She started having these funky holes
Her hands were not anymore poles!
She was a cheese now
Didn't know how.
No one knows how you turn into a cheese
But if you have that disease,
That means you want random, painful and weird emails to be banned!
If I were you,
I would start liking them
Because I will just keep sending them!

One day I decided to open my closet.

But then I got trapped in a huge basket.

It was so dark in there

And there was NO air!

I thought I would die

But then I saw a guy.

He said his name was Luke

He made me want to puke!

He said, 'Welcome to the basket land'

And he only had one hand!

I told him I want to get out of there

But he seemed like he didn't care!

I slapped him really hard

But he was as strong as a guard.

I felt like I was getting sick

I told him I feel carsick.

He was surprised because we weren't in a car

So he decided to trap me in a jar!

I broke the jar because it was made of glass

Then I found myself in green grass.

The guy got mad

He called my dad!

I got grounded

In front of me, a wall was builded.

I broke the wall

And I turned into a ball.

After that, I lived happily ever after.