Macabre play, and he pulled away, the white hand lingering along the waist. Macabre flashed in his mind, he lifted his master into the air and dipped and swayed.

Step one two step one two

Piercing blue and violet, the colors he saw and the face he overlooked, down unto pale features resembling a foreign lunar body.

Step one twirl step one two

Footwork became easier and easier and soon they floated on air, they forgot the bloodied scene. "You're quite the dancer, Sebastian."

Waltz one two step three four

Suddenly he caught on, the blood red roses in open room turning to spring wildflowers and clouds as they were brought closer and closer and...


Turn one two step three four

His eyes never left that cursed mark, the darkness over it had been discarded at the start of their deadly waltz. He didn't remember them stumbling out of the darkness, but he knew he had gotten intoxicated somehow, probably by His Butler's love...or worse.

They were still dancing, but this time it was a different play, and the demon was setting the stage. The dance of love ensued, more passion, more aggression, more everything. The feeling was intensified, and now they were singing in Act One, the script had been changed. He was countertenor, the younger one was, and the man who used to be in black was baritone. They let their bodies press as they danced.

One two thrust one two deep

One two lick one two bite

He saw white with these steps, saw the words flash before his curse and he screamed them into the wings of their stage, to the audience; the cool night air. He couldn't feel the crowd's icy gaze. He was too hot, he was burning from the inside. This would be a one-act, he decided. He was too exhausted already to open the curtain another time.

One two cry three four touch

Stroke-and-caress three four

On top, the lead act was voicing his pleasure as well. He sung out, being encased by warm and wet and tight. He warned with the counter melody that he was close to the finish, so close. His master agreed; he was close as well. Everything they stood for, everything that happened in the few moments was hard and fast and deep...they were going to finish this D.S al fine.


They both reached release together, and they could finally feel that cold stare of the audience, settling on their flushed bodies as they panted and the younger let out a quiet moan-

They joined under the comforter, closing the curtain on Act One. The macabre thoughts never came back.