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Summary: Cloud always feared coming back to his home town, even though he had accomplished what he wanted, plus a little more. Now he has been dragged back for a "vacation" by his lovers and friends. Nothing good can ever come of that. Yaoi /male x male couples. Seph/Gen /Cloud. Lemon! Maybe Zack/Angeal

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Snow Day


For what felt like the billionth time since leaving Costa Del Sol 2 days prior, Tseng felt his eyes traveling from the road in front of him up to the rear view mirror of the Shinra owned black van. His black eyes regarding the five occupants seated silently among the three rows of seats in the back of the van.

Though, seated did not quite describe their arrangement, as all five occupants were currently fast asleep in varying positions across the seats. Even though he had been working for the Turks for many years, this is a sight he would never get used to.

Five SOLDIER First Class with their guard completely down…

Shaking his head just slightly, he turned back to the road to make sure he was not drifting, before looking back at the SOLDIERs.

In the front row of seats was the newest First Class to their ranks, with long spiky blond hair the only thing visible under the wool blanket. The young Cloud Strife was currently laid out across the entirety of the first bench seat; the blanket wrapped tightly around himself, obscuring his face from view.

Occupying the second bench were two more SOLDIERs, the puppy and his mentor. Zack Fair was currently leaning forward in the seat his arms resting along the top of Cloud's seat; his head, which was hidden by the hood of his black hooded sweatshirt, was resting on his arms and completely hid him from view. However, the hood could not hide his light snoring.

Angeal Hewley, blanket wrapped over his shoulder, was leaning against a pillow that was propped up on the window to his left. His breath left a small fog on the glass that would dissipate just in time to be covered again by another soft blast of warm air.

Those three made a cute sight, but nothing was more adorable than the two first class SOLDIERs occupying the last bench. Cissnei was having a hard time keeping from giggling as she raised her PHS and snapped a quiet photograph of the five.

Allowing a small smirk to cross his face, Tseng regarded the two in the far back. Genesis and Sephiroth sat side by side in the center of the seat, From his position in the front, Tseng could see Sephiroth was curled awkwardly with his legs on the seat beside him. His long silver hair had been pulled up into a high pony tail at the back of his head with a black ribbon, even his long bangs had been pulled back. His head currently rest on Genesis right shoulder, his mouth open just slightly as he breathed deeply in sleep.

Genesis was also dead to the world, his head resting on top of Sephiroth's. His auburn hair was falling across his face softly. Tseng knew that if he could look over the seat that he would see Genesis first addition copy of LOVELESS still open on his lap.

Looking back to the road he tried to judge exactly where they were. The next village was going to be their last stop on this mini vacation the five SOLDIERs were taking. This trip was a celebration of the newest First promotion to said level. Though, as far as anyone in Shinra knew, their five top SOLDIERs were out on a 'peace keeping' mission to the Western Continent, where Shinra support was still vague.

Only Director Lazard knew what was really going on. The man had happily agreed that the five needed such an overdue vacation and that he would keep their actual happenings on the Western Continent safe; as long as they brought him back something from The Golden Saucer.

Said item was now currently stowed away in a box in a second van, which was following the one containing the SOLDIERs. Turks Reno and Rude were in charge of the personal belongings along with their weapons. The small van jam packed with five large (in Angeal's case) and lanky (in Sephiroth's and Genesis' cases) SOLDIERs would in no way also situate the two buster swords, First Tsurugi, Rapier, and Masamune. The later more so then any of the others, there was not many practical places they could place a seven foot sword.

However, in no way were they unarmed, smaller swords were stashed under their seats and several guns were hidden among the van as well.

Chuckling slightly, Tseng turned back to the road seeing they were nearing the small sleepy mountain village of Nibelheim.

"What's so funny?"

Hearing the whispered words Tseng glanced over to his fellow Turk.

"I was simply remembering the argument over the weapons."

Cissnei quickly covered her mouth to hide a giggle. She was so glad that her PHS took video as well as pictures; this video was so being sent to the Silver Elite when they got back to Shinra.

When Tseng had announced that SOLDIERS weapons were being stored in the second van and that other weapons would be supplied in their place in the main van, the Silver General, Demon of Wutai, Mr. Perfect had thrown the world's largest temper tantrum! All of those present had been hiding behind their hands, trying desperately not to laugh as the man reamed Tseng. When Tseng refused to back down from the general they had watched as Sephiroth's hands had balled into fists and he actually started to lift a foot, like he was going to stomp angrily. The man had seemed to catch himself and had lowered it silently back to the ground, but it was enough to send them all over the edge.

Miffed at not getting his way, Sephiroth had sat on the front bench where Cloud was now and proceeded to actually pout and sling nasty insults at anyone who dared talk to him.

After an hour and a half of them all listening to the general's bitching, Genesis had grabbed the roll of duck tape normally reserved for when Zack was on a sugar high and proceeded to tape the general's mouth shut. The look of shock that had appeared in Sephiroth's green cat slit eyes had been priceless.

An all out wrestling match had then broken out in the back of the van; thankfully they had still been on paved open roads.

Cissnei had gotten that all on video and a few pictures; those were going to make her some big money if she decided to part with them. In some ways she did not want to because they were a personal side of these fearsome SOLDIERS that no one outside their small group had ever seen.

"It's so easy to forget they are just boys." She whispered softly, looking back at the sleeping men. Tseng nodded slightly, his eyes flicking back up to the rear view mirror. It was very easy to forget that these men were nothing more than boys; it was only during rare moments like the sword incident and now, when they were truly asleep, that you could see their true ages.

Angeal and Genesis, at only twenty three, were the oldest of the five; though Angeal looked older. Though, even in sleep you could see in Genesis he was only twenty three.

It had shocked all the SOLDIERs at the summer bash that Sephiroth was not allowed to partake in the drinking. It was not because of his station, instead because, at the time, he was not legally old enough. Sephiroth at this point was only twenty years old; he still had two more months until he would reach the legal drinking age. General or not, even he was not allowed to break the laws.

Tseng was dreading that birthday party.

None had been more shocked to learn the general's true age then the two youngest of the group. Zack at the tender age of nineteen and Cloud at a young seventeen were some of the youngest First SOLDIERs.

These five, there was something special about each of them. It was not just the enhancements that made them special. Being a Turk, Tseng was training in reading people and judging them just by body language, and with those skills he could see these five shared a deep connection. A connection that no matter how hard they tried, no other SOLDIER or person in this world could ever obtain.

Smiling slightly, Tseng pulled the van to a stop just outside the small Nibelheim Inn. "Perfect." he said softly, seeing that they still had three hours until sunrise. They had arrived exactly when he wanted; the original plan had been to arrive around midday.

The plans changed when a certain blond had gotten a look of absolute horror across his face at the mention of his home town. Cloud had begged and pleaded that if they were going to be forced to go that they must arrive before the town awoke. He would not give them a reason no matter how hard the older Firsts had pushed for an answer.

Seeing that his young charge was on the verge of panic, Sephiroth had ordered that they continue past their original stop point and drive straight to Nibelheim to arrive before sun up. Tseng had phoned ahead to alert the Inn keeper that they would be arriving in the middle of the night and to have the rooms ready for them.

Turning the van off Tseng turned back to regard their cargo, only to come eye to eye with a set of glowing Mako blue eyes.

Angeal slowly sat up hiding a yawn behind his hand, seeing Tseng he gave a brief nod before looking at his friends. Seeing they were all still dead to the world, a very small smirk crossed his face. Making sure to move slow and quietly he reached into his pocket and withdrew his precious camera he carried with him everywhere.

Tseng shook his head, watching as the large man silently shifted and turned in his seat so that he could get the two sleeping beauties behind him. Thankfully the camera had a night setting so it did not need the flash, which would have awoken the two men.

Taking several pictures of the two, to make sure he had at least one good shot, Angeal turned to his little puppy and shook his head seeing how he had fallen asleep.

'He's going to be sore tomorrow.' Angeal thought to himself, though he was sure the boy was going to be sore now, but that would be his own fault. Angeal had offered his shoulder to the boy when he initially started to fall asleep but the stubborn little puppy had refused.

Leaning back against the window he managed to get a few shots of his little puppy. Looking over the seat he smiled gently and held the camera out for Tseng. Recognizing the silent request Tseng took the camera and snapped a few pictures of the sleeping beauty in the front before taking a few group shots.

Turning the camera off, he handed it back to Angeal. "I'm going to go make sure they are ready for us."

The gentle closing of the car door as Tseng left was enough to rouse the two in the back. Two sets of glowing eyes blinked open, one bright blue the other green with cat slit pupils. Groaning Genesis closed his eyes again and buried his face in Sephiroth's hair, neither of the two men were morning people. "Your hair changed again." Genesis absently muttered starting to fall back asleep.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Sephiroth pulled himself back into a sitting position, ignoring the sounds of protest from Genesis. He flinched slightly as the blood once more started to pump through his legs, causing painful pins and needles. He might have been a super enhanced SOLDIER, but he was not above his legs falling asleep if he was sitting at a weird angle for a long period.

Angeal chuckled lightly recognizing that look. "Fell asleep again, huh?"

"Mm." was his only reply.

He was honestly surprised he had gotten that much of a response; normally until he had his first soda Sephiroth wouldn't utter a word except moans and growls. Everyone expected the man to be a coffee person and was shocked when he avoided it like the plague.

"Why would I drink that disgusting swill?" was his usual response when people ask. No, the man was a sugar addict, the sweeter the drink the better. Hojo had about had a heart attack when he found out his prize subject didn't eat as healthy as he originally thought.

As if to prove his own thought process, Sephiroth leaned over the back of Angeal's seat already pulling the wrapper off a candy bar and plopping it into his mouth. His cat-like green eyes were half lidded as he stared blearily out the front window. It was strange seeing him with his hair completely pulled back, it gave him a more youthful appearance than the hardened one he was forced to wear around Shinra.

This trip had not only been for Cloud, but also a chance for the young general to finally relax and act his age. Putting the candy bar in his mouth Sephiroth regarded Angeal. "What?" he asked around a mouth full of candy.

Angeal shook his head and turned as the side door slid open. Tseng stood ankle deep in glittering white snow. "They are ready for us; Reno and Rude are already moving your bags up to the rooms."

Laying his head on his arms Sephiroth reached out in front of him and began to poke Zack's back with one of his long ungloved fingers. All of them had left their uniforms back at Shinra and were donning civilian clothes. They all knew they would be recognized, but they were hoping to blend in as much as possible while they were on this vacation.

Zack shifted and grumbled swinging an arm back smacking Sephiroth's away, "Idonwanna…skool…" Not put off, Sephiroth continued to poke at his back. Seeing his best friend wasn't going to move, Genesis shoved the general forward and climbed out over the top of him out.

Grunting Sephiroth turned glowing eyes on him narrowed into a glare. Being so used to those glares by now, after having lived in the same apartment as the man for the past two years, Genesis waved him off, his gloved hands pulling his leather jacket tighter around his neck as he was hit with the biting cold.

Cloud, feeling the chilly air he was very familiar with, slowly dragged himself up into a sitting position, the blanket still wrapped tightly around his shoulders. Brilliant Mako blue eyes regarded the deep snow outside the van door. Even though it was still dark outside, his enhanced eye sight allowed him to see quite well in the darkness. In the three years since he ran away from this place, not a single thing had changed.

No, he was sure absolutely nothing had changed. A frown cross his face as he suppressed a shudder, no doubt by the first round of breakfast, news will have spread around the small village of his return. Even to this day, he can remember the doubtful stares and the taunting laughs of those in the village at the proclamation that he would join Shinra and become a SOLDIER.

Deep in his heart, he knew that even though he had not only done just that, but become one of the youngest First Class SOLDIERs and was part of the General's own personal group, it would not be enough for the town. He would still be an outsider and a weakling that was going to be targets of bullies. He was sure that several of the bullies that had tormented him before leaving would be lining up at the door of the Inn just waiting for him.

For once he wasn't worried about himself, instead his worries laid with the bullies. There was a certain silver haired general that had become overly protective of 'his little chocobo' and would have no problem turning the bullies into Masamune-ka-bob, and then just to make sure they were well roasted there was an auburn headed Materia Master who just happened to favor firaga over any other.

Sighing softly, Cloud reached up and smacked Zack on the back of the head. "Get up." Pulling the blanket over his head, Cloud left the van, his back popping loudly as he stretched. He detested long car rides; thankfully this was the last stop on their 'vacation' before heading back to Midgar.

Without looking back at the van, Cloud headed up for the small Inn, not wanting to be out any more then he already was being forced to. In all honesty, if it was his choice he would have never set foot in this town again. His mother was the only reason he had agreed to come and not just stay at The Golden Saucer.

Zack jumped slightly at being hit and lifted bleary Mako blue eyes up. Yawning loudly, he pushed his hood back, revealing his own spiky black hair. "He's still mad, huh?"

Green eye followed Cloud until they disappeared into the Inn. "You two are really in the dog house now." Chuckling, Zack bolted from the van before Sephiroth decided to use him as his newest training dummy.

"Don't worry Seph, he'll come around." Angeal gently patted his shoulder before crawling from the van. Eighteen hours of sitting in a car had stiffened up all his old joints.

"You would think with the way I crack, I was fifty two, not twenty three." Sephiroth appeared at his elbow, slouched and walking very stiff legged towards the Inn. Stifling a chuckle, Angeal followed easily recognizing the 'my legs are waking up!' walk.

"You know, when they are half asleep, they actually look like normal humans."

Tseng turned back as Reno moved up holding onto a few of the bags. "They are human, Reno. Humans with very great burdens placed on young shoulders."

Reno threw up his hands in a form of surrender hearing that tone in his bosses' voice. "Sorry boss…" Ducking, he quickly ran to the Inn.

"You will always be their protector, huh?" Tseng looked down at the little Turk by his side, her and that smug little smile on her face. A faint smile tugged at his lips. "Someone has to watch over the children."

Giggling Cissnei moved off to help Reno and Rude unloading the van. "Tseng, will you get one of the children. There is no way any of us can life these god forsaken swords of theirs!"

Cloud sat, absolutely fuming, on the edge of the small full size bed. He did not want to be here!

Zack sat silently on the second bed, watching the small spiky haired First; originally it was to be him and Angeal in this room, with Cloud sharing a room with Sephiroth and Genesis, as usual. Frowning, Zack thought 'They really are in the dog house if Cloud is making Angeal stay with them.'

Genesis and Sephiroth had both wanted to come to this small mountain town to 'get away from the big cities and go hit the slopes' as Nibelheim was rumored to have some good off the beaten track ski runs away from big lodges and resorts like Icicle Inn. They also knew that this was Clouds home town and insisted on coming to see where their 'Little Storm Cloud' had grown up.

Cloud had been absolutely horrified when he discovered where their last stop was this week, he had begged and pleaded not to come, but Genesis in his infinite stubbornness had refused to let Cloud get his way.

Now he wasn't talking to either man.

'Sometimes I really have to wonder about their social skills.' Sighing softly Zack moved over and wrapped an arm around Clouds shoulder. "Don't worry Spiky; it's only for a few days."

The nickname only got him a half hearted glare. Okay, this went deeper than just not wanting to be here.

"Cloud, what's going on?" Zack dropped the arm around his shoulder and moved so that he was now sitting in front of the blond.

Sighing softly, Cloud looked up with dejected eyes. "I never wanted to come back; I know nothing will have changed. I'll still be the scrawny weird kid that is easy to shove around."

"You're a SOLDIER First Class, I don't think anyone native to this village can shove you around…oh" Scratching the back of his head, Zack gave a sheepish smile. "Come on Cloud, who cares what this lot thinks of you. We know how good you are…" He laughed loudly at the blush that raced across Clouds face. "I didn't mean it that way!"

Laughing loudly he leapt off the bed, Cloud hot on his heels armed with a deadly cushy pillow. Leaping over his claimed bed, Zack grabbed his pillow and spun on his heels. "AH HA!"


"What in the Gaia's name is going on in there?"

Leaning his buster sword up against the wall Angeal stuck his head out the door. They had just finished getting all the bags and weapons up into the rooms, well all except Zack and Cloud's sword, since Cloud had made it very clear with the switching of the rooms he did not want to talk to two certain members of their party.

He could hear loud laughter from Zack and Cloud's room along with the occasional shout and loud 'THUMP!' of something heavy hitting the floor.

Thankfully it appeared as though they were the only occupants this night at the Inn; else the other visitors were very heavy sleepers.

Walking up with his final bags, chocolate bar melting between his lips, Sephiroth looked down the hall way as he rounded the top of the stairs; a single elegant eye brow raised in silent question to what in the devil's name was all that laughing. Genesis appeared under Angeal's arm tooth brush still stuck from the corner of his mouth.

There was another loud 'THUMP' and several small white feathers shot out into the hall way from the crack under the door. Blinking, Sephiroth dropped his bags next to his bedroom door and moved over to Zack's door. Polishing off the rest of his candy he pushed the door open.

No sooner had he opened the door fully than two pillows nailed him right in the face. Feathers fluttered through the open door way accompanied by the sound of howling laughter. "HA!"

Jumping over the bed Zack caught a high five as he slid onto the ground next to Cloud. They had both heard someone grabbing the door knob and had flung the pillows at the door the second it opened.

Laughing like crazy the two Firsts ducked behind the bed like two naughty children. Zack, hiding laughter behind his hand, jabbed a thumb to Cloud, then to the door. Nodding, Cloud slowly inched under the bed and lifted the comforter just enough to peer under.

"Huh?" There was no one there; he could have sworn they had nailed someone. Lifting himself onto an elbow, he turned to ask Zack where their victim was, when two strong hands grabbed onto his ankles and yanked him out from under the bed.

Squeaking Cloud looked up into two glowing Mako green eyes. 'Oh shit... we hit the general…' Remembering he was mad at said man, Cloud stubbornly crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the man leaning over him.

"You should know by now, that does not work on me." Moving back Sephiroth grabbed both of Cloud's ankles and started to physically drag the man from the room. "Sorry Zack, you're getting Angeal back."


Chuckling, Zack waved as Sephiroth pulled the struggling First out of the room.

Moving down towards his own room, Tseng stopped upon seeing Sephiroth dragging a pouting Cloud out of Zack's room and down the hall. Resigned to his fate against the much stronger General, Cloud had his arms cross over his chest glaring daggers at the ceiling. "If I get rug burn, I'm making your life hell…" The rest of his sentence was cut off as he was dragged into Sephiroth's room and the door shut.

Cissnei was giggling like hell behind him, clicking her PHS off and stowing it back in her pocket. "We should have brought the video camera."

Pinching the bridge of his nose Tseng headed for his room, this was going to be a long few days.

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