Sorry all this isn't an update.. I can't believe I haven't worked on this in almost a year... I wrote myself into a corner with these last few chapters and I just can't kick myself off. Over the past year I have greatly refined Tseng especially in the imperial assassin bit. So because of that the entire Wutai arc is going to go through a complete rewrite.

I promise that I will start working on those... I guess according to my husband I go through these phases a lot, writers block hits and it hits hard. Stress of having him over seas in a war zone hasn't helped my writing muse any either.

I thank all my readers for being patient with me and ask them to only wait a little longer and look for the new chapters. It will be a multi chap upload so make sure to watch for the deletion of this note and the upload of the new chapter. You will have to go back and reread the Wutai arc cause it will be completely different but I will tell you how many chapters to go back. Until then... I'm trying to kick my muses ass to work on Donum Deae and Life long.