"Pain of Water And Pain of Memories"

Chapter 9: "The Past of Lillian and Haru Childhood

'I cannot believe it he knew that there would be a secret room here.'' Riku thought shocking

As Sago began walking down the stairs everyone decide to finally to catch up with him, the group finally got to the last of the stairs they are now in a median round room and in the middle was a golden stand and on top was a cool green orb. As Sago stare at it he know what it was.

''The Orb Of The Past.''

When the crew found the orb all the group could do is aw as Sago looked at. "This is the orb that was from my vision." Sago said as he looked at it with black eyes.

"Oh wow the orb that let you see the past." Suzi announce as join Sago's stared at the orb. As Sago was about to touch the orb Riku hold his wrist gently which made Sago look up to him in the warrior's green eyes in concerned. "Are you positive that you want to do this?" Riku asked. Sago thought at the moment ans then nodded to him.

As Riku let go off his wrist his hand touch the green orb and started to glow in darker green light as Sago's friends and the Timbers are seeing the orb glow the room around suddenly became a village.

"What's happen to the room?" Asked Estee as she and her brothers stared and wondering where they're at.

"Oh my, it's Shell Town when it was back when Lillian, Haru, Riku, and Suzi when they were younger!" Sapphire answered as she took a very good look at the village.

"But also that day where Haru and Lillian meet." Riku added as he walk to his wife.

As Sago looked around he was surprise why no one didn't asked him why he send them to the very beginning how his ''parents'' met and till the end of when they were separated from each other and their baby.

When things was settle the crew hear shouted of children that's was ahead of them and there shown a boy wearing a simply blue wide turtle neck shirt, blue shorts, blue spiky hair in a pony tail. "Come on Lillian we don't want you miss your first day of training." the young boy yelled.

And from behind him stood stood a girl who was younger than the boy was wearing light blue vest, light blue pant, short blue hair, and stubborn blue eyes. "Riku I heard you the first time!" shouted young Lillian putting hands oh her hips.

"Is that you and Lillian when you were younger Riku?" Kutal asked Riku as they saw the two children walking right threw them because the orb is showing them a 3D dimension.

"Yeah when we were kids, all parents of Shell Town takes their kid to training for the whole summer for whoever is ready to find they're guardian animal, and that Sago came to think of William and Flora.

"Did William went to that same training before he became Franken's solders?" Sago asked.

"Yes, he was one of the best that graduated if fact Haru went to the academy after William graduate and join ." Riku answered and everyone focus back to the past as young Riku and young Lillian continued walking.

"This is so unfair why do I have to this Riku?" asked young Lillian.

"Because our family have to see if you are ready for your journey to find a guardian animal." Young Riku. As both he and his sister walk threw the crew, and when they did the screen turn from the two younger enterrans into a building what look like a room full of kids order and younger all sitting down excepted for Lillian who standing next to the a older elf man with glasses.

"This was the part when Lillian was introduce." Suzi told Sago who was looking at her younger self who was wearing pig tails, a lime green coat, with a black shirt under it, black pants, and lime green shoes, that was waving to young Lillian who wave back to her.

"Alright everyone I want you to give your warm welcome to Lillian Timber." The glasses man introduced. But when no decide to stand up and introduced to her someone did, when Lillian look to see who it was, there stood a boy who look a year older than she was wearing a light shirt, dark blue pants with a black belt holding them up, blue boots, spiky sliver hair, with pleasant black childish eyes.

"I't's nice to meet you Lillian Timber encase you don't who I am, well I'm your older brother friend Haru Cloak." young Haru introduced to Lillian who was blushes a little and young Riku who was sitting behind Haru look shock.

"That when I was shock when Haru introduce himself to her." Older Riku said and as the orb went to the next setting when everyone was outside as the kids surrounded Lillian. Asking her stupid question "why Riku never tell them that he had a sister" or " why was she younger in their class." when things never thought it get worse a blonde curly hair girl came to Lillian grabbed a hold of Lillian's hair. Which made the crew looked shocked mostly Riku and Suzi.

"Hey, little girl what's with your hair when was the last time you brunch your hair?" asked a blonde girl who grabbed the hold of Lillian's blue hair. The rest of the kids began to pick on her calling her names which made the young Lillian mad and suddenly started to push the blonde girl . Than suddenly the when Suzi and Riku finally got there they saw Lillian and the blonde girl rolling all over the grass trying to give the first punch.

"LILLIAN!" Riku and Suzi shouted as they grabbed the blue hair girl as they did the blonde girl stared to get angry. "Geez Riku control you your good for nothing sister." yelled the blonde girl when Lillian heard the word good for nothing she forced herself away from her brother and Suzi than running to the forest.

"Wow, poor Lillian she was made fun of." said Estee as everyone watch the young girl ran off which the orb bring too the next scene. Where they stood in wide open field a little further away from the village and in front of the Shinzo crew and the Timbers was a tree which was not bloom yet and stood Haru under it eating his lunch which his mom made for him.

"WAHOO I LOVE YOU MOM!" Haru yelled as he pull out a large chocolate chip cookie big enough that he had to hold with both hands, when was about to eat it his little elf ears start to twitchy means someone was coming than he quickly pack all his things and climb to a branch above his spot.

When he waiting who it was, he saw Riku's sister ran out of the forest, then coming to the tree and sat in Haru spot once she sat down, Lillian began to talk to herself. The young sliver hair elf began to listen.

"I'll never be like my mother...or my father...even my own brother thinks I'm useless...I...I...I'll never be stronger...everyone was right about me...I'm nothing but a good for nothing losers!" Lillian cried hard to the point she breathless.

"I think your not loser." Lillian look up to see who was talking and above her was a boy who introduced himself to her. "How should you know?" Lillian with tears running down all over her vest as she watch Haru coming down from the tree.

"Well I know because, well even know we just met and all but somehow something about you is very different." When Haru talked to her, Lillian was shocked and whipped her tears away. "Really that's strange because when a saw you I felt the same way to you." she replied as both of them looked into each other eyes and began to blush.

"Hey, how did you know my hiding spot was here?" Haru asked back to reality.

"Your...spot, wait you come to that tree too?" Lillian asked as she point the tree behide Haru.

"Yeah I never understand why this tree never bloom in the summer, fall, or spring." Haru said as both of them sat down under the tree, than Haru took out his large cookie, and split for Lillian.

"My mother told me that this tree was here since the meteorite crash and whiped out the human, it said that water enterrans before us made this tree special and only two people with a destiny that can make the tree bloom in a blue cherry tree that never dies, but people said that is just a legend." Lillian explane as everyone went awe.

"Wow, hey I heard that your mother was one of the people that were warriors you know the one with the necklace, Riku told me about it yesterday when walking to my house he told me that your mother gave it to you yesterday or not." Haru says which made Lillian even more shocked than she was and pulled out from her vest which made Sago eyes widen when it was the necklace with the golden stud. Haru young black eyes widen.

"Yeah mom gave me this necklace on my birthday yesterday she say that this necklace has been given from my great grandmother's to their child on their birthday, she also told me they're past and said that I'm will one day take place as a warrior, has Riku told you a lot about me?" Lillian explain but asked the boy.

"Well it doesn't matter, but what does matter is you giving up on your first day in the academy if your mother told you that you'll one day take your place as a warrior I say don't give up. But like I said even we just met, my gut is telling me that I have to protect you if something bad happens whatya say?" Young Haru hoped from spot and offer a hand to Lillian who blushed from the words that Haru said to her.

"Alright." Lillian replied as she offered Haru who help her up, then suddenly the three in front of them began to glow, and steams popes out of tree and blue flowers appeared as the wind gently bloom the blue petal threw the sky.

As Haru and Lillian looked at the tree in shocked than to each other, they were confused, scared, but calm at one another. But interrupted when Riku and Suzi was searching for Lillian when stop as they saw the blue cherry tree blooming, and look directly to the two youngest who was holding hands.

"Lillian, Haru what happen?" Young Riku asked to two youngest who were still not understanding what has happening.

"Riku, I think me and Lillisn might have a destiny that you can image." Haru answered.

As Sago looked at the blue cherry tree blooming it only mean one thing to him. "This is where it all began."