Law of talos

Karl Vs Saya and Hime

It makes me sad that I wont be able to share this to uknown-person, creator of Law of Talos, since I only found out about this a few days ago….but at least I can write a fanfiction about it. Now I've only seen two or three clips of this thing so my Karl version may be a bit different. Anyway ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD! Hey this time when I say that it's literal haha!

Karl walked through the rooftops looking for his next opponent his bird was sitting on his shoulder.

"Oh come on Arma our search has been heading nowhere; I need something to cheer me up. Let's go on a killing spree or something." He said talking to his bird. Just then a pink dot ran across the street below him. "Hello what's this?"


"S-saya-chan!" A little girl shouted, as she was chased down by a large robotic device. The little girl tripped and was now cornered to by the robot.

"Contestant you come with us." The robot said the little girl screamed as the robots reached out for her. Karl's eye twitched, would he dare to compel his self to save a little kid? He jumped down from the roof top his bird Arma transforming into a sword. Yes, he would.

Karl landed on the robot slicing its head off and just plain beating it to a pulp. Once the machine stopped attacking he turned to the little girl. who looked up at him teary eyed and scared.

"Hey, hello there. Are you alright?" he asked the girl was clutching a book he didn't recognize. She nodded her head furiously.

"Well that's good. Say, you're awfully young, what are you doing in a place like this?" he asked, the girl smiled happily.

"I'm here to help my big sister." She said, standing. The girl had pink hair tied off into ponytails, with redish colored snake eyes. She wore a school uniform, he recognized the uniform from when he was at the amusement park before he came here. He didn't know which school it went to since he didn't leave the park, but he knew it was a school. He shrugged.

"Say where is your sister?" he asked, he contemplated killing the kid but her eyes told him she wasn't human. So he let the thought slip away for the moment. The girl's smile fell.

"I lost her in our last battle, I got knocked back in an explosion. Now I have to go find her, will you help me?" she asked. Karl looked away from the girl.

"I know Arma. But she's just so adorable. I'll help her just for a little bit." He said talking to the bird.

"You'll help me?" the girl asked happily. Karl nodded, just for the moment. Then he'd kill her later, if she turned out to be human.

"I like you're bird, she's really pretty." The girl said.

"Her name is Arma. She likes you too." He said grinning. "So what's this sister of your look like kid?"

"She has long purple hair and eyes like mine, but not. Yaknow?" the girl explained hugging her book.

"I see, well that makes it easier to find her." Karl said as he and the girl walked down the streets in search for the girl's sister.

Yay! I finished the first chapter. I realize that Karl's characteristics are a bit, (a lot) off. Since he didn't attack the girl. but hey it's a fanfiction, don't like it stop reading it. though I must say you'll miss out on the violent fun XD anyway review please!