Author's Note: Yet another drabble series, this time centring around kisses and what each kiss individually represents. I will mostly be using Sasuke and Sakura as the feature couple, but there shall be other pairings as well; the typical Naruto-x-Hinata/Neji-x-Tenten/Shikamaru-x-Ino, as well as a few more… odd pairings. :3

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Categories: Vary from Romance to Angst/Tragedy.

Summary: Because the signs of love can be interpreted in various ways of kissing. Ratings will invariably change. Sasuke-x-Sakura—as well as a few other pairings.

Sasukeluva 4eva presents;

Anthology of Kisses

Drabble#1 Kiss On The Stomach—"Let's Have Sex."

Rating: M for explicit content!

Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke x Haruno Sakura

The touch of lips was faint, like the brush of a feather over naked flesh, tickling her senses as she looked up—or rather down as the case may be—from her overly clichéd romance novel (regardless of how cheesy it was, the sex within the content was a timeless classic in the pinkette's opinion, and definitely worth rereading) to see her boyfriend of six years eyeing her expectantly, lips still firmly planted against the warm skin of her navel.

Raising a thinned pink eyebrow in vague annoyance at the untimely interruption, the young woman of twenty-two simply cast him a cursory glance with her peripherals, before returning her weary emerald orbs to the fine print of her book—too tired to put up with her lover's mundane attentions.

She was certainly not in the mood to put up with his foolishness, although most of the time it was her being held at a distance from his warmth; today just happened to be one of those coincidental off-days where Sakura couldn't give a flying fuck whether or not he wanted to be cuddly with her (although her Inner swooned at the very notion of Uchiha Sasuke ever treating her in such a soft-hearted manner), and just wanted to lie alone in her cosy bed, sipping hot chocolate and flicking through hot porno novels.

Simply because she could.

It wasn't like she was getting any from her man lately, anyhow, thanks to the fact that he had been 'too irritable' to even bother wasting her time on seducing; from all of the hours he had been taking at the office lately, she wasn't surprised to be quite honest.

Transferring from on-field homicide work to corporate had been a difficult transition for the both of them, mostly because Sasuke had loved his previous job more than anything else (but a previous injury in one of his biggest cases led to him being discharged from his services, and left to find employment elsewhere, in another line of work), and Sakura had to adjust to his new hectic schedule as the CEO of Mangekyo Enterprises (popular for its distinct involvement in legal weapons production and distribution).

The rosette hardly ever saw the twenty-four year old anymore, and quite frankly, she was more than a little exasperated with his lack of time for her.

Thus, she stubbornly refused to meet his gaze and enquire as to why he was suddenly feeling the perverse need to kiss her bare, flat stomach, instead focusing her attentions intently on the next passage of her book, which detailed the sexual endeavours—alongside the inevitable conundrum that the main female lead was presented with, being married and all—of a bound woman with a younger, impassionate man seeking redemption for his 'wicked' past deeds.

Oh Gods how her temperature rose in arousal when she imagined those calloused, sinful hands trailing sinuously over her bare, sinewy flesh—

Another kiss, painfully accurate in its placing and precision, was pressed against the side of her stomach, across one of the abdominal muscles near the hem of her cotton shorts, prolonged and drawn out to purposely tear the pinkette's surprised gaze once again away from her novel, to the smug pools of charcoal that were aligned excruciatingly close to a place that had not been ventured by another's hands but hers in months.

What on earth was he up to?

"Sasuke, for the love of all that is sacred and good, leave me in peace, for Christ's sake! I'm not in the mood for your idiocy!" Sakura snapped icily, sending a glare in warning of her impending wrath were he a fool enough to continue onward in his general direction, before steering her gaze for the second time back to her book.

Honestly, what had him so bloody… impish?

Rolling her eyes—assuming that it was another phase of late adolescent man-puberty taking over his usually numbed outer posture—Sakura returned to reading, the following actions of the starring male lead enough to have her anger dissipate momentarily, her focus now solely trained on the passages that ensued in the aftermath.

His hands, oh Lord his hands!

Trailing ever lower, seeking refuge from the frigid cold of the desert night, they buried themselves between her lovely thighs, radiating an urgent heat that desperately needed to be quelled. And quelled it would be.

The sticky nectar that had blistered to life now bubbled forth, smearing across the naked flesh of her buttocks and staining the sheets beneath her with translucent essence—the representation of her want of him.

The want of his turgid sheath burying itself between the petal of her folds; the want to be fulfilled and satisfied beyond all feasible reckoning.

His wolfish smile glowed in the darkness of the night, highlighting his bronzed complexion, those crystal clear amber eyes and that thick mane of luscious ivory that entwined itself around his head until it seemed like he was an angel—one that offered the darkest sins and temptations.

But then, he would be the Devil's Child, wouldn't he?

A gasp sounded from her parted lips as his roaming lips pressed further, working from her voluptuous curves, down her flat middle, tongue dipping into the crevice of flesh that was her navel, before trailing further down, down, down until his lips were pressed provocatively against her—

Yet another soft kiss was placed onto Sakura's flushed skin, this time upon the area just beneath her bellybutton, borderline her pubic bone but not quite touching there, tearing a surprised gasp from her own mouth. Placing her book down upon her chest, eyes startled from the unexpected contact on such an intimate region, Sakura ripped her attentions southward, to where she was met with the grand sight of a very naked Sasuke, wearing nothing but his own 'wolfish' smirk as he removed his lingering—and very much so preoccupied—mouth from her hot skin, piercing gaze matching her own as he revelled in the spotlight she had finally given him.

Which had Sakura questioning how and when he had removed his clothing without alerting her attentions (no matter how deeply she became in the affairs of the characters in her smut novels, she was always alert for the slightest of changes; only pertaining to his ninja-like stealth having done so without letting her know it had happened until it had already become so).

Not that she really cared; as long as she had such a fantastic view (of those gorgeous, endlessly long legs of his, his pale and smooth naked flesh, toned abdominals/pectorals, a nice lean stomach, lined with rippling muscles that twitched with the smallest of movements from him, his ripped arms and corded back, that ethereally gorgeous face of his, and of course that throbbing shaft stiff with want and discoloured to attest to that), she didn't really give a shit.

Nobody would need to, had they been the ones' on the receiving end of this rather pleasant surprise.

Eyes still enlarged, Sakura stared unflinchingly, gaping like a fish deprived, starved of, water and oxygen.

This was… what, exactly?

Another kiss to her stomach tore her from her musings, her eyes ever drawn to those delicious lips of his, which were now descending further south.

'I think I finally understand what he wants…' Sakura groaned inwardly, slapping herself in a mental fit equivalent to her blatant ignorance to his intentions. He had been acting obscurely all evening, since arriving home at an early hour of six (he usually rocked up after midnight, if at all), had the attempted kisses she had so pointedly dodged said anything in testament to that. All of his efforts to pull her to him, to press his mouth to every inch of exposed skin and brand her all over again (as he had avoiding for the past couple of months)…

Ugh, how could she have been so naïve?

A final, solid kiss to her toned tummy.

Let's have sex.

His eyes practically beseeched it of her, and who was she to disappoint?

Reaching a single hand out to him, she beckoned him forward.

"Let's have sex?"

It was a question that needed not an answer from Sasuke, who practically shot forward, suddenly towering over her petite frame in all of his naked glory, member leaking pre-cum from its small slit at the head of his penis until it rubbed off on her exposed stomach, a fire that had not been stoked in countless weeks set alight with the heated contact, her hands winding into his dark locks, only to pull him down to meet her lips in a searing kiss that had both seeing stars.

The Uchiha made short work of her offending articles of clothing, all but ripping them from her and tossing them aside into a messy pile on the tiled floor, before settling his wandering his upon her, unleashing his pent up frustrations on the slight curves of her body.

She was not a full-breasted girl like Ino or Hinata, by any means, barely passing a B-cup, but they made up for that in perkiness and elasticity; fitting perfectly in the palms of his hands as he squeezed and groped them, her small nipples pebbling against his rough palms (from labour as a late teenager in the marines corps), causing an outright devilish smirk to spread across his face.

Her hips were wide, wider than Ino's, whose slight model-like build made her compatible with the very occupation she was now employed in, but not as pronounced as Hinata's, whose were equipped especially for childbirth.

Damned genetics, only giving the pinkette a big forehead, and nothing else in the T&A department!

All thoughts were lost, however, when his mouth disappeared from hers, trailing wet, open mouthed kisses against her lithe stomach, trailing beyond the glistening pink curls to the jewelled prize beneath; a series of long and slow, short and fast flicks of his tongue against the outer and inner lips of her vagina, and a few harsh sucks on her clit had her fall over the edge, quick to come after her earlier stimulation from her novel's exploits.

Pleased with his work, Sasuke took no further measures of foreplay, heading straight for the trophy as he plunged his rigid length into her, grinding his teeth together as he worked his way through her taut muscles, which seemed to be adamant in forcing the intrusion out from its depths, a loud moan leaving Sakura in a breathless wisp of air as she struggled to take any of the aforementioned in, her hips aligning naturally until a comfortable position had been attained.

Eyes in the back of her skull, Sakura arched upwards, a sign of continuance; the raven haired Uchiha did so, his pelvis grinding and gyrating against hers in a painful circular motion, a groan of pleasure leaving both parties as he removed his hefty girth from her, fighting against the pull of her walls, trying to suction him back within her depths whilst also trying to force him out; a fickle function, a vagina was, not being able to decide whether the presence of its destined mate was welcome game or not.

But then, the fun would have been lost in gaining the greatest height of pleasure plausible, wouldn't it?

And that was certainly not a viable option, especially when it already felt so fucking good.

Flipping so that Sakura was straddling his waist, Sasuke braced himself on the cushions, hands already guiding her hips in the erratic pulsations that made up their lovemaking, his rising to meet hers with every fall she made to impale herself on his length—she rode him hard, and fast, to her heart's desire, matching the frenzy that had been building within her for so long. Baited her, he had, and possessing her he was.

There was nothing in the remotest bit gentle about the way she speared herself upon his length, as was the absence of such gentleness in his movements as well; it was purely animalistic, fuelled by animal wants and needs.

It was only when Sakura was bordering bliss that Sasuke ceased their movements altogether, an irritable growl exiting her lips momentarily as she glared accusingly down at him, which only brought a soft smile to his lips, illuminated by the dim glow of the lamp alongside the bed from which Sakura had been reading from a few moments prior to their heated joining.

Sasuke sat, shifting jerkily until he was resting back-to-headboard, hands cupping her rear and massaging the plump flesh tenderly, the caress of his feather-light touches only heightening the suspended ecstasy that she was feeling.

He was an amazing lover, without a doubt.

Brushing his nose against the hollow of Sakura's exposed neck, her short, choppy locks drenched with perspiration and sticking to her flushed skin, before he trailed soft butterfly kisses down her body, bending on an awkward, almost painful angle so he could kiss her stomach once more, his hips tilting up to meet hers with such slow precision that the rosette was almost weeping at the sensations invoked by the movement.

No longer were they being rough; he licked the wounds he had created, so to speak, his lips still lingering against her stomach until she finally came, the coil snapping within her so intense that she shook all over, legs racked with soft spasms as she plummeted back down to earth, her senses oversensitive to the coolness of the air around them, to the friction his still rocking hips caused between that aching juncture between her thighs.

He built up a secondary rhythm, slower and more deliberate, so as to preserve the sensation for as long as humanly possible, before he brought himself to a gradual climax, his fingers making quick work of her clitoris and sending the pinkette over once more, her piercing cry music to his ears as the last spurts of his hot seed spilt into her womb, his body raw with the feeling of the sexes joined so intimately.

Once their shaking had ceased, Sasuke raised Sakura off of his now flaccid cock, his long lashes sticking to his sweat-laden cheeks (eyes having drooped from exhaustion) as he stroked her womanhood fondly, rapid gasps turning ragged as one final, rough orgasm hit her, fluid seeping slowly down her thighs to mix with the rest that had been produced by their activities.

As Sakura felt herself regain some self-composure, a pair of lips sealed themselves over hers, fleetingly so, before trailing down to her stomach, one more, final kiss making itself known against the flat terrain as she melted down into his lap, his mouth smiling against her navel as she succumbed to her exhaustion, his last words imprinting faintly upon her mind as the black overtook her.

"I'm much better for your 'needs' than that book is, Sakura. Don't ever forget that."

Kiss #1; Stomach= Let's Have Sex!


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