"A Cruel World"


Yuki awoke to the light knock on her door, she turned over in the bed and sat up. Not long after the knock, Watari entered carrying some breakfast.

'Eggs and bacon...well at least he isn't going to feed me sweets.' Yuki never liked sweets, after the time Luna had her try soda. She had tried to get Yuki into eating cake and brownies, but they never appealed to her. 'I prefer salty foods.' She thought to herself groggily, looking up at Watari.

"I didn't know what you liked, so I brought you some eggs and bacon." He set it on the night stand by her bed, it had toast and some juice as well.

"Thank you." She still sounded tired as she pulled herself to that side of the bed and dangled her legs over the side, picking up the toast and looking at it. "I don't like sweet things...anything else is fine." She clarified, knowing full well that L liked to eat sweets on a daily basis. She grabbed the egg and made a sandwich, glancing over at Watari who was observing her for a moment.

"I see, well I was instructed to leave the door open so you could have access to the restroom. The door will only be locked during important discussions and at night when you are to go to bed."

"Understood, so I have a bed-time now?" She said quietly, eating her food slowly. It reminded her slightly of when her and Luna were living together. She had to go to bed at a certain time, otherwise she would end up sleeping in and not making it to school. Or just staying up in general, Yuki never liked sleep. It left her vulnerable to attack of any sort. She didn't have to worry about that here, since no one knew what she was capable of.

Luna had told her that she had to pick two out of three things: Sleep, School, or Social Life. You could probably guess what Yuki picked, considering she had a hard time making friends as it is. She heard Watari make his way out of her room shortly afterward, leaving the door open.

'I wonder how I'm going to get some clean clothing...they are still at the Emmett household.' She finished her food off and stood up, not bothering with drinking the juice and walked out with the tray. It was quite early, so there wasn't anyone there at the moment. They would probably end up arriving sometime shortly. Yuki walked over to the kitchen and put her tray in there, walking out in search of Watari.

"Is there something you need, Miss Emmett?" She heard a monotone voice say from behind her. It startled her a bit, so she jumped and turned around quickly.

"Yes actually, I am in need of a change of clothing. Is there any way you could send someone to retrieve a few of my belongings from my house?"

"I will call and have one of the task force members stop there on their way back." He walked out of the room, probably in search of a phone. Yuki shifted from her position on the floor and walked out of the room, in search of the bathroom.

The suite was a nice size, having a few connecting bedrooms and the main room. The kitchen was behind her. It wasn't all that big though only having a sink, refrigerator, microwave and a few plates of cookies and brownies.

'Watari probably orders room service for him, either that or cooks his cakes in a place outside of here.' She thought to herself, going to sit on the couch in the main room. L was at his seat going through papers, probably about Kira. There were screens in front of him, they were all playing footage from odd places she didn't even know of, probably about Kira.

'This guy is really dedicated to his work, I can see that.' She was pretty impressed, 'His lack of sleep is probably because of all this.' Yuki sat down on the couch and began to wait for her stuff. She remembered why she admired L so much now, he was a good man. She gave him that much.

It had been 20 minutes and they still hadn't arrived, Yuki was starting to get a bit restless. She stood up and stretched, looking over at the workaholic sitting in front of the screens eating his cake.

'I never saw the appeal in cake, it's really gross.' Yuki walked over to the window not too far from where he was sitting, it was shut. She decided to open it a crack and see what it looked like outside. Once she opened it the brightness of the sun made her squint her eyes and shut the curtain quickly. She turned away from the window to see L staring at her, with his fork halfway to his mouth.

"Too bright..." She muttered, trying to explain her odd behavior.

"Then why did you open it?"

"Curiosity." The door clicked open and caught her attention. The person who walked in was Matsuda, and it seemed as though he had a box.

'Is that my stuff? If so why do they always send him to get things...' The thought of everyone commanding him to do everything reminded her of Modern Warfare 2, where they always had Ramirez do everything for the squad. The thought made her want to laugh, her lip twitched and she shook her had walking over to Matsuda.

"I brought some stuff from your house. Wow, your father was really loud. He was furious when he found out that you didn't tell him you were staying...with a friend." He said, setting it down on the couch. Friend, huh?

"With a friend?" She questioned, peeking over at the antisocial detective sitting on the couch. "Thank you." Yuki said to Matsuda, stopping in front of the box and opening it.

It looked as though he was kind enough to grab a bunch of manga books to occupy her time as well. Along with a few odd things, there were 4 pairs of clothing.

'It'll have to do, it's not like I'm going to be doing much anyways. So I don't have to worry about getting my clothes dirty.' She grabbed a black tank top and some camouflage cargo pants with some underwear. She walked over to the bathroom and shut the door, leaving her box on the couch. 'I can take it to the room when I'm done.' She began taking her clothing off to take a shower.

Yuki looked at herself in the mirror and looked away almost instantly. Her torso area had a few scars, and she didn't like them. Though the ones she had back where she came from where in a different place. It seemed as though even here she had scars. There was one on her shoulder from where she got shot and was hospitalized, etc.

'They make me look distasteful.' She thought to herself, feeling oddly about even looking at herself. Shame? Was it disgust? Yuki figured she would read the dictionary later to figure out what kinds of things she was feeling. She walked over to the shower and turned it on to cold, she liked showering in cold water. It always made her feel better, that and walking out in the cold weather.

Once she was done, she got out and grabbed a fluffy white towel and started to dry herself off. Getting dressed she thought to herself,

'Sakura TV is going to air those tapes in a few days...' Brushing her hair with her fingers, she opened the door and grabbed her dirty clothing. Yuki walked over to her box and looked at it, getting a few stares from the others. 'I'm not that strong and...' It was then, Watari came over and grabbed it for her and walked over to her room. 'Mind reader.' She accused in her head, still being stared at oddly.

"Your thinking out loud." L pointed out, not even turning from his screen.

"Oops." She said flatly, looking around at the task-force members. They all went back to work as if it never happened, her eyes landed on Ukita. She stared blankly at him for awhile, he looked up and seemed to take notice of this. Yuki blinked a few times before turning and walking away to the room,

'I will read some manga then...I need to take my mind off of these things.'


Ukita was busy sorting out some paperwork for the case, looking at the stack in front of him he sighed. He heard the door to the restroom open and someone walk out, he knew it was Miss Emmett because everyone else was doing their work. She walked slowly over to the box that contained her stuff and stared at it.

"I'm not that strong and..." She trailed off out loud. Watari, having heard her, walked over and grabbed it for her walking to her room. "Mind reader." She seemed to accuse. He stared at her oddly, 'Doesn't she know she's talking out loud?' Ukita was amused by her obliviousness.

"Your thinking out loud." Ryuuzaki stated in his normal monotone, still occupied by things about the Kira case in his work area.

"Oops." She replied in a tone that rivaled Ryuuzaki's, he turned back to his work and started to sort things out. He felt as though he was being watched, so he glanced up again then looked over at Ms Emmett who was staring blankly at him. 'Why has she been looking at me like that? It's almost like she...pities me?' He thought, noticing the saddened look in her eyes. She blinked a few times before turning around and walking away. 'Odd girl...'


L had watched Yuki walk to her room, he had been observing her and he had noticed how she was keeping an eye on the task-force.

'Mainly Ukita, it seemed as though he had noticed as well. I wonder why that is?' He thought to himself, stuffing his face with cake. 'Usually you can't discern what she is feeling or thinking, because she is so guarded. Though, when she looks at him it's almost as though she feels bad for him.' He thought, 'I suppose only time will tell.'


She was sitting in the room, looking through the box. It seemed as though he brought her 'Bleach' manga that she liked so much. Yuki liked to read Death Note from where she came from, Bleach being her second favorite. It had been Luna who introduced her to these visual novels that originated in Japan. She positioned the pillows so she could lean on them for comfort and continued reading alone.

Around 3 hours later, she stretched and scooted over to the side of her bed.

'There is a woman that I never noticed in the Bleach manga...she looks a lot like Luna.' Yuki thought to herself, 'The only differences being the short hair, she always loved her hair being long. I can't see the color of her eyes or her hair so I can't really tell if they look that similar. She's never talking to any of the main characters, so I never know that girls name...she just appears in the background of the storyline every now and then.'

While reading the manga, she had also seen the girl reading manga and laughing a few times, sometimes even crying from the looks of it.

'A manga within a manga...' She laughed to herself quietly, 'Well I AM in Death Note, I can't really say much on that one. I wonder...if perhaps I am a manga character right now? I should look on the internet sometime to see, that is if I ever get back...' She was quite interested, seeing as how she thought that the people in Death Note were only fictional up until now. What if she was a character from a manga in this world?

It had been a good 10 days, it was today that the 2nd Kira would air the tapes from Sakura TV. Her days have mainly been the same, there is never really anything to do around in the suite. Sometimes she would occupy her time by looking out the window, most of the time though Yuki would take naps or read stuff from the computer.

Today however, she had come across an article about an anime and manga series called Elfen Lied. It was then that she remembered that she downloaded the second season back when she was at the condo. Yuki was slightly afraid of seeing what was on her flash drive. It was fortunate that it was usually tucked underneath her shirt, so L didn't see it.

'Seems like the first diclonius, Lucy, had had some sort of genetic mutation causing this. It was probably then they decided to create a newer generation...diclonii like me. Lucy has horns, pink hair and red eyes. Whereas I have white hair and black eyes, my eyes only used to change color while I use my vectors...probably another defect while they were creating me.' She thought to herself as she reread the manga to get a better understanding of it. That's what she'd been doing for all this time. Studying up on 'her favorite manga as the task-force would see it. When in reality it was something else.

A few hours later she had finally finished all of the manga for the first part of Elfen Lied again. She got up and walked out into the main room, looking at the task-force busy at work.

'What if I am a manga character and L finds out? Will he think I'm some crazy cosplayer?' She sat down on the couch next to Matsuda, out of all of the members he was the least likely to make her feel uncomfortable. Aizawa was intimidating, Ukita was going to die soon so that made her feel awful, and L was just...well L. Yuki kept glancing up at the door, waiting for Watari to come in any time now and tell them to change the channels.

'It's only a matter of time now.' She looked away from the door then at Ukita, who was watching her as well. She wanted to tell him. She didn't know him all that well, so he would only think she was a nut case if she tried to explain about it. L didn't know Yuki that well either, though he would be able to tell if she's lying right?

"You have family ... don't you?" Yuki asked quietly, barely even audible to the people in the room.

"Yes, why do you ask...?" Ukita replied, stopping his work to answer Yuki. He seemed curious as to why she would even bring that up. She looked down at the carpet, her bangs shielding her eyes.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, but he seemed to have heard it. She got up and went to stand over by the window, peering down into the streets watching the cars go by. She put her head on the cold glass and observed the busy city below.


It may be hard to tell, but nothing seems to get passed L. He noticed that Yuki was extra fidgety today, and seemed to keep checking outside of her door. Usually she kept her door shut, but she had it opened all day today. Right now though, she keeps glancing at the door and back at Ukita.

'I had originally thought that it would be rather easy to get information out of her, considering her age, but she seemed to prove that theory wrong. That question she had just asked him now, what was that about?' He looked back at the task-force and started to talk about Naomi Misora's disappearance.


It had only been 10 minutes and she was zoning out. She heard L talking about Naomi Misora's disappearance from a while back. She decided to go take a seat on one of the couches next to L. So much for keeping her out of important discussions right? Yuki wanted to chuckle, remembering how Watari said that they'd lock her in the room when they were talking about business.

Maybe he was just testing her reactions? Yuki looked around at them, their faces serious as ever as they discussed the case. L didn't seem to be affected by the fact that Yuki was lingering around. He seemed to be watching her in the corner of his eye, sometimes even glancing in her direction.

He was observing her.

She knew it, he is only letting her do this so he can see if she already knows about some things. 'That sneaky bastard, I hadn't realized till now.' Yuki wanted to face-palm, but refrained from doing so. That would only give him a reason to suspect her even more.

"If you're right about that, I find it odd that we haven't found her body yet. If we did, it would provide us with some much needed physical evidence." It was then she heard a click at the door, drawing her attention in that direction.

"Ryuuzaki, Something seems to be happening on Sakura TV." He said, and they flipped it on to channel 48. Everyone gathered around and listened to what they had to say, ensuring it wasn't a hoax. L was crouched in his chair while everyone stood behind him. Yuki stayed seated on the sofa a ways back, not even watching the TV. She heard their cries of outrage, she was looking at the coffee table in front of her.

"I need you to bring me another TV Watari. No, make that two." L said, watching the 2nd Kira on the TV.

"Yes, Ryuuzaki." Watari answered, walking out of the room to retrieve the TVs. They were flipping the television back and fourth,

'Misa shouldn't get herself involved in the case...she's just going to get herself killed in the end.' Yuki thought. Misa was similar to Luna in a few aspects. Like how she acts on impulse and is overly protective of those she cares about. Like Light. When she meets him, she gets too obsessed. Most think she is annoying. Yuki thought it was a normal reaction. Then again, she lived with Luna.

"Ah. Stop this broadcast!" L yelled, Matsuda ran to the telephone.

"Get Sakura TV on the line!" He yelled, grabbing the phone and punching in some numbers quickly. Yuki was just sitting there watching blankly, 'I can't do anything...I shouldn't do anything.' So she didn't.

"It's no good, but non of my contacts at the station have their phones on." Aizawa said, looking over at L with his cellphone in his hand.

"No ones picking up at reception either." Matsuda sounded upset, almost whining about it. Yuki felt hopeless, she should have just stayed in her room. Then she wouldn't have to see any of this. None of this death. Pain.

"Ugh, damn it!" Ukita said, turning around to run to the door. Yuki's arm shot up and she grabbed him by the sleeve, she reacted on impulse. Just as many other people had. She'd never done it before, her hand gripped his sleeve like it was the only thing left in the world to hang on to. She didn't want him to die. What should she say? What could she say? Yuki opened her mouth to say something.

"..." She was caught up in her words, what if he didn't believe her? Would he only brush her aside and leave anyway? Would she cause more death by doing this?

Ukita snapped his head in her direction, nodding a 'no' and ripping his arm away. He then ran passed Yuki as fast as he could, stopping at the door with his hand on the handle.

"I'll stop this broadcast myself if that's what it takes!" He opened the door and darted out.

'The last thing you want to do is kill innocent you say?' Yuki heard the broadcast, 'What a liar...' She looked down at the ground and sighed. 'I remember Luna telling me that not all humans were the same, was she lying as well?' She shook her head, pondering that thought for a moment.

'No, not all of them are like that. I suppose I'm not much different, considering I'm just sitting here watching them die...I could have stopped him...' She looked up at the television, Ukita was laying on the ground. Yuki's eyes started to water, 'I'm no different...' Yuki was staring at the ground, wiping her eyes. 'Ugh, look at me. I need to stop this! I should have...stopped him.'

"Ukita!" Aizawa said and turned around to run out, only to be stopped by L. Yuki got up and walked over to the window, looking outside. It was dark out now, days seemed to pass by fast when there was a lot going on.

"You told us Kira couldn't kill without a name! So how could this happen!" Aizawa yelled at L.

"The aliases and fake IDs were worthless. What are we going to do L?" Matsuda asked, Yuki toned them out for awhile thinking. 'What if I'm here for a reason? What if there was actually a reason for why I slipped into this body, in a totally different dimension at that?'

"Wasn't it you who told us we needed to risk our lives to catch Kira!" Aizawa yelled, Yuki looked over at him giving him a disapproving look.

"I meant what I said, but risking my life to catch Kira and doing something I know will cost me my life are two entirely different things." He answered calmly, Yuki knew better though. She could see his hands shaking, he was affected by his death as well.

"Oh yea!" Aizawa yelled back, fully intending on giving him an ear-beating. He seemed to have noticed his trembling as well, and let go of his shoulder.

"Please control yourself, we've lost Ukita." L said, his eyes were hidden by his bangs and he was staring at the screen. Aizawa also seemed to have noticed Yuki looking over at him, she seemed almost irritated at his course of action. He looked back at the screen and decided on trying to calm down.


'Kira could kill without a name now? It seems as though he can kill with just a face.' L thought to himself, he was trembling. That wasn't the only reason however, he had finally figured out why Yuki was acting the way she was.

'She knew that he was going to die today, didn't she? She knew... but how...?' He was watching the TV air the rest of the tape. 'Now I am even more certain she is involved with Kira, but she had already stated she wasn't on his side nor mine. Was she lying about that? No, I could see it in her eyes. She was being honest, but that could only prove that she's a good actress. Perhaps by some unknown reason, she came across some information. If it involves the lives of others, why does she insist on not telling me?' At that moment, an armored truck decided to crash it's way through the building at Sakura TV.

"Mr Yagami." L heard Yuki murmur on the other side of the room. If it weren't for his highly developed sense of hearing he wouldn't have caught it.

'Mr Yagami? He's at the hospital recovering, and she hadn't had the chance to meet him yet. Besides when he tried to catch her when she escaped awhile back, but he never revealed his name to her. She had also known Matsuda's name...If it weren't for the fact that she's sitting right there I would think she's Kira, knowing their names with just a face? She seems to be affected by this as well though seeing as it looks like she just got done crying, but if my previous theory is correct and she is a good actress this all could be set up.'


Yuki watched L use the cell phones, he was working on getting Chief Yagami out of the building without being seen.

"So, Mr Yagami. You're the one driving the police van." L talked into the phone while peeking over his shoulder at Yuki. She stared back, looking nervously around the room. Trying not to make eye contact.

'He heard me? But I'm all the way back here!' She fidgeted under his gaze and looked away again. 'Looks like I've got some explaining to do..' She thought as she watched him flip from phone to phone, giving out instructions like there was no tomorrow.

'He's quite good at his job.' She nodded and stood up, walking over to the other side of the table next to Matsuda and Aizawa. It wasn't long after he had set up the escape for Soichiro that he finally arrived at the hotel suite. He came walking in, with the help of Watari, with the tapes.

"Ryuuzaki, I apologize for taking things into my own hands. I have to admit, I got a little bit carried away." Soichiro said, walking towards the group holding out a bag full of the tapes. "Here these are all of the tapes and the envelope. Everything Kira sent to the station is in here." L pulled out his hand and grabbed the bag.

"I can't thank you enough." L said, taking the envelope out to examine where it had been mailed from.

"I think I'd better rest for a minute." Watari helped Soichiro to the couch next to Yuki who was staring at the group. Aizawa had taken the tapes to the crime lab to get examined for any traces of evidence that could be found. L then made his way to the chair he always sat in and pulled out the tapes. He hesitated for a moment, peeking over his shoulder to look at Yuki.

"Miss Emmett."

"L." Yuki answered still staring at the ground, the only ones in the room being Watari and Soichiro. 'I should have done a better job at thinking my actions through. Now look where this has gotten me.' She peeked through her bangs to look at L, who had wheeled his chair around to look at her.

"It's Ryuuzaki. You knew, didn't you?" He was crouching in his chair, Soichiro looked over at Yuki probably just now noticing her.

"Knew wha-" Soichiro tried to ask before he was cut off by Yuki.

"I don't know what it is you are talking about." Yuki said a little too quickly, getting up and walking towards the door.

"I'm heading to bed." She didn't look back, walking through the door and towards the bedroom he had assigned for her. Watari followed her out to her room, locking it on the opposite side once she was in. Yuki walked to her bed, where a laptop lay and sat down next to it.

She spent that night reading the sequel to Elfen Lied, trying to get her mind off of Ukita. As it turns out, her theory was proven correct. The story revolved around her and Luna, all the way up to where they fell off the building. It had been portrayed that they had died on that day, the manga ending right there.

'So I was supposed to die that day? It never did show our bodies, I wonder if they had ever retrieved them.' The thought of dying didn't really appeal to her, in fact she was scared of the thought. If her body was gone in that world, does that mean she cannot return? From the height of the fall, Yuki's body was more than likely splattered. She thought to herself looking at the laptop. She didn't necessarily like the fact that her past events had been published for people to see.

It had gone into quite a bit of detail as well, though she didn't mind that she got to see how Luna's childhood was. If anything her's was worse, seeing as she had friends in the institution that had been terminated because of their attempted escape. Yuki felt guilty for seeing Luna's past without her direct permission. She wouldn't mind though, right?

Yuki had spent the next few days sitting in that cramped room, not wanting to confront L about how she had known about Ukita's death. She knew for sure she would have to explain to him sooner or later. She chose later, she was afraid of facing him. The thought was intimidating. Yuki heard a knock at the door, Watari entered and looked over at her.

"L would like you to come out and meet a new member of the task-force." He said, turning around and leaving shortly afterward. He probably wanted to gouge another reaction out of her.

'It's probably Light...I need to act as if I hadn't met him.' She stood up, slipping on a different tank top. She had on a black tank top and camouflage cargo pants, she made her way out of the room.

"Yes of course, then perhaps I should call myself Light Asahi?" She heard Light's voice in the other room, she opened the door and walked in there earning a glance from some of the members. Yuki lifted her right hand up and grabbed her arm, where her tattoo would have lay. Though now that she was in another body, it wasn't there anymore.

"Yes please do, to keep things simple from this point on I'll call you Light." L looked over at Yuki, "And this here is Yuki, I'm keeping her here because I believe she may be involved with Kira." Light looked over at her, for a moment he looked almost panicked. "Yuki, this is Light Yagami. He will be helping the task-force in catching Kira." She stared back at him and nodded, before responding.

"It's nice to meet you, Light."


"Yes please do, to keep things simple from this point on I'll call you Light." L looked over towards the task-force members, "And this here is Yuki, I'm keeping her here because I believe she may be involved with Kira." Light looked over at her, for a moment he panicked.

'It's her! The girl that saw me at the train station, if she says anything I'm as good as done! I knew I should have gotten rid of her when I had the chance. I don't know her name though. What am I going to do?'

"Yuki, this is Light Yagami. He will be helping the task-force in catching Kira." She stared blankly at him and nodded, before responding.

"It's nice to meet you, Light." She said and looked in the other direction, "Is that all you wanted? Because I was busy reading a manga you know." Yuki didn't seem all too concerned about what was going on.

'Doesn't she remember me? Or maybe perhaps she is in support of Kira? I could use this to my advantage if that is the case.'

"I take it she's an L supporter?" Light asked, looking over at L who gave him an odd look.

"No, I'm not on either side. I don't want to get caught up in their petty human games." She spat, walking in the other direction without even glancing back.

'What does she mean human games? She says it like she isn't human herself.'

"OK, lets get down to work. You can start by looking over all the information we've collected, I would also like you to examine these videos. They were sent to the TV station but were never aired. For security reasons, your not permitted to take notes and all materials must remain here." He explained to Light, walking over the the TV Light followed.

'So she's like Ryuk in that aspect, but she doesn't seem like she even wants to be here. From the sounds of it, she probably didn't say anything to L about what she saw at the station that night either.' Yuki was standing behind L by the window, she peeked over and nodded ever so slightly towards Light. He caught sight of that, and looked back at the TV like nothing happened.

"I understand" Light said, sitting down on the chair in front of the television. L picked up a remote and turned on the TV.

"We will begin now."


She stared out the window, the sun just now starting to set. Light was watching the television, as L had instructed him to. Why was he still allowing her to be here? He was supposed to lock her in the room, not throw her out here where she felt so exposed and uncomfortable. To have Kira AND L keeping a close eye on her, it made her feel small. Like a bug.

'Why do you talk as if you are not human?' A though popped into her head, making her flinch. She stared down into the streets, thinking.

'W-what?' She thought to herself, her eyebrows rose slightly at the sudden invading string of sentences that followed.

'You speak to everyone like you aren't human, why is that?' Yuki's head hurt as she pressed her small hands against the glass.

'Because I am not. I will never be like them, and they don't need me.' She answered it, thinking she'd gone mad. Why was this thing talking to her. 'Who are you?'

'I am you. And you are me. We both make Yuki Emmett. You did not think that you could come into my body without my permission did you?' Yuki felt dizzy, her head swam with all this extra activity.

'B-but what happened?'

'Your soul. It took over control of my body. Though I'm not sure how. That's never supposed to happen. Then again...That's just a wild guess. What else could it be?'

Okay, so either Yuki was going bat shit insane. Or she was really talking to Yuki Emmett. Not herself, but the previous owner of her body. She shook her head slowly and sighed, trying to regain her balance. She fought back, trying to get rid of the headache.

'Hey! Don't get rid of me! Stop it. I worked up so much strength just to talk to you, don't-' The voice faded as she ranted, then stopped before she could even finish her sentence. Her mind cleared and she opened her eyes to the sun. The window in front of her, larger than she remembered.

Being cooped up too much up here with L must be seriously getting to her. She shook her head in disbelief. She must have been having some sort of hallucination or something.

I figured this might help a few people who need a profile for reference.

Alias: Yuki Emmett, Yuki Togashi

Real Name: Number 08

Race: Genetically Altered Diclonius

Hair: Black, shoulder length.

Eyes: Dark Gray, almost black.

Birthday: January 1st, 1991

Height: 5ft 2in

Weight: 110 lbs

Blood Type: O

Likes: Sunflower Seeds and Beef Jerky

Dislikes: Sweet Food


Intelligence/Knowledge: 7

Creativity/Conceptualization Power: 7

Initiative/Will to act: 4

Emotional Strength/Motivation: 8

Social Skills: 1

Infiltration: 9

(For those of you who don't know. Infiltrate - [Military Term] To pass through undetected; A method of attack in which small bodies of soldiers or individual soldiers penetrate the enemy's line at weak or unguarded points. So basically she's able to get into places undetected, and is useful if needed to weaken enemies or gather information.)

There are pictures of her on my DeviantArt Page, found here.

ladykikyo8 . deviantart . com