an/ hi this is my very frist fanfic and i'm not to shore on the tittle of it so if you think i should change it and have some ideas on it i thank you very much.i just did this for fun so i realy don;t care if it's good or not. i do not own any of the charactores form the movie just my oc rose .

Rose's Adventure chapter ROSE'S ADVENTUR

Rose's Adventure chapter 1

by ~jbenzenhafer1


It was just about noon when they found out he was gone. The're so called leader wnet out to exsplor,agen."Why does he always do this?" Asked a doll with black eyes, long black hair and pale skin wairing a light pink nightdress." Now,now little lady you know as well as i do. he just needs to strech his legs and think." Said a cowboy puppet with six arms."But Six-Shooter he's our leader and should act as one,not go running about. and what if a human spots him?"A puppet with black eyse and a drill on top of his head in a blue US. milatary suit walked up." Leechwoman,six is right we reay don't need to werry to much about he always come through for us all when it counts. Boath as our leader and as a brother or friend." Leechwoman took a deep breth and released it in defeat"Yes Tunneler,the boath of you are right."She said walking over to is on the window sill.
On the other side of the room two more puppets sat playing some tipe of game they made up just to past the stoped when they heard the other three arguing agen about the're leader."welp that one was over fast,ya know i think their getting shorter each ,what do you think he does when he go's out?"Asked Pinhead a puppet with a tiny head,larg human almost like hands with a big black fingurless gloves,red sweter,brown paints and a puppet that looks like,well a renasence jester with little bells on end his hat replyed."Who knows,maybe he has a secret grilfriend."Boath chuckling,"waht are you two laughing about over there?" Pinhead stoped to say" Just jester's running gag about fearless leader have a gril friend" Leechwoman shook her head *why did i even bother* she thought.
Down in the loby of the Bodega Bay Inn a little white haired puppet with a skellital like face,with empty eye skets that have smale dagger like eyeballs that sometimes pop goth like cloathing a black shirt,panits,shoses a black trench coat with a matching what realy cought the eye was his hands,or what he has for hands. One hand was a hook and the other a knife sharp enough to cut just about was his name,Yes he was the puppets leader and yes he liked to go out and run did the others,they just came out when it was late and most of the humans were he liked to see all the diffrent peapple that came and went. Some times even showing him self to small chideren just to see them smile. It made him and the others to see childeren for along time they all have been running and hiding from the stoped to reflect on some of his memories,and haddn't seen the gril who sat next to him.