Blade paid no mind to his name being he could think about was sliceing of the man who daered to he was hit with confusion,thoughts racing in his mind*Why ,why am i thinking like this? Yes i like her,and yes i said she was my friend,but to be this protetive of her...why!Damn it all!*Blade was angrey with him self,as soon as Tommy made one little moviement,Blade attacked!Taking out all his anger and fustrations on the poor man that was dumb enugh to cross him!"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Get this thing off me!"Tommy cried out tring to stop Blade's knife from cutting into his throught,whale also tring to pry Blade's hook from his different cries where heard from the far side of the Tommy struggeled with Blade his friends Don and Bruse tried to help to be stoped by the other was more than alittle shocked,she was down right beyond it!She was so out of it that she hadn't noticed that the struggles were over.
Blade looked up at her."Oh uh,I think she may be in shock!"Jester came up to him head trulling to his worried face."Maybe we should go then?"Asked Tunneler whiping the blood from his shook his head" No,that won't help may make her worse."He then walked over jumping up on to the bed. Still Rose just sat there with no recation."Ah,ya shore ya should be-"Six-Shooter started but Leech cut in putting hand on his him"Remember Six Blade wasa Dr. when he was him handle this." They stood there and watched there snaped back to reality when she felt something cool touch her down she saw Blade taping her."B...Blade?"He nooded,"But how?""How do i exsplain.?"He sighed,he had no choice...He has to tell his master.
He hissed his orders to the other puppets whale he continued to comfort Rose as best as he had even let Jester dance around and play some pranks on his to make her feal moments later a knock came from the door."Hello?Miss Rose it's me, may i came in? I beleive we have much to discuss.""Mr.T-Yes,yes please come in."He opened the door slowly and quickly steping inside shuting the door. Once he saw the bloody mess in the room he new what had told the puppets to help clean up and to get rid of the bodies whael he and Rose . Toulan told Rose everything about the puppets and his past all up till this even told about the formula and how to make she wasn't quite shore why he told her that everything was cleaned and all questions where answered interduced all the the hole time Blade to everyone surprice sat in Rose's lap the whole time not whanting to move.
"So when I thought I saw Blade take off like a bat out of hell on my frist day here it wasn't just my imagination!,Wow!"Then it realy hit her,blushing she yelled out"Blade!,You watched me undress..TWICE!"Causing all the puppets to look at pulled his hat over his face,agen if he could blush he'd be glowing!Whale all the guys gave him the thumbs up Leechwoman was way to crossed with him for just stood there her arms crossed shaking her head muddering how men are all the same no matter 's only thought right then and there was * Why in hell did she have to yell it out loud for all of them to hear.*He looked to his master head down clinkng his hook and knife together in boath appilge and imbaresment.
Blade looked back up as a chuckiling sound came from Jester to witch Blade jumped up and begone to chase Jester around the put a stop to it he and the puppets left leaving Rose to let all the infomation she had just reseaved sink in and hopefuly get some next few days Rose went about busness as all ways made time to stop by and visit her new friends sometimes bring the puppets gifts and some dinner for Mr. sometimes they came to visit her.
Sometime later found writting a letter."I know,I know but don't all will be safe and well taken care of."He said with a got up to answer a small knok on the door."Ah,Blade there you are,I know I know I saw them them every thing will be all right you'll see."He placed Blade in the trunk with the others then hid them behind the wall by removieing a that he quickly left the room and just a door or two down slipped the letter under a door. once he returned he shut the door lucking .Toulan sat down in his chair...and pulled out a it in his mouth,he closed his eyes and pulled the !Just as to men in all black with trench coats and gurman acksence busted in!Looking around the hole room and going through everything,nothing they found the old man that had just taken his life.
Later that same day Rose returned back to her room to find the note that was slipped under her door. Opening it she read

"Dear Rose,my time is almost who wish to take my childeren and the formula are near and I can no longer fight my old age I have grown weak and so I ask of you to plase care and guid my keep them from those that wish to use them and the formula for this is my last willand testament.I leave them in your care. Thank You,And Good by My Dear Friend.

After she read it Rose sat there and cried holding the letter to her in the note was were he had hid the the poleace and everyone was done and slipped into the room and quikly took the trunk out putting the panel back in place and quikly erturning back to her the trunk she told the puppets what had happened showing them the next day Rose left The Bodega Bay Inn and went home as the new puppet did she ever think that this would happen to came to the inn to relax and had found her self in a saml adventure.

To which she and the puppets had many those are stories for another time.