"Run, just keep running", she kept telling herself, she knew if she didn't she wasn't going to make it, Sofia knew that she needed to reach the edge of Liberty Island, she had to jump into the water and hope, that what she had been training for so long, all her life would work, she had to make it to the other side, she had to help her brother survive.


The day started like any other day, the weather was bad, it was about to rain, but work had to get done, Michael had been on the phone just ten minutes ago

"It's time, she's coming. You know what to do"

That was all the communication he had had with her boss, and when she told you to do something you did it, you didn't ask why, you just made sure the work was done. All he had to do was pick up his partner on his way to the bay and then go wait with his boat right next to Liberty Island. Someone, he didn't know how, was going to arrive, and he was supposed to pick her up, and then take her to Massive Dynamic.

"Do you have everything we need?"

Joseph looked up from his phone and saw that Michael was worried.

"Don't worry, everything is in the bags. Whether she's well or hurt, we have everything we need".

Both of them were paramedics hired to pick up this girl they knew nothing about; all they knew was that they needed to go wait by Liberty Island, and then make sure that this girl made it to Massive Dynamic alive. Their boss was very adamant about that; no matter how that girl was, she had to be taken alive.

By the time they made it to the bay, the weather was getting worse. Soon it would be raining, and Michael didn't want to get stuck waiting under the rain all day and night. They didn't know how long it would take for this girl to get there, they just knew that she was coming.

Michael had been sailing boats since he was little, his father had taught him how to sail when he was 10 years old, so he knew how to handle himself in a rain, not matter how bad it got. If he had a choice, though, he wouldn't be here; but he also couldn't refuse the money that was given to him for doing this job. He needed the money, so there he was, at the edge of Liberty Island, about to wait for a girl when he didn't know when she would arrive. As if knowing that he was already where he was supposed to be, the first thunder announced that the rain was already there, too.

The rain was starting to get really bad, and they had been waiting there for almost two hours; there was still no sign of this girl. He had been told that he had to wait, until he was told otherwise. If his boss didn't call him back, they had to stay there, so there he was still waiting.

Four hours Michael and Joseph had been waiting for this girl, now. They had been expecting another boat, because how else could she arrive? There was no other way. They never imagined that the person they were supposed to pick up would literally fall from the air and into the water.

Both Michael and Joseph were inside the boat's cabin when the wind started to get bad; it was shaking the boat with a force that Michael had never seen before. Jolt of thunders kept finding their way into the water, but something was different about these. It was as if something was literally breaking through these thunders, trying to find a way out. Both of them were already out of the cabin and looking up at the sky, when they saw a girl falling out of the sky and into the water

"Oh my God!" It was all Michael was able to say.

He couldn't believe his eyes when, after another thunder hit the water, he saw this girl who they had been waiting for appear and fall into the water, completely lifeless.

"We have to get her out, get the bags I'm going in!" Joseph yelled at Michael, the wind getting louder as the rain got worse. Soon they wouldn't be able to see anything, let alone find this girl who was now on the water.

Joseph couldn't believe what he had just seen, but there was no time for that now. He had to get that girl out before it was too late. He didn't think much yelling at Michael to get everything ready, he grabbed a rubber ring and jumped into the water. He was used to saving people from the water, he had been a lifeguard for a few years now during the summer. The water was so cold, and the wind was creating waves that felt like someone was punching him, but he had to get the girl out of there. She didn't have much time, so he kept on swimming towards where he believed she had fallen.

It didn't take him much time to reach the point where she had sunk into the water, and so he dove in, if only for just a second. The first time, he didn't see much and couldn't find her. He came back up for air, and then went back into the deep water this time, determined on not coming up until he had found her.

"Where are you, buddy? Come on, you can do it," Michael kept telling himself.

From the moment Joseph jumped into the cold water, he went back into the cabin and grabbed everything they were going to need to revive this girl and make sure she made it out of this alive. He didn't understand how this was possible, how could it be possible for someone to appear from thin air? but it didn't matter now. What mattered was to make sure this girl survived.

She was just a few inches away from him. Joseph had to swim just a little bit more, and he would be able to grab her hand and pull both of them out. The water was so strong, and his lungs were burning from the lack of air. His brain and every cell of his body were telling to go up to breathe, but if he didn't grab her now, she would be lost, and there would be nothing they could do to save her. One last kick was all he needed to reach her, that was all he needed. He kicked hard, one last time, and pushing every muscle of his body, he managed to grab her hand. Once he was sure he had her, he started to make his way out of the water. Once out, he would have to swim to the boat with her.

Michael saw Joseph and the girl coming out of the deep water; he saw how his friend was struggling to keep both of them out, and it was not going to be easy for him to swim all the way back to the boat. He went back to the cabin, and after starting the engines again (luckily, they started right away) he moved across the distance between Joseph and the boat.

Once he was close enough, he came out and helped his friend, grabbing both the girl's arms and pulling her inside the boat. He then he made sure that Joseph was inside too. He had to help him, he was going into hypothermia, so he handed him a blanket before he started working on the girl.

"How is she?"

Joseph asked as he was tucking himself into another blanket. He couldn't control his shivering; he needed to regain his body warmth.

"She's not breathing? Help me get her inside the cabin, and I need you to take us back to the shore."

Once inside the cabin, while Joseph took them back, Michael opened his bags and started to work on the girl they had just pulled out of the water.

It wasn't easy for him, he was fighting against time. He had to intubate her to make sure she wouldn't die right there, and then he had to fight the hypothermia that would soon take hold of her, thanks to her wet clothes. And he had to work alone, because Joseph was taking them back to the shore. Once they got there, they would be able to work together to save this girl.

He grabbed one of the tubes he had in his bag, and without hesitation, he put it down her throat, before hooking it up to an ambu bag; he started to squeeze it, making sure air was making it to her lungs.