The warehouse was in total chaos as Tony dodged another bullet, fired from one of the suspects. He hit the ground, grunting slightly as he landed on his shoulder and he crouched behind a large crate which was probably full of drugs. He reloaded his gun and noticed he had one clip left, which wasn't going to last long. He looked around for Gibbs, Ziva and McGee, as he hadn't saw them since the shoot out began about 10 minutes ago.

He ducked once more as a bullet skimmed the top of the crate. He took a few deep breaths, calming himself and then he peered up over the top of the crate and fired 3 bullets at the suspect. When he heard a groan and a dull thud, he knew he had hit his target. He moved from behind the crate, searching for his team, with his gun at the ready. He was already wearing a bullet-proof vest but he was still catious.

Tony heard the sound of more shots being fired and he saw Ziva and McGee behind a crate firing at a suspect. He didn't see Gibbs with them and his heart dropped. A million thoughts rushed through his head. Gibbs could be hurt or even worse dead. Tony swalllowed the lump in his throat and hid behind a crate near Ziva and McGee.

"Where's Gibbs?" Tony asked.

"I don't know, I thought he was with you," Ziva replied.

"Go find him, I got your back," McGee told him.

Tony's heart race increased as Ziva's words sunk in. He had one thing on his mind now, he had to find his boss. He looked over the crates around him and checked the area was clear. He began searching for his boss. He was near the back of the warehouse when he heard a voice. He ran in that direction and what he saw made his heart stop. Gibbs was on his knees on the ground, as the suspect had him in a head lock, saying words in to his ear. His face was bruised and bloody, his silky grey hair was a mess and he seemed to be unconscious.

Tony just stared at the scene and without a second thought he pointed his gun at the man and pulled back on the trigger. The gun shot echoed in the large building, and the man stood still for a second before collapsing to the ground. Tony was instantly at his boss's side, checking him over. Tony reached down and put two fingers against Gibbs's throat, feeling for a pulse and when he felt a steady beat under his fingertips, he sighed in relief.

He held his head over Gibbs's mouth and nose listening to see if he was breathing. After establishing he wasn't, Tony hesitantly tilted Gibbs's head back, opening his airway, he pinched his nose with his thumb and index finger, opened his mouth, leaned down, sealed his lips around Gibbs's and then breathed in to him. Gibbs's cheeks puffed out and his chest rose, then Tony gave another breath.

"Come on boss! You're getting careless, and I don't want to lose you," Tony told him.

He had been here before and he was getting the same feelings. The feelings of fear, worry and panic. Tony was glad that Gibbs lips weren't cold as they had been on that dock, on the day he almost lost the man he was in love with. He continued with mouth to mouth and he didn't know how long it had been until Gibbs took in a deep breath and coughed.

After a moment Tony shook Gibbs gently and he heard his boss groan, as his eyebrows knitted together. Tony couldn't help but smile as Gibbs's eyes opened and he looked around. Tony put a hand on his boss's shoulder and looked in to his breath taking blue eyes.

"Boss? Are you okay?" Tony asked concerned.

"What do you think DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

"I... Uh-" Tony stuttered.

"Help me up off the damn floor," Gibbs ordered.

Tony nodded and helped his boss to his feet, and was glad that he had gotten there when he had. The truth was Tony was in love with Gibbs. He didn't know how he had fell in love with him, it just happened. Tony was staring at his boss as they walked down towards Ziva and McGee who had dealt with the second suspect. Gibbs just acted like none of the last 10 minutes had happened and all Tony could think was, 'once again he doesn't even thank me'. They all walked outside joining the other agents and officers.

It was now 8 hours after the shoot out and Tony was sitting at his desk, in the quietness and darkness of the bullpen. Everyone had left ages ago as it was now nearly midnight, but Tony was wide awake and angry. He was furious at Gibbs who had taken off and almost got himself killed. He was thinking what if he hadn't gotten there, what if Gibbs had been killed. He was deep in thought when Gibbs appeared in the bullpen.

"What are you doing here DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked as he sat down at his own desk.

"N-Nothing much... just finishing a case report," Tony lied.

"Well it can wait until tomorrow. Go home and get some sleep," Gibbs told him.

Tony ignored him and just stared at his paper work on his desk. He wanted to tell the man in front of him how he really felt.

"Something wrong DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

"No why would you think that?" Tony spat.

"Tony..." Gibbs said.

"You are so careless! You don't care about anyone, do you?" Tony asked, starting to get angry.

"What are you on about DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked almost shouting.

Tony couldn't stand it anymore, the anger and rage was too much and he was going to explode. He stood up and walked in to the middle of the bullpen.

"What am I on about? I'm on about you! You're so careless and ignorant! You don't care about any of us! You almost got yourself killed today and I had to get you breathing again, and I don't even get so much as a thank you! I've had to do this before when you went off on your own and almost killed someone else with you! And I didn't even get a thanks then either! For once in your life can you just think about the team, and how this affects us! But most of all how this affects me cause I'm in love you, and I fear everyday knowing you could end up dead, if your not careful! So will you stop being such an asshole Gibbs!" Tony shouted.

Gibbs stared at Tony who was red in the face, and breathing heavily. He had just confessed his feelings for his boss, and he was regretting it deeply. Without another word spoken between the two, Gibbs stood up, with a pissed look on his face and stormed out of the bullpen and in to the elevator. As the metal doors closed Tony put his face in his hands and slumped down in his chair at his desk. He was such an idiot.

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