The morning came soon, the sun shone through the curtains of Gibbs's room and on to Tony's face. Tony yawned as he slowly opened his eyes. He looked at his watch and then he saw it was 3:26 in the afternoon. He wondered where he was and then he saw Gibbs next to him, and the events of last night came to him. He remembered having a drink and then they had kissed and then Gibbs had took it further.

He couldn't believe he had slept with his boss, this meant he had definetly broke rule 12 and he had actually brought one of his dreams to reality. He saw his boss was still asleep and he had his arm around snuggled back in to Gibbs's chest and he felt Gibbs move.

When Gibbs opened his eyes he saw Tony next to him. He had a splitting head ache and then he realised something. He was naked, with a naked Tony next to him. His heart stopped and thats when he realised he had slept with his agent. Did he regret it? No he didn't.

"Morning Jethro," Tony smiled.

"Good morning," Gibbs grinned.

"Guess what day it is today!" Tony said.

"Christmas Eve," Gibbs yawned.

"Yes it is. And then tomorrow is Christmas," He grinned.

"Um... how would you like to spend Christmas with me?" Gibbs asked, sitting up.

"I'd love to," Tony smiled, as he sat up.

"Good. You want some breakfeast even though its the afternoon?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah please, but I'm gonna go get dressed first," Tony smiled.

"Okay," Gibbs smiled.

Tony leaned over to kiss him, then Gibbs got out of the bed and walked out the room. Tony sat there wide eyed as he checked out his boss's ass. He got up out of the bed and then went down stairs, towards the living room. He picked up his clothes and then got dressed.

Tony went in to the kitchen to see Gibbs now dressed and sitting at the table eating his toast. Tony joined him and then began eating his toast. After a few minutes they looked at eachother.

"Did you have fun last night?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah. I enjoyed it a lot. Did you?" Tony asked.

"Well I... Yeah I did," Gibbs smirked.

"Good, anyway I've got to go to see Ziva, McGeek, Abby, Ducky and Palmer later, to drop off their presents," Tony smiled.

"Well, I could invite them all over for Christmas tomorrow," Gibbs suggested.

"That would be great, and we could have Christmas dinner too," Tony added.

"Okay, I'll call them and tell them later," Gibbs sighed.

"Thanks Jethro. Tomorrow is gonna be the best Christmas ever!" Tony grinned.

Gibbs laughed and then he got up. He slid on his shoes and coat, then he picked up his car keys. He looked at Tony and then smiled.

"I'm gonna go get the turkey and stuff. I'll be back soon," Gibbs smiled.

"Okay bye Jethro. I'll see you later," Tony smiled.

Gibbs was walking to the front door when he heard foot steps. He turned round and Tony was in front of him, holding mistletoe above them. Gibbs wasn't going to break tradition and he kissed Tony gently, then pulled away.

"Happy now?" Gibbs chuckled.

"Yes." Tony nodded.

Gibbs kissed him once more then turned around and walked out the door. Tony sighed happily and he went in to the living room. He sat down and watched Top Gun from where it left off last night. He grabbed his beer left over from the night before and he drunk it down.

Soon Gibbs returned and Tony was asleep on the couch. He covered him with a blanket and then kissed his forehead. Gibbs then went in to the kitchen to make the phone calls. They all said they would be there and that they would have dinner all together. It was soon 9pm when Tony awoke and Gibbs's was asleep next to him, so he pulled up the blanket over them both, then closed his eyes again.

When the two awoke, it was Christmas day and they were wakened by a knock on the door. Tony dashed through to the hallway to open the door. When he opened it there stood all his friends and he invited them inside. The all sat down in the living room, and Gibbs opened some wine and handed some glasses around.

"First of all before we start, I would like to announce something. Me and Tony are dating," Gibbs smiled as he put an arm around his partner.

"It's about time Jethro," Ducky smiled.

"I'm so glad you're together at last," Abby said and hugged them both.

"Congrats guys," Palmer said and raised his glass.

"A toes to Gibbs and Tony," Ziva said.

"Ziva it's pronounced toast," McGee stated.

"Well thats what I meant. A toast to Tony and Gibbs," Ziva smiled and raised her glass.

"Merry Christmas guys," Tony smiled.

They all then opened their presents and they loved them. When it came to Tony's present for Gibbs, they all wondered what it was. When Tony handed his boss a small present, Gibbs smiled. He tore open the wrapping paper and what he saw, was an amazing present. It was a photo frame with a photo of the whole team, when they took a Christmas photo a few weeks back.

"Thank you Tony, I love it," Gibbs smiled and kissed him.

"Your welcome," Tony smiled.

Then Gibbs handed Tony his present and Tony smiled. He opened it up and what he saw brought tears to his eyes. It was a ring and on the inside it had 'Tony and Jethro' engraved in it. Tony slipped it on his finger and then kissed Gibbs.

"Thank you Jethro. I love it so much and I love you," Tony smiled.

Gibbs heard Tony saying he loved him and his heart began racing. He loved him too and he had to let him know.

"I love you too Tony," Gibbs admitted.

As they kissed again, they knew it had been the best Christmas ever and they had both got what they wanted after all.

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