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Background Knowledge: In this story, it was Peeta who was picked up by the District 13 hovercraft and Katniss who was brought to the Capitol.

*Peeta's POV*

The hovercraft doors on the floor opened and I was brought inside. I was waiting anxiously for the Capitol officials or even President Snow himself to come at me, yelling at me and ready to take me into some sort of imprisonment, or even some form of punishment. But what I got instead was something much more reassuring.

I saw the faces of Haymitch and the new Head Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee, as well as some of the tributes that were mine and Katniss' allies. Katniss! Where was she? I didn't see her at all in the room I was put into.

The claw dropped me onto the floor as soon as the hole in the floor that lead back to the area closed and everyone gathered around me, helping picking me up. I allow them to pick me up into a standing position. One person who seems to be a doctor from their clothing tries to tug my arm in a direction, probably hoping to examine me for any health issues from being in the Games, but I don't let them.

"Where's Katniss?" I yell, demanding almost that they bring her out as if they were hiding her. I'm surprised by how loud my voice is when I finally speak to the people who I call my friends. I look at them hoping to see some sort of emotion on their faces or even a smile to let me know she's here and safe with us, but all they do is stare at me with blank faces, making it hard for me to read them.

"Well? Where is she?" I demand once more. Plutarch Heavensbee walks up to me and places his hands on my shoulders as a way to brace me for what he has to say. I look at him straight in the eyes with all seriousness, feeling tears push their way through my tear-ducts, on the verge of coming out and pouring down my face. I wait and wait as I see Plutarch having trouble finding how to say what he needs to say to me.

"…Peeta I'm sorry but…We didn't come in time…" He says to me, rushed almost. That's when the tears come out and my lips tremble, my eyes go wide and I fall to my knees. No…I was supposed to protect her…The Capitol got to her first and now…I can't get to her

I raise my head up to face Plutarch and gulp before speaking again."Wh-what do you mean you didn't come in time?" I ask softly, afraid of what the answer may be. Plutarch comes to my level, kneeling on my knee and opens his mouth. "What I mean is that when we got to you, our next priority was to find Katniss, but by the time we had gotten to the spot where she had fallen, the Capitol hovercraft was seen flying away, and her body wasn't in sight anymore…"

I shoot up back to my standing stance and clench my fists together. "How? She's the Mockingjay! The one who's meant to lead this revolution and you pick me up instead of her?" I yell before kicking a nearby table, making it go back 10 feet into a door that lead to some hallway.

"Peeta…" Plutarch tries to reassure me, but all I do is run out of the room, into the hallway and find a door that leads to a bedroom. I open the door, slam it shut and fall down to the floor, crying my eyes out. Never have I ever cried like this. It was a rare thing for me to cry. Katniss, the girl who I had gave a loaf of burnt bread to when I saw her in one of her worst states…the girl who went into the Games with me twice…Katniss, the only girl I have ever loved…

I hear a knock on my door and hear Haymitch's voice come from behind it. I try and ignore it, but I find it hard after the 20th knock, progressively getting louder and more impatient.

"Peeta! Peeta open the door! We have something to tell you!" He tries to convince me. Nothing, nothing is important to me unless it has something to do with Katniss, something to make me believe she isn't in pain or in dangerous waters right now.

And as if he could read my mind, the last thing I hear from Plutarch before opening the door was, "We've hacked into the Capitol's security cameras… we've found her…we've found Katniss…"

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