Love Gone Insane

Summary: My second Dislestia fanfic. Twilight had just perfected Cupid's love arrow. However, it accidentally hits Discord…and said Draconequus falls in love with Celestia! Not related to Mark of Darkness. I also do not MLP: FiM; they all belong to Laura Faust, the Hub, and Hasbro.

Prologue: Free Once More

"Careful with it, girls," Twilight said to her friends as they set Discord's statue on the pedestal in the center of the labyrinth. Also with them are Spike the baby dragon, Princess Celestia of the Sun, and Princess Luna of the Moon.

The Wielders of the Elements of Harmony have just turned Discord back into stone and are now hiding him away within the labyrinth so that nopony will find him and free him from his petrified prison. The labyrinth is a very difficult place to figure out because of its size and puzzles (compliments of the princesses), so it sounds like the perfect hiding place.

"I just couldn't believe he broke free before just now," Luna said before turning to her sister. "If I had knowneth sooner, Big Sister, I would have helped."

"I know, Luna," Celestia said to her solemnly, "but I just couldn't risk letting you fight Discord. You remember what happened when we did the last time." The blue Alicorn looked down sadly.

"Yes…" she answered quietly. "I remember…" Rarity turned to her with concern.

"Whatever did he do to you, Your Highness?" she asked. "Did he break your wing? Damage your horn?" She then gasped with fear.

"He vandalized your beautiful crown, didn't he?" she cried with anger before sending a death glare to Discord's statue. "Ooh, if he was in breakable stone, I'd be smashing him up real good until—"

"He was the cause of me becoming Nightmare Moon," Luna answered, also glaring up at the petrified demon. "He used on me the same spell he casted on you."

"By filling yer head wit lies?" asked Applejack.

"Yes," the younger princess answered. "I can never forgiveth him for the pain he has put my sister through."

"Well, you have no need to worry now, Princess," Rainbow Dash said to her with a proud smile. "He won't be getting out of there again." And the princesses know that by there, she meant Discord's stone prison.

"Can we please leave now?" asked Fluttershy, shivering at the sight of the statue. "I don't like the way he's looking at me."

"For once, I agree with you, Fluttershy," Rainbow answered. "Let's get out of here."

"Yeah," cheered Pinkie Pie. "There's a celebration waiting for us!" With the help of Unicorn magic and Pegasus wings, Spike, the two Princesses, and the Mane Six flew out of the labyrinth and back to the castle.

However, when they were all gone, a circle of dark aura began emitting from where Discord's heart should be. Cracks then began growing from the aura all across Discord's stone body. Pieces of stone began falling off of him like eggshell fragments, revealing his living body underneath. They then began falling off of him like boulders in a rockslide. When the miniature rockslide had ceased, Discord stood on the pedestal, now living flesh and blood instead of stone. The chaotic demon then pressed his hands into his back and pushed it to crack it with a groan.

"Aww, jeez!" he growled as his spine crackled loudly. "I'm gonna be feeling that tomorrow morning." He then shook the tiny remaining pieces of stone off of his body and stood up straight on the pedestal once more.

"Man, did I have those fillies fooled," he said to himself with a sly smirk. "True, those blasted Elements have drained me of half of my powers, but that doesn't mean I can't fight Celestia. And since I wasn't turned to stone for the first time on account of those ponies foolishly replacing Rainbow Dash with that little dragon, I'm now immune to the Elements." He then turned to Castle Celestia with a dark look in his eyes.

"I'll wait a little longer, though," he added, "regain a bit of strength…hire a couple of henchmen…then attack when she least expects it." He then took off into the sky and flew off for the Everfree Forest.

Celestia, he thought with a growl. I'll be coming back for you and your little Ponies of Harmony!