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"Applejack, are you sure it's supposed to go like that?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

A massive construction site was rising up from the edge of the Everfree Forest, the blank and forbidding stone walls looking like nothing else for miles around.

Applejack looked somewhat affronted. "O' course it is, Twi, the blueprints show, uh, where did the blueprints go? Ah coulda sworn Ah-"

"I have them! I have them! Ooh, are we making changes to them?" Pinkie Pie jumped up and down, which sent the yellow hard hat atop her head bouncing.

"No, Pinkie, we can't afford any more changes at this point." A dark gray pegasus fluttered down from the upper workings, landing somewhat unsteadily on the grass near the cluster of ponies. "And Twilight is right, the tower only needs five windows on each side, not seven. The scale here is smaller."

Applejack snorted. "Can't say I approve of this, uh, wha'd you call it? Stallionist design? It's mighty depressing to look at."

Rarity and a turquoise unicorn trotted over; Rarity had another copy of the blueprints floating in front of them, indicating something.

"Stalinist," the pegasus corrected. "And I won't argue that. But it fits the theme, it's distinctive, and more importantly it's no-frills. And the one thing we don't have a lot of is time."

"We'd probably have more time," the turquoise unicorn chimed in, "if you weren't such a perfectionist, Iron Gall. We've gone through how many designs before you settled on this one? Gothic Revival? Georgian? Art Deco? Brutalist?" Here, Rarity shuddered beside her. "Whatever it is Pinkie came up with? As it is, we'll barely be able to finish on time before the students arrive."

The pegasus gave an indignant snort, but nodded. Twilight picked up her copy of the blueprints, holding it out to compare. "I think we're going to run short on office space in the west wing, since it has to house the kitchens for the cafeteria too."

"We can probably find some space in the tower," Rarity suggested. "We would have to move the administration up another floor, however..."

"Yay!" Pinkie cheered. "Are you sure we can't put it at the very, very tippy-top?"

The turquoise unicorn grimaced. "That means we'll have to climb even more stairs."

Iron Gall grinned, flapping his wings. "Not a problem for me, Glyph m'dear. How's the inhibitor coming?"

"Slow going," Glyph replied. "We've worked out the tweaks we needed to fix as far the central design goes."

"At least now that we figured out how to properly attune the crystals," Twilight added.

"But the receivers still need some more work." Here, Glyph raised her front left hoof, showing the silver ring that encompassed her ankle. A single, small gem sparkled with an inner light. "I'm not sure this design will work too well with students, it's too easy for it to fall off."

"Maybe a necklace, then," Rarity suggested. "Or a choker. Something harder to remove."

"Don't you gals think it'll be a mite silly with havin' a buncha colts and stallions roamin' around in girly jewelery?" Applejack sounded dubious.

Iron Gall shrugged. "Well, the PPC told me having a receiver system was necessary for this level of shapeshifting such and such, and, well." He stared down at his own hoof-ring. "'Girly jewelry' kind of fits the bill for this canon." He looked back up, sending a pointed, slightly pleading look at Rarity. "Maybe the designs for the guys can be a bit less... ornamented?"

The unicorn nodded. "I'll get right on it. If... you don't think you need my help with the construction." She gave one last distasteful glance at the building before walking off across the campus. "It's still so... drab."

"It's streamlined." There was an annoyed edge in Iron Gall's voice. "It'll look better when we get the tower roofs on anyway."

"Speaking of, where is Rainbow Dash?" Twilight frowned. "Her team was supposed to be working on the west roof half an hour ago."

"I'll go check." Iron Gall flapped his wings a few times, as if he was unsure they would work. "I swear, if she's kicked back on a cloud somewhere..." Then he took off, wheeling up to the scattered pegasi hovering over the unfinished wing.

Glyph shook her head as he left. "Celestia help us all if the students find out that he's a softy at heart. He's all bark and no bite. Er, does that one have a pony version?" She suddenly looked sheepish.

"All hat and no cattle?" Applejack offered. "Or maybe that's just one o' mine. Don't see why it couldn't work."

"I think that's just one of yours," Glyph said.

"Anyways," Twilight started to say, "We should get back to work. Rarity, do you want to join us back at the treehouse?"

"We could really use your help," Glyph added.

"Well, when you put it that way, I do suppose I could lend a hoof," Rarity said, with a toss of her mane. "Now that I think of it, I might have one or two ideas for those receivers we'll need. Anything to help, of course."

Applejack snorted, and stowed her copy of the blueprints away in her saddlebag. "Ah'm goin' back down to the construction site. Pinkie, ya comin'?"

"Wheeeeeeeeee!" A pink and yellow streak whizzed past her, which stopped temporarily at about the halfway mark to retreat and pick up the yellow hard hat when it very briefly became an entirely pink streak.

"Ah'm takin' that as a yeah. Ah'll see ya'll later." With that, Applejack cantered off.

The late morning mist boiling out of the forest wrapped itself around the site, shrouding the workers on the ground and dulling the sounds of construction. In the dim light, the building loomed out of the mist, its dark, blocky shape seeming strange and foreboding, almost ageless.

Giving it a last look, Glyph had to agree with her co-coordinator on one thing. It was certainly distinctive.