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Chapter 1

Going Back

After all the time has passed and everything that happened, it was now time for everything between Harry and Tom to end. In the end it was either going to be Harry or Tom, but Harry wasn't going to give up without some sort of fight. For all of the pain that Tom had caused he needed to be stopped and Harry accepted that he was the only one that could do it.

As Harry was walking down the halls from the headmaster's office he saw people in small groups crying for the loved ones that they had lost in the previous skirmish. Seeing the pain in everyone's eyes only steeled Harry's resolve to stop Tom and bring peace even if it meant his death. It was when he got to the main staircase to the front doors that he found Ron and Hermione sitting together with her sitting in his arms.

Ron, hearing the footfalls of someone coming down the stairs, turned around and saw the slight frown on Harry's face. 'Good you have finally accepted that you need to die for all of the planning to come into fruition. I take Hermione from you and help you realize that there is nothing for you in the future while sitting in the limelight and waiting for my time to become the hero. Now, go walk out there and die for us so that we can end this war and I can get everything that I ever deserved for putting up with you for all of these years.'

Harry was slightly shocked because he didn't see Ron's lips move when he heard this. 'Did I just hear what he was thinking?' Harry continued on his way and when he reached the bottom of the stairs he stopped for a second. "Hermione, I always loved you. Not as some prize to be won and flaunted in front of everyone, but as a real woman." As Harry continued on he heard a small gasp and a slight shifting but was already out the door before anyone could call him back.

He walked just inside of the forbidden forest and took the snitch out of his pocket and looked closely at the inscription 'I open at the close' and then thought 'I hope this works.' He popped it into his mouth and felt it open and something else drop into his mouth. When he took the two items out he found a small stone along with the snitch. Then, taking what he knew about the stone turned it over in his hands three times and watched at four lights appeared.

Soon after they appeared the lights started to take shape into the forms of three men and a woman. "Mom, dad, Sirius, Remus." Harry gasped as he dropped the stone to the forest floor.

Lily stepped forward and looked Harry over. "We've been waiting for a long time for you to finally be able to see us, if only for a moment."

With slight tears in his eyes he asked, "What do you mean by that?"

James stepped forward next to his wife. "Harry, you have a lot of power, enough power that there are things that you can do that others can only dream of. The only problem was that your powers were bound and that diminished many of your hidden talents. But the power of the resurrection stone overpowers the binding that stops you from seeing spirits because we have been with you ever since our spirits were released from Voldemort's wand."

"Now I know what is going on Harry", Remus stated, "But now what you need to decide is if you are ready for what you are planning to do."

"I am." Harry nodded. "But could you all stay with me until the end of whatever happens?"

When all of them nodded Harry heard someone trying to catch their breath behind them and lightly whispered, "Harry."

Harry turned around with a look of shock in his eyes to find Hermione leaning up against a tree trying to catch her breath. Not wanting her to be there at his and Tom's confrontation started jogging away from her with tears in his eyes. 'She followed me. But I don't want her to see me if I happen to fall, nor do I want her in any immediate danger.'

Harry started running only to be grabbed by the collar and thrown to the ground followed by a wand being pressed to his neck. Then he heard another body land next to him and when he looked he saw Hermione next to him with Macnair kneeling over her with his wand to her throat.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" The cold voice of Tom Riddle stated as he was laughing. "It looks like we have the half-blood Harry Potter who is about to die and his mudblood girlfriend who came to watch." The cloaked people gathered all laughed and made fun of them.

"He hasn't come to die, he came here to stop you didn't you Harry?" When Hermione got no response to her question she started to get worried. "You did come to stop him, right Harry?"

"Silly girl, he has accepted that he will never be able to defeat me and has come to try and beg for me to spare you and all the people that have helped him." Tom gloated.

"Tom, I may not be able to stop you but don't forget that no matter what there will always be someone who will step up and pick up where I left off." Harry announced with confidence.

"No you foolish boy, there won't be." He said with spite in his voice while raising his wand. "Now goodbye, Avada Kedavra."

The last thing Harry heard was Hermione yelling before everything went black and then blindingly white. When he opened his eyes he noticed that he was sitting on a bench in a place that looked like it was a replica of platform 9 ¾. He then noticed Professor Dumbledore standing there as healthy as he was before the two of them had gone to that accursed cave to get a fake necklace.

"Hello Harry."

"Professor? Where are we?" Harry had many questions but he thought that it would be best to get those two out of the way.

Dumbledore sat down next to him. "That is a matter of perspective. To most this would be known as limbo, but the way I see it is that this is the land before the next big adventure. When you fell at the hands of Tom you came here and now it is time for you to move on." Dumbledore stood up and pulled Harry up with him and started to pull him to the train that had just pulled up.


Dumbledore put himself between Harry and the man that had just appeared. "Harry you need to hurry and get on the train."

"CONGELASCO." Harry heard as he turned to leave only to find that he couldn't move.

"Professor, I can't move."

"Finite." Dumbledore casted as he pointed his wand at Harry only for it not to do anything.

The man laughed and moved next to Harry. "Did you really think that would work Dumbledore? You can't undo true magic with your pitiful spells. Now you can get on the train while Harry and I have a discussion about his true options." All of a sudden there was a wave of magic that threw Dumbledore onto the train and shut the door.

The man turned back to Harry and pointed his hand at him and said, "Liberi."

Harry felt whatever magic was holding him release. "Who are you and how did you do magic without a wand?"

"Sorry, with everything that was going on I forgot, my name is Nicolaus but you can call me Nick. My job is what some would call the ferryman and my job is to help people move on to their next step on their journey."

"So you are the person that decides if someone goes to heaven or hell? If that is who you are then where am I going?"

"You, Harry, are a special case. The people who truly hand down the judgments have decided that you deserve a choice."

"A choice?"

"Yes they have decided that you are to have three choices. You could decide to move on from here into the afterlife, go back and live your life from the moment you come back, or you could go back in time and fix your past and try and change your future." Nick explained.

"Is there any way that I could know what my choices could bring to my future?"

Nick shook his head. "Unfortunately Harry your future is not set in stone, but no matter what you will not be able to be with Hermione Granger if you go back. People or events will always get in your way and you won't be able to be happy with her." He then chuckled. "You know you may have been in Gryffindor house, but you are thinking more like a Ravenclaw asking a question like that."

"What if I went into the afterlife, what would happen to my friends?" Harry asked worriedly. He was scared that maybe Tom would win the war and all of his friends would be killed. Nick waved his hand and a bunch of folders appeared next to him. He grabbed the first one and started telling Harry what would become of his friends.

"Well, to start out, your friend Neville Longbottom took up your reigns as hero after you were brought out of the forest in the arms of your lover and defeated Tom Riddle. He then went on to take over the position of herbology professor from Professor Sprout. Then he went on to marry Susan Bones and together they help bring down the Weasley family for having an illegal marriage contract between you and Ginerva Weasley."

"What do you mean by illegal contract?"

"Well let's take a look shall we." Nick grabbed the next folder and opened it. "Ginerva Weasley took the illegal contract and put into the action the clause that stated that if you were to die before the wedding all of the money would go to her. But after some investigation by Susan Longbottom it was found that Ginerva was two months pregnant with Dean Thomas' child. When Luna found out about this Ginerva attacked her and tortured her into insanity but was never caught because there was nothing to tie her to the crime."

"Who signed the contract?"

Nick pulled out a long roll of parchment and unrolled it to look at the bottom. He then frowned and pulled a sheet of parchment out of another folder and quickly scanned it. "It says it was signed by Albus Dumbledore and Molly Weasley, but our records show that there was never a marriage between Molly Prewitt and Arthur Weasley."

Harry frowned at that information, the people that he had called his family weren't even a family themselves. "What about the rest of the Weasleys?"

Nick grabbed a little thicker folder and opened it. "Fred Weasley dies in the final battle protecting his twin brother while George goes on to marry Angelina Johnson and have three children. William and Fleur go on to have two children and became famous as Gringotts' curse breakers. Percy goes on to marry Penelope Clearwater but later gets a divorce because she can't handle him always working. Finally, Charlie marries a reserve assistant named Katie Lesfy but ends up not being able to have any kids due to a burn that he sustains during a dragon mating season."

"And Ron?" Harry asked with some scorn in his voice.

Nick sighed and pulled out a larger folder and started reading the report. "Ron, after the war, lets the popularity go to his head and uses his popularity to go into the auror program but later gets kicked out because he complains about how rigorous the training is and he starts off being stuck at a desk. He does go on to marry Hermione Granger but divorces after a year when he gets caught in bed with both Lavender Brown and Romilda Vane."

Harry laughed at the memory of the case of the love potion filled chocolates. "What happens to Hermione?"

"Are you sure you want to know?" When he got a nod from Harry he pulled out a large folder and when a table and chairs appeared in front of them they sat down and Nick spread out the papers in the folder. "Hermione Granger, after the war, fell into a time of depression which then led her to marry Ron only to get Molly off of her case. Then, after the divorce, the ministry came and snapped her wand and forced her to leave the magical community. This meant that she could no longer perform magic or hold a magical professor's license so that she could teach. Everyone except Ron, Ginerva, and Molly kept in contact with her and she started getting better and started dating again. But then when one of her dates called her 'broken goods' because she would not sleep with him she decided to end her life and threw herself into the pond where you found the sword of Gryffindor in the middle of winter."

Harry looked down at his hands to find that they had grabbed his pants and they were covered in tears. "So, does that mean that if I choose to go to heaven I will be able to be with Hermione?"

"Sadly no." Nick replied. "Her death was ruled a suicide and that is seen as a sin and even when I asked on her behalf they still denied her entrance into heaven."

"Then I guess that my only choice is to go back in time to change my past and save Hermione and the rest of the world from the likes of Tom and the manipulation of Dumbledore and the rest like him." Harry stated making his choice.

"Well then you…" One of the phones nearby started ringing and Nick jogged over to answer it. "Yes sir? ... Yes sir, I have them but are you sure that you want him to have them? … Alright sir I will give them to him." Nick hung up the phone and sat back down at the table and fished a small box out of his pocket and put it in front of Harry.

Harry opened the box to find a pair of stud earrings with one side of being a ruby and the other being a sapphire. "Our birthstones…. cute." Harry stated with a slight snicker.

"Don't ask." Nick replied curtly. "I had no choice in what stones were placed. Maybe that means that they were meant for you to have them. Did you ever think of that? That maybe it was your destiny to go back in time to correct your mistakes and fall in love with the love of your life."

Harry just stared at him like he was crazy and returned his gaze to the earrings in his hand. "How am I supposed to put these in because I never pierced my ears?"

"Well, those are a magic item that can never be taken off until they destroy themselves. So just hold them up to your ear and they should attach themselves." Nick answered.

Harry did as he was told and felt a sharp pain as the rods went into his ear and the latch connected to the rod to make them look like regular earrings. Harry went over to table and looked into the reflected surface and checked on how they looked at him. "Well, it is odd but they don't look to bad but no one is really going to see them." Harry muttered to himself.

When Harry looked up he saw Nick just stood there and watched him. "Well now that is done I guess that it is time to get down to the paperwork." Nick sighed while pulling out a small folder out of the stack on the table. He took a seat and started pulling out some papers and laying them down in front of the seat that was supposed to be Harry's. "These are just your everyday papers saying that I have told you all you need to know and that you agree to all of the terms and conditions laid out for you."

"But I still have a question. When am I getting sent back to?" Harry quarried.

"You are going to be sent back to the time when your life truly changed."

Harry became even more confused because there were so many different events in his past to choose from. Harry then noticed that his clothes started to become too large for him and as he was signing the last paper the sleeves of his jacket were getting in the way, which made it harder for him to write.

When Harry finished signing the last paper Nick quickly swiped them up from the table and put them back into the folder he got them from. "Now Harry, if you ever need any help I will try to come and help you. Just remember that you need to be wary of your surroundings and never let your guard down."

Harry lightly smirked. "Constant vigilance huh."

Nick laughed. "Yeah that's right. Now we must get you on your way now. Who knows when the next dead soul will come for guidance on their path?" Nick started ushering Harry towards the pillar that was the gateway to the muggle side of platform 9¾. "Now once you step through the archway you will be sent back to your past."

Harry turned to him and stuck out his hand. "Thanks Nick."

Nick looked down at the offered hand and then took it and gave Harry a handshake. "No problem Harry, now go back and live the future how you want."

Harry turned and started stepping through the barrier when there was a blindingly bright flash of light. Harry turned to see who came so soon after him but it was too late and the barrier sucked him in and then there was darkness and then a sudden BOOM!

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