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Chapter 11

A bank meeting

Hermione raised her hands to her mouth and gasped. "Harry we have to stop him, if we can catch up to him we have to erase his memories."

Harry ran out of the room to go find Ron but he couldn't see him. "Damn he must know this castle a lot more then he originally let on." Harry and Hermione ran through the castle using as many of the shortcuts as they could and when they got to the headmasters office they found that Ron wasn't there.

"Damn, where could he be?" Harry snapped. He was looking around with his eyes peeled when he saw Professor McGonagall passing by. "Professor McGonagall, do you know where Professor Dumbledore is?"

"I just saw him heading outside. He said that he was going down to the village for a while to go get a drink." She replied.

Harry looked at Hermione and saw the horror in her eyes. "Thank you Professor." Harry led Hermione away and once they were a ways away Harry stopped and leaned against the wall. "I can't believe that we didn't think that Dumbledore might not be in his office. Now he will definitely know."

Together Harry and Hermione went to the library, the only place where Ron would not follow them no matter what. Hermione went to the section of the library where books on politics were kept while Harry went to go find books on Ancient Latin incantations. Then they went to a table in the very back where only Madame Pince went because there were only books that students weren't interested in.

For hours Harry and Hermione poured over the texts and took small notes of important details that they would need if there was any trouble. Hermione found that Dumbledore had found that Dumbledore had actually overstepped his bounds when he transferred Ronald from the house he was in. It turns out that once someone was sorted it was up to them to make their place in their house.

Soon Susan, Daphne, and Violet came and sat down at their table and Susan handed Harry and small piece of paper. When Harry looked at the paper he found one sentence 'he is at the MOM' he pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a sigh. "That's just perfect."

"What's wrong Harry?" Hermione asked.

"Dumbledore has gone to the Ministry of Magic, now we can't put our plan into action."

"What about the Goblins? What are they going to do if they are caught there?" Hermione questioned.

"Don't worry about that." Harry said while taking a slip of paper out of his pocket and putting his wand to one of the circles. "I have just let them know to retreat and wait for further instruction. This means that I'll be getting a message from them saying that I am to report to Gringotts right away and there should be nothing any of the teachers can do."

"You're right there." Daphne stated. "The reason behind that is that you are the last of your line and any money issues need to be handled by you."

"Does that mean that he is going to be getting out of school for a while? Lucky." Violet complained.

Susan put a hand on her shoulder. "It's the law and there is nothing we can do about it."

"But isn't it just a hoax to have a meeting about some plan that you are trying to put into motion?"

"Yes." Harry confirmed. "But let me explain something. For the last ten years I have been lied to by my Uncle by him telling me that my parents were good-for-nothings that died in a car crash and then left on a doorstep and then lived in a cupboard under a flight of stairs wearing hand-me-downs that would fit a baby whale. And then I find out that my parents were heroes and that my money was being siphoned out of my accounts and into others."

Everyone gasped except Hermione who just frowned. "What about your parent's will?" Daphne asked.

"Dumbledore put a seal on it and that is the second reason we are doing this. To get my parents' will released and examined and also to put a stop to the crimes that have been going on these last nine years." Harry explained. "I think that the reason he put the seal on it is because he is broke and if he can have unlimited access to my accounts he can actually pay for what he needs for the 'greater good'."

Everyone had a pondering look on their faces like they were thinking of what he said and looking at it at all angles. Soon Madame Pince came up to their table and handed Harry a letter and when he read it he got up from the table and collected his things and when Hermione got up as well Harry shook his head. "I have to go." Harry stated.

Harry left and everyone watched him leave and when he was gone from sight the rest of the girls turned to Hermione and scrutinized her. "Okay Hermione you must know something." Daphne said.

"All I know is when I first met Harry he was being led around by Hagrid, he was still wearing baby whale sized clothes, and he was wearing glasses that had the nose piece broken and held together with tape." Hermione explained.

"Wait", Violet interrupted, "did you say that he was with Hagrid?" When Hermione nodded Violet grumbled. "When I went to go get my things Professor McGonagall went with me and she explained that she went with all muggleborn's on their first trip because Dumbledore is always too busy to help out."

"To busy or just passing off all the work to his subordinates." Hermione told them.

"What do you mean by that?" Susan asked. "It seems like you are assuming that Dumbledore is shirking his responsibilities. Why do you think that he is doing that?"


After Harry left the library he went to Professor McGonagall to ask to leave but what he didn't expect was Dumbledore sitting in her office. Professor McGonagall looked past Dumbledore when Harry had opened the door. "Yes Harry, can I help you with something."

Harry was in a state of confusion. How is he here? From what the letter from Susan's aunt said he was at the ministry. "Yes Professor, I got a letter from Gringotts and I would like to use your floo so that I can get there quicker."

"I'm sorry Harry but I can't allow you to do that." Dumbledore said.

"And why can't I?" Harry asked.

"Because as headmaster I cannot let you leave the school when you still have classes."

"No professor, you can't stop me because there is a rule that if there is an emergency that I can leave the school with an official notice. And also my classes are done for the day and I could easily have gone to Hogsmead and down to the Hog's head and gotten to Gringotts from there."

"And what rule is there that says that you can do this?"

"In the school charter, rule number 24 states; If a student gets an official notice to attend an important meeting. They may leave the school as long as they tell their head of house and either the headmaster/mistress or deputy headmaster/mistress."

Dumbledore stood there flabbergasted, knowing there was nothing he could do and then he realized his mistake of his choice of making a head of house his deputy. Especially one like her with such an independent streak and such a stickler for the rules and not willing to bend for any reason.

"Mr. Potter, the floo powder is in the decorative box on the mantle take it and go, the headmaster and I have to have a little chat." She said with an evil glint in her eyes.

Harry took that as his sign to get clear before hexes started flying, so he grabbed the floo powder and flooed to Gringotts and right when he stepped out of the fireplace he was met by Goldclaw. "May our gold flow freely…"

"Not now Mr. Potter, we have a dire emergency on our hands." He said with an extreme concern on his face. They both started running and finally came to Goldclaw's office and went straight through the door to see Ragnock and two of his warriors waiting for them.

"Mr. Potter, why have you decided that you had to cancel the operation?" Ragnock asked.

"I don't know how but I got a message from my contact within the ministry and they said that Dumbledore was at the ministry. Then when I went to go to my head of house to get permission to leave he was sitting in her office having a meeting with her." Harry explained.

Ragnock gasped. "How could he be in two places at once?"

Harry thought for a second. "There is only one way that I know of and that would be that he has a time turner, but that should be impossible seeing as they are closely regulated by the Ministry of Magic."

"But he has been known to do anything he wants." Goldclaw stated. "So what are we going to do now my king?" He asked Ragnock who was shaking his head.

They stood in silence for a while before Harry came up with a solution. "If it is true that any time turners that exist are supposed to be registered with the ministry, if he is using one he is already committing a felony and can be arrested. If we can prove that he has one without the ministry's consent then he is in so much trouble."

"But how are you going to check to see?" Ragnock questioned.

"I have my sources. Madame Bones, who is the director of the magical law enforcement office, is the aunt of one of my friends and she is helping me with all of my legal troubles. She also really dislikes how Dumbledore has been doing things and she has been helping me take care of him." Harry said while walking to the door. "I am going to the mail office to go send an owl to her. I'll be back in a few minutes." Harry ran out of the bank and headed towards the owl post office and sent off a quick message to Director Bones and ran back to the bank. "Alright I sent the message. I should be hearing back from her in a while."

After they went through all the files dealing with Dumbledore and his potential crimes Harry and the goblins set a date for the following weekend for the official reading of his parents wills. Harry asked the goblins to go to each of the other recipients in person and ask them to come so that they didn't run the risk of an owl being redirected. They then decided that the goblins would send Harry a letter that stated that the reading would be the next weekend to trap Dumbledore.

When the letter came from Susan's aunt he smiled and showed the goblins the note and they both smiled as well which caused Harry to shiver. They finished any last minute business and Harry excused himself from the their office with an accordion file folder under his arm. He headed back to Hogwarts so that he could talk to all of his friends before curfew. When he arrived at the gates to Hogwarts he was met by Hermione who gave him a hug and welcomed him back. "How did it go?" She asked taking the file from him so that he could put his arm around her.

"It was okay. We set everything up so that Dumbledore falls into a trap. It also turns out that Dumbledore has himself a time turner, remember when I left?" She nodded. "Well when I went to McGonagall's office he was sitting there having a meeting with her and tried to stop me from going to Gringotts.

"But he couldn't you are the head of your house and anything the bank needs to talk to you about you are required to attend. You looked it up and made sure that it was still there." Hermione frightfully stated.

Harry smirked. "Yeah and when I shoved it into his face he looked so shocked that he looked like everything he thought he knew was false." Harry looked up to see some people coming and pulled Hermione into a nearby classroom.

"Now, now Mr. Potter I will not be having any of that." Hermione stated. When Harry tried to talk but no words came out she just started laughing. "I'm just joking."

"That's not funny, remember we are not the eleven years old kids that we look like, we are actually grown ups that have been sent back in time to correct our wrongs." Harry sharply stated.

Hermione leaned into him. "I remember I just wanted to have a little fun but I guess that it wasn't the right time."

Harry put his arms around her held her to reassure her that everything was alright. "No, I should be sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you. But getting back to what we were talking about, Dumbledore has been doing a lot of things illegally but that is all going to end soon." He whispered into her ear.

"How?" She asked.

"Well, I have a meeting with Director Bones, Mr. Greengrass, and Mrs. Longbottom tomorrow because I found something out at the bank that is very interesting and that will turn Draco's world on its head."


In the Headmaster's office Dumbledore was having a mental meltdown. But that could very well when you have a very angry Scottish woman yelling at you for two hours about your responsibilities and how you were treating one of her students. What she didn't realize was that this was all for the greater good. But what he wasn't to comfortable with was Mr. Potter's knowledge of such out of the way charters of the school that you actually had to look at the official document to know what it said.

Dumbledore thought for a moment, unless, could it be that he is actually studying hard to be the best in school? No, he couldn't have that, a smart Harry would be looking at every challenge logically and thinking about which way would be the best to go about things. That is why he wanted young Ronald around Harry, he needed someone lazy around him to draw him down so that when the time came he would look to the only one Voldemort was afraid of to train him. And when Harry did he would turn Harry into the perfect weapon.

This is all that Granger girl's fault. "Now what can I do to stop her from interfering." He thought out loud. "I can't directly make her leave the school, she is the top of her class." He looked at the list of the incoming first years to see if any are from her area and then he saw a name that almost made him. wet his pants in excitement. Now I just need to make the threat. He thought with a maniacal laugh. And just to make sure I'll just talk to Professor Snape and tell him to make her life a living hell in potions.

He walked over to his fireplace and threw some floo powder inside. "Professor Snape can I talk to you for a second?" He then walked away to let the man through because he knew that whenever he called Severus would immediately come through. When Snape came through Dumbledore took one look at him and gasped. "Severus, what happened to you?"

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