E/O Challenge: curl/storm

A/N: I'm officially back to drabbles, after finishing my long piece, Blinded by the Light. Read it! Hope you like broken Sam! If I missed any birthdays over the past few weeks, happiest of birthdays ! Hope they were filled with awesomeness! And cake…

A/N: A late thanks to all those who wrote drabbles for my birthday! They were awesome! :)

SPOILER: Season 7 is fair game, specifically the episode with Sam having vivid hallucinations (forgive me…I forget the name – ep 2 or 3, I think).

Dean found him in the panic room. He was curled up in the corner, shaking and crying. In his left hand was a .45 pistol, which was a signal for Dean to approach with caution.
"Get the hell away!" Sam shouted, pulling himself tighter into the corner. "Just stay away from me! I won't go back with you!"
Dean squatted next to his brother.
"Sam, it's me—it's Dean. It's just me and you in here, dude. No Lucifer."
Sam pushed his brother away.
"Get away! I won't go!"
The storm was just beginning, and Dean was powerless to stop it.