Hehe Never thought I would write one of these, Most of the characters are my friends but I changed their names obviously.

Marceline never thought it would be like this, Hawaii, Sandy beaches filled to the brim with tourists and the natives, who by the way were so hot it was unbelievable.

Looking around nervously and impaitently she hopped from one foot to the other, and frowned "Their late" she looked around again and frowned harder "Always fucking late"?"

Hopping from one foot to the other, searching and frowning as a figure began forming, quickly, until a girl stopped in front of her "Your late" Marceline shouted looking at the girl, "Sorry" the girl smiled and looked around "Are we the only ones?"

She asked the smile still plastered on her face, the girl then began to talk about random stuff, going on and on, Marceline rested her head on her hands and began to hum.

The girl continued to ramble about stuff and it was giving Marceline a headache, soon she could no longer take it, "Hazel, Shut up!"The girl looked up her eyes wide in shock, she nodded and stood quietly against the wall.

A few moments later two more figures appeared, two girls, twins, made their way towards them, their voices could be heard from miles away, "Hey, sis look these two are already here." The blonde twin, Faith said, "Bummer" the black haired twin said in reply.

Marceline looked at the two and frowned "Your late" again she said looking to see if anyone was coming, when she saw no-one she frowned, the two girls stared at her for a while before flipping her off and stalked to sit on the smaller wall on-looking the beach.

'Typical' Marceline thought, ' The time when we in a beautiful place with a beautiful beach and we had to be on a school trip, Hurray for fucking school'.

The four walked up the pier and saw a small shop, intrigued they walked in and who happened to be there but all the boys and Eva, the boys saw the girls and one a chinese boy, waved and walked over "Alright?" He asked, Marceline frowned for the umpteenth time that day and answered "No we've been waiting for ages and you decide to go shopping huh? Well mate I'll let you into a little secret you are going to fucking die if you stay here so get out there and be a fucking man!"

By the end Marceline had, had enough and just wanted to go back to the hotel, The boy nodded and scrambled out of the shop as fast as he could. The others saw the event and followed suit.

As they walked out a girl dressed in all black looked at them through bored and dead grey eyes, no emotion showed on her pale face as she stood by the wall their teacher was next to her marking one of her books.

Looking up the teacher began to take the names of those present "Xu-Chan?" The chinese boy looked up at his name and called "Yep" "Alex, Ken?" Two of the other boys looked up and nodded, "Patrick, Donald, Eva, Marceline, Hazel, Faith and Hope?" again they all nodded, "And finally Midnight?" The girl whose grey eyes bore into everyone when they answered nodded.

"Well then everyone is here so shall we go?" Everyone agin nodded and followed their teacher to do schooly stuff, much to their dislike.

Yay first chapter, here is the list of my friends and who they represent.

Nicole - Marceline

Willis - Xu-Chan

Tom - Alex

Caleb - Ken

Dan S - Patrick

Dan D - Ronald

Hannah - Eva

Tina - Hazel

Poppy - Hope

Jessie - Faith

Me (Hannah) - Midnight

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