I was having a normal happy day. Until I had to come home. WHY? Well I was going home, I heard screaming I ran as fast as I could but the screaming wasn't for fright it was screaming of joy. I can never remember one day I was screaming of joy. Then I saw where the screaming came from; a little pretty girl was playing with her mom. I couldn't help myself before I knew it I was crying. Why couldn't I have a mom like that? Well I didn't want to go back home I was having an awesome time at Carly's I had a birthday party. It was all awesome but my mom never showed up I bet she forgot. I sometimes don't get why she still keep me. Then I knew she did not want to deal with who my future parents are and stuff like that. Well whatever, then I saw it I saw Freddie. He was staring at me and I remember I was still crying. I quickly turn around I felt like this heat come all over my body when I saw Freddie I got all nervous. I wanted to be with him so badly but I just couldn't. All I think of right now is why did I get so nervous? But whatever I had to go home. It was getting really late. There was a tapping on my shoulder and oh no Freddie! But instead of running away I stayed there looking in his eyes. My heart was jumping up and down! "Sam" all I could say was "yes" I wanted to say more but my body didn't want to. "Are you crying" I again forgot that I was crying. Of course all my mouth said was "yes" but this time in a low timid voice. He gently hugged me, I didn't want to let go. "It's getting late I think you should go home before your mom get freaked out" I blurted out. "She went to a month vacation to take care of homeless children….and you aren't you going home?" "no I don't really want to go back" "well can you tell me why were you crying" "why do you care" "just asking" "well I just saw a girl playing with her mom I can't remember one I was having fun with my mom maybe I never did okay, you can tell everyone I don't care" "I wasn't really planning to tell anyone" "well now you know" "you can come home with me " my heart was jumping again my mouth said it "sure". Well when we got to his house he was telling me that I can sleep in his bed and I was like no and at the end we both got the bed. Well we were talking about how the world will be if we had normal moms. Out of nowhere I was crying again. I quickly got up not wanting Freddie seeing me well he got up and hugged me I stopped we were still hugging but our heads were just inches away our faces got closer and closer and I just garbed him because it got so slow we were making out for like 2 min. straight not stopping! I remember doing the same when we had our second kiss in the back of our school. But this time we started of hugging. Yep I can't believe we actually broke up. I mean yeah we have different lives but we can work it out. But my phone was ringing no it was Freddie's I could hear what they were saying sort of all I remember was hearing a police saying somebody died in an airplane crash, and him looking so shocked and scared.