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Note:I have read something like this before, but I like the idea of it. Beside I like dragons and stuff like that.

Couple: Toshiro Hitsugaya x Sakura Kinomoto
Summery: I am the princess of a far away kingdom, I am chosen for the sacrifice. But will he, the Dragon Prince really kill me?

Written by: Marik's Girl


As young girls, we know that at least one of us will be sacrificed to the great dragon. It is something we are told, as soon as we are able to understand words. I am one of such girls. My name is Sakura, I am the princess of my kingdom. My life changed when I turn ten, I was finally told that I would be the next chosen sacrifice for the great dragon...


"She has been chosen." Shouted the small priest. Everyone in the village stood around him, mothers hugging there daughters close to then. Fearing that there daughter would be the chosen. They waited as the priest spoke again. "Princess Sakura has been chosen as the sacrifice!" some women sighed in relief that this 100th year was not their daughter, while others gave off a worried look on their face. King Fujitaka gripped his ten-year-old daughter's shoulder. First it was his wife, that died many moons ago - and now his daughter was to be sacrificed? He frowned. The young princess looked up at her father and saw the frown and worry on his face. ' Am I going to die? ' she thought with worry. Her seventeen-year-old brother made a fist at his side, he was shaking. Why did the great dragon have to chose his little sister? Of all the girl here, why? He knew that he had no say in the matter. The only reason why they even had a sacrifice was for the safety of there kingdom and village. But he damned those dragons. Sakura was his only sister and after his mother had died, she was the only female in their house hold. Now they were taking her away from him too!

He maybe almost a man, but he wanted to cry his heart out.

"The great dragon will come tomorrow, at sun set." The priest stood in front of the royal family. "I am sorry your highness." he said with a pain look on his face. Sakura is a very loved child by her family and her kingdom and he thought of the young princess as his own child that he would never have. "But you know, I cannot change fate." Her father gave a sad nod, he then looked at his daughter and took his hand off her small shoulder. He knelled in front of his youngest child and hugged her. "I'm sorry Sakura, that I could not protect you from this." she hugged her father back. "Don't worry for me father." She said, Fujitaka only tighten his hold on his daughter. He finally let her go and then her big brother stood in front of her. When his father stood up, he knelled down and hugged his little sister. She gave a surprise gasp and blinked at him, but then she smiled at him after a moment and moved her small arms around him, as best as she could. He also liked to tease her - but this was the first time he had acted in such a way. She was glad to find out a new side to him. "Toya, you have to let her go." said the priest. "I know" Toya said in barley above a whisper. He then let go of his sister and stood up.

"Come child." Sakura moved away from her brother and took the hand of the man before her. Her brother and father watched as the priest took her away from them, to get her ready for the sacrifice.

End Prologue

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