My first one-shot, I am having a bit of writers block for my other story, so this was just a stress reliever. Hope you like it, I think it's just cute :P

Disclaimer: If I did own Danny Phantom, Kempler wouldn't be so lonely :(

"WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND?" Kempler whined at me; Danny Phantom, in an inconvenient predicament, I am currently encased in a block of ice. With a blast of ecto-energy, I suddenly escaped from the icy prison and reached for the Fenton Thermos. But it was missing.

"Darn it, good going Fenton, you left it at home!" I jumped into the air and flew at top speed towards the Fenton household, and the Fenton Portal, Kempler still in my wake; arms spread. In a way, I kind of felt bad the Jammie clad ghost, he never really caused any trouble, he just wanted a true friend. With a sharp turn, I circled back around to where Kempler was now floating, and slightly confused. Taking a deep breath I spread my arms out. I hesitantly opened my mouth and said the words Kempler had been longing to hear. "I'll be your friend Kempler." Kempler was overjoyed and I felt him hugging me just moments after the words left my mouth, squeezing me as hard as ghostly possible.

"A friend!" Kempler kept repeating, "My first friend." Kempler stayed like that, his arms squeezing the life out of me, (pun intended) suspended in mid-air, with me at the receiving end of a bone crushing hug. I knew that this was only the first of many hugs that were sure to come, a small sacrifice to make, so he could be happy. I had never been more thankful that when in ghost mode, I didn't need to breath.


There we go, all done, I could possibly do a short little sequel if you want me too, but only if someone requests it.