"Jay! Jay, c'mon!"

Little six-year-old Kendall Knight bounded down the street of his Minnesota hometown, swerving as he ran to avoid all of the other children that were out trick-or-treating as well. In one hand he held his pumpkin candy basket, in the other, the hand of his best friend, James Diamond.

"Kendall, sweetie, slow down!" Jen, Kendall's mother, called to her hyper child as he dragged James down the sidewalk, the mane on his lion costume bobbing in his face, Jen fearing that Kendall's vision was being impaired by the immense amount of costume hair in his face. Kendall was a wild one as it was, and Jen didn't need him getting into trouble or hurt because he couldn't see through his costume.

"But mom!" Kendall protested, stopping and turning to face his flustered mother. His bottom lip jutted out in a pout, his hand still intertwined with James's. Jen had to admit her son and his friend looked absolutely precious, Kendall clad in a lion costume and James in a tiger costume, their furry little costume paws wrapped around the other's. "Me and Jay still gotta get more candies!"

"Yeah Momma K!" James chirped, holding up his own pumpkin basket to show Kendall's mother that there was not nearly enough candy inside it. "We gotsta get more!"

Jen laughed lightly, finally catching the two little boys. She crouched down in front of her son, adjusting the hooded mane on his little blond head, tugging it back so he could see. "There," she said, patting him on the head. She then moved to James, licking her thumb and putting it to his face, cleaning off where he had smeared the eyeliner she put on his face to draw in a black nose and whiskers. "Ew, yuck, Momma K! That's gross!"

"Sorry, sorry!" She laughed, patting James's brunette head, fixing the orange and black ears atop it as she did so. "Now you two can go again. But stay close, and no running, okay?"

"Yes, Mom," Kendall said quickly as he turned and darted down the street again, tugging James along with him. Jen sighed and shook her head, smiling fondly at her son.

"Jay! Look at all that Schnikers I got!" Kendall chirped happily, grabbing all of the candy bars he's piled up into his hands, showing them off to his best friend. James stuck his tongue out at him, the muscle colored green from the Ring Pop he was sucking on.

"I gots more Twixes than you did," James countered, grinning when Kendall pouted.

"Gimme some!" Kendall ordered, reaching out to grab at the hoard of candy James had.

"No!" James squeaked, rushing to gather his candy before Kendall could snatch it away. "You have your own!"

Kendall pouted, the expression paired with his lion costume making James giggle. "Don't laugh!"

James kept giggling, the little brunette completely oblivious to the fact that Kendall was snatching up a lollipop from the ground, an angry expression on his face. James only stopped giggling when the lollipop hit him square in the forehead.

His giggles stopped, eyes widening as his bottom lip began to tremble. Tears began to spill down his cheeks, his hand coming up to rub the spot where the lollipop had hit.

Kendall's own eyes widened as he realized just that he'd done. "Jay? Jay I'm sorry!"

"I hate you!" James cried, turning away from the little blond.

"No, no!" Kendall pleaded, his own tears beginning to fall. He scrambled over to James, wrapping his small arms around the little brunette's shaking body. "I'm sorry," Kendall murmured, hugging James closer when he tried to push away.

"W-why did y-you do t-that, Kay?" James sniffed, wet eyes glancing up at Kendall.

"'Cause you were laughin' at me," Kendall said quietly. He could see the red mark on James's forehead. He reached up to touch it with his stubby fingers, James cringing a little. "Ouchie?"

"A little."

Kendall frowned, brushing his fingers against the red spot again. An idea suddenly occurred to him as his fingers brushed along James's forehead. Kendall leaned forward, pressing his lips sloppily on James's forehead, right over the red spot.

"What was that f-for?" James asked, sniffles quieting.

"My mom always kisses my booboos when I get 'em," Kendall explained. "And you gots a booboo. So I kissed it." Kendall shrugged his little shoulders, James giving a small smile.

"Thanks," James said, leaning in to give Kendall his own kiss on the blonde's cheek. Before Kendall could question, James simply said "My momma gives me kisses like that when I do nice things," James smiled, "and that was a nice thing."

Kendall smiled back at James, his green eyes bright. "You're my best friend, Jay," he chirped.

"You're my best friend, Kay," James promised. "Forever 'n ever."

"Forever 'n ever," Kendall agreed. "Oh James! I got an idea!"

James perked up at that - Kendall always had the best ideas. "What is it?"

Kendall scooted away from James, pushing his pile of candy into James's. "We put all our candies together and then we just eat it all!"

"Yes!" James squeaked in agreement, diving into the large pile over candy, and pulling out a handful in his fist. "I bet I can eat more than you!"

"Nuh-uh!" Kendall protested, grabbing his own handful of candy.

Kendall and James locked eyes, sending the other a look before ripping open their first pieces of candy, shoving them in their mouths and giggling at just how silly the other looks.

And when Brooke and Jen come into Kendall's room so Brooke can take James home for the night, it's no surprise to see Kendall and James cuddled together on Kendall's floor, an insane amount of candy wrappers strewn about the floor, both boys' faces smeared with chocolate as they sleep.

Jen and Brooke simply share a knowing look, Brooke scooping James up off the floor, promising to bring him back the next day when he mumbles about not wanting to leave Kendall.

Jen picks Kendall up off the floor as well, smiling as he sees James being carried out the door of his bedroom, mumbling a "Bye, best friend," just loud enough for James to hear. Brooke smiles to match Jen's when James mutters his response, the words seeming like a thoughtless, knee-jerk reaction.

"Forever 'n ever."

This was inspired by a post on tumblr of a drawing of Kendall dressed as a lion.

Alex's (jimsmaslow) drawing yeah! Perfect because I enjoy causing her pain.

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