Hello my lovelies! So you guys have been so encouraging in the writing so as promised here's the one-shot I said would be in between each chapter of return. I haven't written any Rory and I love the little guy so I had to do this.

Rory sat on the floor on his living room watching TV. A Star Wars marathon was on and he would never miss one of those. As he stuffed a marshmallow in his mouth his phone began playing the Mission Impossible theme song. He continued staring at the television a groped blindly at the coffee table to pick up his cell. He grabbed the remote and put it to his ear.

"Heya, Rory here whatssss uppppp.", he said into the remote, not noticing the ring tone was still playing from his real phone.

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Hello? Helllllooooo?" he pulled it away and looked at it.

"Oh ha!" he exclaimed throwing the remote backwards, a faint crash is heard.

His mother yell's at him as he answers his cell.

"Was' up.", he say's pulling the phone away from his ear as he hears a yell than a crash.

"Rory! There are vamp's attacking the school and as much as I hate to say it we need your help…..so get your vampire butt over here ASAP!", he heard Sarah's voice come through the phone.

"But I'm watching Star Wars!", he complains.

A groan of annoyance sounds from the small device, "Rory if it wasn't important do you think we'd call yo- Hey! Get away from Benny!," she trail's off. Another crash is heard than some odd Latin mumbling in the background.

"Rory I don't care if your undead, if you don't get down here now I'LL KILL YOU!", She yelled at him than the line was dropped. Rory looked from the TV to his shirt with VR printed on it. He stood and threw on the shirt. "Vampire Rory is needed to save the day!", he triumphantly pronounces than shoves his phone in his pocket and run's out the door.

"RORY!", his mother yells and he comes rushing back in. "Right after I tell Mom where I'm going.", he says walking into the kitchen and seeing a really irritated mother holding a broken vase.

"Rory Theodore Conner! Just where do you think your going and WHAT did you do to my vase?" she tapped her foot impatiently. He giggled nervously,

"Well you see I was, um , tossing marshmallows into my mouth and one flew in and hit the vase.", he smiles at his smart lie.

"Mmhhm I see so where are you going at this hour?, she asks. Rory scratches the back of his neck, "I'm going to uh…..see my girlfriend! Yes she is the love of my life.", he answers proudly. His mother goes wide eyed than captures Rory in a hug so tight, had he not already been dead it would have killed him.

"Oh Rory! I'm so proud we thought you'd never find anyone! When you were little all the other parents said you were funny in the head but we just told them no our boy will grow up get married and be successful!, She continues to hug him till he pry's her off. "Ha yeah grow up, well gotta go you know girlfriends waiting?, he laugh nervously than runs out of the room quickly but not too quickly. Slamming the door as he raced too the school, truth be told he's rather be at home but when duty called Vampire Rory was on the case!

This was just a cute little idea I popped up with after watching the episode. Plus Rory's just so dang adorable! Well I hope I did him justice, oh and since we don't know his last or middle name I just made the up so don't consider it a reference or something. Remember to tell me what you thought in the review!