Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum.


"He's not going to go through with it, Daphne."

"Oh, shut up, Astoria," my sister tells me, shifting from foot to foot in her high heels. "He'd better go through with it, or I'll kill him. I'm not going to wear these shoes for nothing."


"What part of 'shut up' is confusing you? And he's here anyway. Look."

Daphne points, and I see Draco hurrying up towards us, looking harried. My nervousness instantly evaporates. He's here. He hasn't decided to run off with her after all. Thank God.

"You're late," Daphne snaps at him, and he nods, taking my hand.

"Are you ready?" he asks.


"Come on, then."

He all but pulls me up the aisle of the little chapel. Our immediate families – all but Daphne, who follows behind me as my bridesmaid – are already seated, as well as a handful of friends. And her.

Who does she think she is? I think as Draco and I finally make it to the front of the church and the preacher begins speaking about everlasting faith and better or worse. Sitting there as though I don't know about her and Draco… and not even having the decency to dress normally for a change…

"I do," I say automatically, when the preacher asks "until death do you part?" I'm not paying attention to the ceremony. She's sitting in the front pew, and she crosses her legs, shifting a lock of hair behind her ear. She's even wearing those stupid, stupid earrings…

"I do." I hear Draco's voice as though from miles off, and that snaps my attention back to him. I hope he hasn't noticed me staring at her…

"You may kiss the bride," the preacher said. I smile slightly, then lean forward a little, awaiting the feeling of his lips against mine for the first time.

It doesn't come, and my heart increases pace.

Come on… kiss me, Draco…

My eyes are wide and desperate. He can't go back now, he just can't… we're already at the alter…

"Draco?" I whisper. My hands are sweating as I clutch my bouquet of roses, heart pounding. "Draco… are you all right?"

He looks at me, but he keeps glancing away. Towards her. "Yeah…"

"Well?" I lean forward a little bit, parting my lips.

Draco kisses me, and I feel a flood of relief. Thank God!

He pulls back quickly, and I throw my bouquet away, more because I want the thing out of my hands and this whole wedding over than because of any sort of tradition.

The flowers land at Luna Lovegood's feet.

She looks down at them, uncrossing her legs and letting her hair fall to cover her face.

I look quickly at my groom to see his reaction.

Tears are welling in his eyes.