Title: My Mama's A Reaper

Genre: Humor/Family

Rating: T+

Warnings: AU. Lol Just a series of drabble-ish one-shots.

Summary: On what could have happened had Lelouch remained in the reaper realm. An AU of an AU. Possible SuzaLulu in the future.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass nor do I own Kuroshitsuji.

Serena: ohohoho~ I went ahead and did this since it's been bugging me a lot recently. I thought it would be fun to see what happens to Lelouch if (in my AU crackshot world in There's A Muffin In My Soup: Code 09) he ended up remaining in the reaper realm with Grelle as his "mother". Lol I dunno where this is going exactly. I'm just going to write silly little oneshots for this until I reach something I'll consider an "end". Enjoy the mini-shot!


01: Mama Grelle

There was an awful note of finality in Will's tone and Grelle didn't like it. The red-haired reaper deflated a little and sighed in a somewhat depressed manner. Glancing down, he smiled at the toddler still within his arms and lifted little Lelouch up so that they could be face-to-face.

"Sorry, sweetie, but it looks like you can't stay." Grelle told the little child and another sigh slipped past his lips. "I guess it can't be helped."

Lelouch merely blinked. He wasn't really following this too well. Couldn't 'stay' where? Here? How come? Was he being bad? The thought made him frown and utter a saddened little noise. What did he do wrong?

"Oh, Will, you made him cry!" Grelle accused and he immediately set to comforting the sad baby. "It's okay. There, there, sweetie."

Lelouch honestly hadn't meant to start crying, but the tears had appeared before he had much of a say and, the next thing he knew, he was being smothered in hugs and kisses and, really, it did make him feel better. Still…he felt bad for causing trouble (despite not knowing what it was that he did).

"Ohhhh, don't you mind meanie Will over there." Grelle told the toddler and he set a little kiss on Lelouch's forehead. "It's not your fault. Promise."

Being ignored as he now was, Will adjusted his glasses as a vein in his head twitched. Of all the nerve…Grelle could be so problematic at times (especially over more feminine things). Was it so hard to understand that rules were meant to be obeyed? Polices had been set in place for a reason. A reaper could not meddle in human affairs like this. It caused too many problems and threw things out of order.

It didn't matter how the ones involved felt. Rules had to be followed.

It didn't matter that Grelle had wanted a child for the longest, longest time and became depressed whenever he saw a mother and her child carrying on happily (and Will tired of seeing that gloomy look). Rules simply had to be followed.

It didn't matter that Grelle was surprisingly good at handling children and the way he fussed over that particular baby was both adorable and-damn it.

Will was giving in. He could just feel it. Defeat was practically oozing out of his pores because that stupid kid was too adorable and really seemed to like Grelle and—damn it.

Just damn it.

"Fine." Will managed to huff out in defeat and somehow, someway, he knew he would one day regret his words. "Keep the damn child, but you're filling out all the paperwork!"


Serena: 440 word drabble! :D See? I meant it when I said they would be short. Although, some might be longer than others, but regardless, it'll be kept fairly short, I suppose. Lololol So, here's an idea. If you guys have any suggestions for what should happen (maybe for some "bonding" time between Grelle and Lelouch? Or some other second or third thing?), tell me in your review or send me a PM or something. C: Reviews make me smile~