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Warnings: AU. Lol Just a series of drabble-ish one-shots.

Summary: On what could have happened had Lelouch remained in the reaper realm. An AU of an AU. Possible SuzaLulu in the future.

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06: My Uncle's A Reaper, Too!

At the tender age of eight, Lelouch grew to be further impatient. He was tired of waiting to grow up just so he could have his questions answered. His mother continually refused to be of no help, but Lelouch couldn't really blame her for it. Grelle had an important job and that job required lots of time within the human realm ('and' Lelouch couldn't help but think dejectedly. 'time away from me.'). Even if his mother just up and decided that he was old enough to learn, Lelouch would have to continue to wait and as previously stated, Lelouch was tired of waiting.

"But what happens to the cinematic records after you collect their soul?" Lelouch asked as his eyes continued to shine brightly with curiosity. It was all so very fascinating to him.

The figure shrouded in fog that Lelouch had directed the question to waved a hand in a seemingly random direction.

"You know this library, yes~?" the man asked in a drawled out question. At Lelouch's nod, he continued. "All the records are stored here~"

Lelouch's eyes widened as understanding hit him.

"Oh! So that's why I'm not allowed to come here alone, right?" Lelouch asked. Rather than wait for an affirmation of some sort from the dark reaper, Lelouch nodded his head at his own musings and continued on. "That makes sense. I always thought it was kinda weird, but I get it now."

The dark man chuckled.

"Mmm~. There's more than just cinematic records stored here, though." he stated. He glided away from the young child to reach a tall bookcase nearby. One of his hands lifted to the bookcase selves and his spidery fingers ghosted over the various spines of books as he began to slowly travel down the bookshelf. Was he searching for something? "There's also old history and ancient knowledge from extinct civilizations that a young child shouldn't look at~."

"Ancient knowledge?" Lelouch repeated and his head tilted to the side curiously. "Like what?"

The foggy figured giggled in amusement. Instead of answering, he paused in his slow movements as his hand stilled against the spine of a thick, navy blue book. His head tilted as he deftly tugged the book loose and only after giving the book's cover a fleeting glance did he speak.

"Just things mortals should never be given." he answered cryptically. He turned away from the bookshelf and returned to Lelouch's side. "However, considering the circumstances, this would be a good book for you to read anyway~"

Lelouch blinked in confusion at the sudden topic change, but it was hard to ignore the book being shoved into his arms. So, he allowed his attention to drop to the book.

After reading the title (A Compendium of Supernatural Beings), he latched himself onto the foggy man's leg with the arm that wasn't clutching the book in a show of gratitude.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" the boy chanted in excitement. He beamed up at the tall man. "Can I really read this? I mean – thank you, thank you!"

The tall man merely chuckled and patted the young child on the head.

"From one old reaper to an aspiring young one~" he said in his usual drawl. "If anyone asks, tell them Uncle Undie gave it to you~ Keep it as long as you like."

Lelouch backed away from the foggy man as his free arm wrapped itself around the book he had been given. He was truly grateful to have been given such an important piece of literature and by one of the best known reapers, no less (well, second to his mother, of course; although, maybe Lelouch was a little biased)!

"I promise I'll take good care of it, Uncle!" Lelouch promised with that smile of his still shining brightly. "And I won't let you down. I'll learn everything!"

Lelouch's "uncle" giggled again and waved his hands in a shooing motion.

"I have no doubt that you will try. Run along now~"

Lelouch clutched the book to his chest in barely concealed elation before running off to begin delving into the books information..


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