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It was a couple months since the meeting. The rebels were being taken care of and Aang and Katara were going to be happily married in 4 months, or so they thought.

Currently, the whole gang, minus Toph, was over at the young couple's house for a 'family' lunch. Katara was in the kitchen making lunch.

For a while, she had been vomiting and was tired most of the time. Aang was very concerned for her, making sure she didn't do anything too extreme. They didn't know if she was sick or not, Katara just thought it was a passing bug. Aang was much more concerned about her than she was.

The month before, Aang and Katara announced that they were getting married, right after Aang turned 16. The group was overly joyous with this plan and supported them fully, with the exception of Sokka. He still thought that Katara was too young, but with some persuasion from Hakoda, Sokka agreed with the plan.

"So," Suki started, turning to Aang while sipping some tea, "when is the wedding?"

"It's in about 4 months," Aang replied. "We figured it would give the Earth King's army some time to clear out the rebels and some time to plan the wedding."

Suki nodded. "I just still can't believe you're getting married before Sokka and me."

"I'm just happy," Aang said as he closed his eyes, "that I get to marry Katara."

Suki smiled at this.

"I have the food," Katara called as she came into the kitchen. "Well, looks like Toph finally showed up."

Toph had just walked through the door, dressed in her usual Earthbender garb. She sat at a chair in the dining room and waved.

"Sorry it took so long," she said. "My Metalbending students still don't get the whole concept of the thing."

Katara rolled her eyes. "It's just good to see you. I just finished making the food."

Katara set down a couple of bowls of rice and some soup on the table. Just then, she felt a heaving feeling in her stomach. With a lurch, she dropped the food and ran out the door, over to the side of the house, and barfed up what wasn't in her stomach.

Aang came running outside to see if Katara was alright. She was standing with her head in the bush, still throwing up anything that was in her stomach.

"Katara," Aang said softly, moving her hair out of the way with one hand and patting her back with the other, "are you ok?"

Katara was about to answer when she threw up again.

At that moment, the rest of the gang came outside to see if Katara was alright. Toph got to the front of the group, pushing everyone out of her way.

"Katara," Toph said as she pressed her feet to the ground harder, "why didn't you tell me that you were pregnant?"

Katara's head snapped up to look at Toph while everyone else looked at her.

"How can I be preg-" she stopped mid-sentence, thinking over everything that had happened to her. Her eyes widened and her mouth hung open.

"Toph," Sokka turned to the blind girl, "please tell me you're joking."

"Sorry, Snoozles," Toph said, "but I feel two heartbeats coming from Sugar Queen over there. I might be blind, but I see all."

Sokka now joined his sister in gaping.

Aang, on the other hand, had no time at all to process anything, for he fainted.

Katara gasped, bringing herself out of her dazed state and knelt down next to Aang.

"Katara," Katara looked up to see her father, "why don't you go in the house. I think Sokka and I can bring Aang back to the bedroom for now until he wakes up."

Katara nodded and headed to the bedroom.

All the symptoms had shown that she was, indeed, pregnant. She had been throwing up a lot lately, she had been very tired, and now that she thought about it, she had been late for a while now.

She was happy that she and Aang were having a kid, but was she ready to be a mother? And most importantly, was Aang ready to be a father?

She sat down on her bed and watched as Sokka and her father carried Aang to the bed and lay him down.

Hakoda put a hand on Katara's shoulder for comfort.

"How do you feel," Hakoda asked as Sokka sulked out of the room.

"I feel fine," Katara answered, "now that I know what's happening."

"Are you ready for the challenges that lie ahead?" he asked again.

"Of course I am," Katara replied. "Having a kid will be fun, but having a kid with Aang will be what I've dreamed of for a long time."

"I'm glad that you're taking this seriously," he said. "Now, try to wake up the father-to-be. I need to give him a talk."

"Yes dad," said Katara as she lay down next to Aang, snuggling up on his unconscious form.

Aang moaned a bit and rolled onto his side, facing Katara. After a while, he opened his eyes to see his fiancée lying next to him.

"Wow," he groaned. "I just had the weirdest dream."

He laughed and Katara cocked her head.

"And what was the dream about?" she questioned.

"I dreamed that you were pregnant," Aang chuckled.

Katara bit her lip. "That's because I am."

Aang's mouth fell open for the second time that day. Then, his face broke out in a wide smile.

"Say that again," he ordered her softly.

"What?" Katara asked.

"Repeat what you just said to me," Aang replied.

"I said I'm pregnant," said Katara slowly.

Aang's smile grew wider, if that was even possible, and he jumped off the bed, picking Katara up, and twirling her around.

"We're going to be parents," he breathed as he stopped spinning her. "I can't believe this."

"I know," Katara said as she hugged him, kissing him on the lips. "I can't wait."

"Me neither," Aang stated as he hugged her back.

"Oh," Katara breathed, "I just remembered, my father wants to talk to you. I think you should go see him now."

Aang gulped. "I think I know what he wants to talk to me about."

"And what would that be, my love?" Katara questioned.

Aang gently put his hand in between them and placed it softly on her stomach.

"I think he wants to talk to me about this."

Katara gave him a warm smile and kissed him again.

"It'll be ok," she cooed. "Now go."

Aang reluctantly let go of his fiancée and headed out the door, down the hall, to the room that Hakoda was staying in.


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