Sekirei Alternative


That is the sound of my wake up call.

Accompanied by the pain of wooden spoon-to-forehead contact.

And a yelp from my "pillow".

As rub my forehead I open my eyes and find myself laying on Matsu who was also rubbing away the pain.

"My My Sahashi, I didn't know you were such a deviant, I'm having second thoughts about letting you stay here." says Miya holding her "instrument of destruction".

"I-Its not my fault, I can't sleep upright." I explain.

Truth is I CAN, I just didn't feel like spending my first night in agony.

Plus I spent the night resting my head on the thighs of a cute girl, what do I have to complain about?

"No matter, now come the others need to introduce themselves."

And like that I am lead to the dining room where the "others" are all up and about.

I see Kagari but I also see three new faces.

One male one and two females.

The male was wearing normal clothes like my old set plus a jean colored jacket.

The two girls were wearing kinky looking Maid clothes.

Thunder and Lighting

I look to Kagari, who shows me a "wait" sign.

"So is this the new kid?" asked the man

"Yes, Sahashi introduce yourself" said Miya looking to me.

"I am Sahashi Minato, pleased to meet you." I say bowing slightly to the new people.

"Woah, you sure you re not making some sort of formal army Miya" he asks.

Not sure if he's kidding or not.

Miya giggles and replies "What would give you that idea Kauro?"

She shows that familiar smile and he hides behind the other two girls.

They bow and say "Were sorry Miya."

She waves it off and tells them to introduce themselves.

"I'm Seo and these are my girls." he states showing a sly smirk and wink.

I turn my head since I know what s going to happen next...


"Were not YOUR girls!"

"I'm Hibiki"

"and I'm Hikari"

"Were Seo's sisters"


"So why are you wearing those Maid clothes?"

"Do you really want to know?" says Seo with a smirk.

This guy is so-

"Stop that pervert, there for our part-time jobs" states Hikari dropping Seo's smirk.

"Anyway, Kaoru has brought you over some of his spare clothes." says Miya

"T-thank you" I say.

I'm surprised that he didn't as-

"Yeah you just have to come help me and my friends on a job."

I spoke too soon.


"Kaoru that's not what we agree-" states Miya

"No it's fine, I would feel bad just taking his clothes without giving him anything in return."

"Heh you did a good job kiddo." says one of the construction workers as we walk towards the inn.

"Not bad, not bad see that wasn't so tough, and you get some cash to spend on yourself or on one of the ladies" says Seo smiling deviously.

"Yeah maybe one of your sisters would like to go to a movie hmm maybe both of them instead." I smirk as he puts on a face of shock and anger.

He breathes "Hah who the hell would want to date one of them." he says obviously trying to keep me away from them.

Hmph yeah like that ll trick me.

"I don't know double the girls means double the fun" I say as I turn the corner.

Seo's place is to the left from this street while the in is to the right so it was a good time to end the conversation.

"So how was work?" asks Kagari as I enter the inn.

"It was fine honey no need to worry." I state smirking deviously

I hear Uzume and Kazehana giggling in the hallway near the front door.

"W-what's that s-supposed to mean?" Kagari asks with a flushed expression.

"It means you'd look good in a dress."

He grows pale.

The giggling stops.

I may have taken that too far.

"I'm kidding calm down." I state slapping him in the back as I head for the kitchen

"Oh Sahashi your here just in time." says Miya taking food to the dining room.

"Hey Miya, Here." I state holding up most of my earnings.

"My my whats this Sahashi?" she asks eying the money...angerly?

"I feel like a freeloader at least let me give you some money for letting me stay here."

"That didn't go too well" I say rubbing my...everywhere.

Miya refused to take the money so I tried putting it in her pocket while she was eating.

Let me just say that it is VERY hard to find the pockets on a dining swords-woman.

She thought I was a courageously stupid pervert and decided that she would break her wooden spoon, so she went and got herself a wooden sword.

In the end I decided to just throw the wad of money into her room.