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Inspiration for this story:

"The Essence Of His Soul" by My Echoing Silence


"Fall Through" by Hittocerebattosai

Summary: Harry has been feeling depressed ever since he saw that silver fox in his Care of Magical Creatures class, but not even he knows why. A few months later while testing out their 'Potion of a Past Life' in (well of course) potions, it solves one mystery but opens a door to many more.

Hint Hint:*Harry's past life if Kuroune.*

I love Harry Potter x Yu Yu Hakusho crossovers (which says a lot b/c I usually Hate crossovers with a passion), but I recommend them if you're looking for something interesting to read.

Anyway, on with the fanfic...

Harry sighed deeply. Ron and Hermione gave him another glance; that was the seventh time in half an hour.

"He's been like for how long, like two, three, weeks? What's the matter with him" Ron asked Hermione.

"I'm not sure. He said he isn't even sure what's wrong, himself. It all started when he saw that silver fox creature that Hagrid showed us;" she answered him, "just been in a sad state since then."

Ron 'hmm'-ed as he thought it over and continued his homework as Hermione read and Harry stared at the fireplace. Hermione looked over to him and frowned.

"I'm going to ask Madam Pomfrey and the Professors if there is anything we can do. This depression is seriously affecting him, and I can't stand to see him suffer anymore."

With that, she left to find a teacher as soon as possible.


Although they had tried a sort of therapy on Harry from Madam Pomfrey before, it had failed as Harry said 'I don't know why I'm upset alright? I just… am'. This led the staff to search for other means of curing him.

They tried diagnostic spells to see if it was caused by some sort of curse, if it was the side effect of a disease or spell, or if it was genetic. All tests came back negative. This led them to a dead end; the best they could hope for was that he snapped out of it soon.

A few months passed by and Harry gradually grew less depressed, but it was still there, and never completely gone. All of Gryffindor was worried that they'd never get to the bottom of this.

Until one day in potions… (It was always potions…)

"Today, we will be brewing what's known as 'Potion of a Past Life'. What it does is show first he being you are most like, or influenced by, out of all of your 'past lives', second the most exciting or extreme moments in that 'past life'. Now, understand that past lives are not precisely reincarnation, but actually the choice made by the soul of a person, if not wishing to remain a ghost of move on, and pass on their remaining soul or spirt energy to another being, after death. No, you are not the same person as the one from your 'past life' but your soul does contain a percentage of their soul (hence, them and their traits are present in you, but your personality is completely decided by your-own-self). Do you all understand? I will not have anyone having a nervous breakdown about being whatever your 'past life' was.

"After every potion is complete, the ones done successfully will be tested out on the ones who made it. The entire class, as well as yourself, will be able to view your past life and its moments. Get started."

Everyone got to work, eager about being able to see their past lives. Even the worst potion makers were extra careful when brewing. That was why Professor Snape loved this potion and saved it for one of his 'I cannot handle disasters today' days.

Harry was still partially indifferent, but was careful not to screw up the directions anyway, he had been more 'careful' (less goofing around) ever since the depression started (one good thing to come of it – his potions grade surprisingly rose).

When finished, everyone, even Neville (though that may have been because he was working with Hermione) had completed the potion correctly.

"We will go through everyone individually. Each person will take a sip of the potion, the drinker will take the form of their past life, and white smoke will surround them and display the memories/moments for all of us to see. No there is no other, private, way to see it. Most of the time there will only be one or two moments shown, and rarely ever three. Would anyone like to volunteer to be first?"

There were past lives ranging from royalty, to unicorns, to giraffes in the muggle wild; (no joke).

Neville's had been a brave warrior, well known in the Anglo-Saxon period of time that would have given Beowulf a run for his money. The poor Gryffindor had felt a mixture of embarrassment and pride

Ron had been a griffon in a past life, from what they observed from the memory of how it fended off against a dragon (while quite unmatched) to defend some younger griffons, they could see the resemblance of stubbornness and caring that both possessed.

Hermione had been, to her utter dismay, a psychic. It was not just a psychic though, but one that had given up an entire educational career in order to make predictions for a living; the exact opposite of Hermione. Poor girl had to reconstruct her way of thinking and convince herself that her 'past life' was now trying to 'rectify' that choice with the way she is now. She could not live (happily) with the idea that she would willingly choose that 'crazy inner eye stuff' over her precious factual knowledge.

They got a good laugh at Draco Malfoy's past life as well. It was not some powerful wizard or royalty, or even a snake or a dragon, like many expected. His past life was a female, exotic gypsy dancer whose closest relationship to anything pureblood was wealthy 'pureblooded' (in their own family names) muggles that she entertained. Many students asked him if he would dance for them after class; he received laughter with every scowl he sent out.

When it finally got to Harry, the rest of the class had already gone (they had been more excited about it that he was after all). He sipped the potion and waited a few seconds; feeling his form begin to change.

His hair grew longer and changed into a dark blue-ish black, his ears grew pointed, his eyes turned a dark blue, his teeth grew fangs, dark wings sprouted from his back, his clothing changed into dark blue; a corset-like loose top, blue bandages rapped down both arms, a witch-like hat appeared on his head with a long pony tail coming out the top of it, matching dark blue pants, a lighter blue skirt-like thing tied around his hips, long dark boots, and a red pendent necklace around his neck. He looked older as well, and taller, appearing to be in his early twenties.

One thing was for certain, this past life was not human.

The now humanized 'past life' looked around at them, gave a small smirk, and then closed his eyes as the white smoke wrapped around him.

The memory came up of him and another creature – with long white hair, matching white ears and tail, and also dressed completely in white, with golden eyes which stood out amongst all of the white and his pale complexion. The two were talking in hushed whispers in a language that nobody in the room could understand – it was rough and complicated sounding; like a combination of Chinese and German.

The occupants in the room turned to Professor Snape, silently asking if there was a way they could understand it. He gave a faux sigh of annoyance, only to maintain his image of indifference and cover up his own curiosity on the matter, and cast an advanced translation spell – one that was not limited to only the languages in this world (Earth as a whole, wizard and muggle).

In a few moments the unknown language was coming out in English: "-group three is waiting around the back, and groups four and five are waiting amongst the outer perimeter as back up."

"Perfect. Now, for our roles; which would you prefer, the front or the back?"

"You can have the back, you are the sneaky fox after all," came the reply.

The other gave a small snort of amusement, "Your choice."

The one that was Harry's past life pulled out a small scythe that was attached to a thin rope line, "Besides, I'm always up for an upfront confrontation, as opposed to a sneak attack."

The fox person gave a shrug and signaled to the other groups waiting that they were going in, and moved towards the back of the large place.

Harry's past life started towards the front, using his scythe like a boomerang-yoyo to take out any attackers he met along the way. Entering inside, his mission seemed to be the same – taking out the security, thus clearing a path for the treasures inside to be easily taken away by the groups outside.

He was making his way through the place, towards the mid-center, where something was being guarded more fiercely than the other objects were. The more challenging guards were ready to face the past life; who looked like he was waiting for something. He apparently was, as large plants that resembled Venus fly traps sprouted from the ground, devouring the guards.

"Took you long enough," the past life called out.

The white fox from before stepped into view, "the back was more guarded than I had anticipated."

With that, they faced the thing that was being guarded – a treasure chest looking box – opening it, came the most beautiful assortment of jewelry and golden objects that the student on lookers had ever seen. Since most of it was jewelry, the two quickly adorned most of what was in the box – bracelets, rings, necklaces, crowns – and pocketed as many gold and silver objects as they could. Anything they could not wear or carry in their clothes was handed to more the powerful members of their groups.

They made their way out running; jogging really, but they went so fast it made the newest brooms look like carriages drawn by old, blind horses.

The last little bit of the memory showed them returning to a campsite, and a small celebration beginning for the success of their raid – drinks, jewels, precious artifacts even, went flying through the air in merriment.

The fox and the past life stored away their collectings and sat with each other on a large tree branch, watching the moon together.

That memory faded and another started up; the same two thieves were just coming out of a cave in the shape of a strange beast. The fox mainly running, the past life using his bat-like wings to jump and run; stopping in the front of the cave, the fox person twisted his body slightly, showing the other the (obviously stolen) mirror, which gleamed with power. The two smirked at each other, and continued moving.

The 'eyes' on the cave glowed red, and a group of people ran out of the cave after them.

The two ran through a field of bamboo, it was looking good for the two thieves, that they were going to lose the group with no problem. Until Harry's past life's red pendant's chain broke off, causing him to run back after it.

The fox saw this and turned back to him, "Don't Kuroune!"

"I need it!" shouted back the past life, now identified as 'Kuronue'.

He was able to get to his detached necklace but unfortunately, was in clear view of the group chasing after them. Before they knew it, bamboo spears flew through the air and pierced Kuroune, injuring him and locking him in place. The spears that didn't cut through him had surrounded him, making escaping even more difficult.


Blood poured from the bat-winged thief, his life slipping away before their eyes. With gasping breath, and a mouth leaking blood, he called over to his partner.

"Forget about me and run, Kurama!"

The fox, now known as Kurama, gave a sad, torn look, but eventually complied; giving a slight nod to his dying friend, and turned away, running.

Kuroune watched him disappear from view, and closed his eyes. "Until we meet again…" Darkness then enclosed around him and the memory faded.

The white smoke cleared and Harry began to change back from his 'past life' form. When he was back to normal he had a deep, emotional look in his eyes. He now understood his where his depression came from; why he felt like there was hole in his chest ever since that day.


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