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The trio were at breakfast in the Great Hall when an owl suddenly swooped in and landed next to Hermione's plate. She took the letter with a gasp.

"It's a reply from Mr. Oswald!" She told them.

Harry's expression changed immediately to both excited and nervous. He prayed internally that Mr. Oswald knew something about Kurama.

Ron looked confused. Hermione noticed and tried not to roll her eyes. "The owner of 'Oswald's Magical Oddities,' remember?"

Ron's eyes lit up with recognition. "Oh, yeah! Sorry, early morning confusion." He chuckled sheepishly.

Hermione just shook her head and started to open the letter as Harry fed the owl some bacon, but his eyes never left the letter in her hands. Hermione's eyes ran over the words in front of her. As she did so her facial expressions seemed to change along with each sentence. Her mouth was hanging open by the time she was done.

"Harry, you may want to read this for yourself." The words barely left her mouth before Harry snatched the letter up. Ron came up behind him and read over his shoulder.

Dear Ms. Granger,

You happened to be in luck. While I, myself, do not know enough about the demons in Demon World, despite my knowledge of the plant life there, my contacts within Demon World (hence the reason I am able to obtain plants from there) know and were able to answer your questions.

A friend of one of my contacts had happened to visit an event recently, called The Dark Tournament. It was here that he learned that one of the competitors was actually the Famous Bandit Youko Kurama, who had supposedly died around 16 years ago. Apparently, he had taken the body of a human fetus that had yet to develop a soul. While his friend could not remember the exact human name that Kurama now possessed, Bo (my contact) was able to track down a few committee members and pull up a name and information.

His human name is Shuichi Minamino, he lives in Japan (I apologize, Bo was unable to pull the exact address), he has long red hair, bright green eyes (unusual for a body born of Japanese decent, don't you think? Maybe it has to do with the Fox Demon's soul's influence. Anyway), he was described as 'rather feminine' - decently tall, thin and having delicate features. I hope this helps your in search.

Do not worry Ms. Granger, payment for this information is unnecessary. New things I learn about Demon World is payment enough; knowledge is power, is my belief.

Good luck to you and your friends!

Sincerely, Adonis J. Oswald

Aside from being ecstatic that he now had a name and semi-address to contact Kurama with, he was also touched by something he learned from the letter.

"Hermione, you offered to pay him for the information?" He asked softly. He did not want her to pay for something that he wanted.

She smiled. "Of course I would, Harry. You're my friend, and I would have gladly bought the information for you. That's what friends do." She looked over at the red head of the group. "I would have done so for you too, Ron."

Ron, who had been looking a little put out, immediately blushed and gave a goofy grin at her proclamation.

Harry shook his head at how they dance around each other. He (mentally) turned to Kuronue to discuss contacting Kurama.

'We could send an owl. Owls from the Wizarding World have charms on them that allow them to find the person they're looking for. Addresses on the envelopes are usually just to help the spell find the exact person you're trying to send it to; like a precaution. But I think if we just write both Kurama's human and demon name on it, and "Japan," then that'll be enough for the charm to locate him.' Harry suggested.

'Sounds good to me,' Kuronue agreed. 'But the letter cannot alone be "it's me Kuronue, let's meet again". Fox will need proof, so we will have to not only explain the situation, but also say things that only Kurama and I would have known.'

'Alright,' Harry thought to Kuronue. 'Hey, do you think Kurama can read English?'

Kuronue paused for a moment. 'I'm not sure... No matter, I could just control your hand and write it in our native language. We do have a written version.'

Harry nodded. Then he flushed and looked around, hoping no one saw him nodding to himself, lest he be called crazy, now, on top of everything else.


Later in the day Harry sat down at a table in the library with a piece of parchment and a quill out in front of him. He had his eyes closed, appearing to be resting. In actuality, he was concentrating on allowing Kuronue to control his right hand, and only his right hand, to write the letter. Even though Harry was becoming friendlier with the bat demon and trusted him to a extent, he did not want Kuonue to have complete control of his whole body just yet, if ever.

Harry breathed in, then out. He allowed his arm to go numb, he chanted over and over in his head 'I give up control of my right arm'; this went on for about twelve minutes until Harry's right middle finger made a slow twitch out of his control. Harry's arm was still numb but the fingers all slowly began to fold into a fist, then out again. Kuronue now had control over Harry's fingers.

The bat demon urged Harry to continue concentrating. Harry did so as he watched Kuronue gain more and more control over the appendage as the minutes ticked on. Finally, Kuronue possessed enough control over the arm to hold Harry's quill.

After a few practice sentences where Kuronue could get used to writing with a quill, they had finally written a rough draft. Both critiquing and editing things until they had a final product.

Youko Kurama,

or Shuichi Minamino, as you've apparently come to be known by. I apologize for how odd this letter sounds. Please allow me to explain the situation.

My name is Harry Potter, a human wizard, and I have recently come across the knowledge that I have a 'past life' known as Kuronue, a bat demon. I'm sure you are aware that past lives are not exactly what they are believed to be by ordinary humans. We are both aware that even though they are called 'past lives', they are not actually us, but instead they are lives who have lived and died, and were then bound to our own souls before they actually developed into who we are. They help influence our souls to truly develop unique personalities.

You also know that more powerful 'past lives', ones who were more powerful in life than the average human, such as youkai 'past lives', not only have a greater influence on the soul, but also are able to maintain a greater separation from the main soul; able to live as their own separate entity,even in the soul of a human.

Of course, you see, that is what Kuronue has done. He is still alive within my soul. Once I learned about him I quickly found a ritual which I could use to contact him, and we have been in contact since. That is how I am able to write this letter in demon language, by Kuronue's control over my arm and telling him what I want written. I apologize, I wasn't sure if you could read English, and finding a spell that could allow me write in Japanese may have been too time consuming. We were both very eager to send this letter out.

Anyway, Kuronue wishes to continue your relationship.

I understand that you wish to see proof of this entire claim, so I will now allow Kuronue to take over completely and write whatever he feels may convince you.

~Fox, it's been a while. About 50 years to be exact. I guess you won that bet, the fates have reincarnated me as a human. But I think that since you're in a the same situation as well, not only do I also win, but so does our relationship. This was obviously fate bringing us together. So we've gotten a little side tracked along the way, we're both stronger for it.

~This is the chance to finally meet again, like we had agreed to all those years ago. But I know that you, always the paranoid one, will demand proof. Go ahead, ask me anything. I'll prove to you that this is me, Fox, even if I need to come there and drag you into this kid's mind, myself.

~Go on. If you ask about our last thieving job, I'll tell you about that stupid mirror and my even stupider decision. (I don't even have that damn pendant anymore, anyway.) If you ask about our relationship, I'll tell you both aspects of it - professional, and friendlier. Ask about anything and I'll have an answer. Just don't ignore this.

Well, Harry here again. I just want to say that it's not just Kuronue who wants to meet you, it's me too; for both him and myself. The person that he showed me from his memories interested me, as did the person who was in that Dark Tournament (which Kuronue assures me is a blood bath). You seem... really amazing. That's the only way I can describe you, for now, if you allow us this chance to get to know you better.

I hope that you do not ignore this letter. I beg you to please respond to it, saying you'll allow us to prove ourselves.

You can respond with the owl, it will stay until you tie a response to its leg.

(Hopefully) Until the next letter,

Harry Potter & ~Kuronue

Both stared at the letter, reading it over many times. Both not completely satisfied but still not willing to change anything. Kuronue had just relinquished control of Harry's hand. Harry leaned back on his chair and yawned.

"Hermione said that if I don't want to bother Hedwig with the long trip to Japan, Gringotts has special For-long-Distance-Use Owls that I can rent. They're trained to travel around the world and will even get there faster than a regular owl would. The Goblins charge based on time the owl stays in my possession, instead of letters delivered, which works better for us so that we don't have to keep going back to Gringotts every time we want to send a letter." Harry said aloud since no one seemed to be around the library.

'That sounds like a good idea', Kuronue agreed. Anything to get to Kurama faster.

Harry nods. He would sneak out of the castle later that day and go. Neither of them had the patience to wait until the weekend.


Several days later at the Minamino household, Kurama could be found in his room experimenting with a few hybrid plants created from both Human and Demon World. A light tapping noise broke his concentration. Not so much annoyed as he was curious, he turned towards the noise to find a rather large owl rapping at his window.

Confused for a moment, before noticing that the creature had something tied to its leg, he cautiously approached the window to open it. As soon as he did so the bird flew right in, making itself comfortable perching on back of his chair.

Kurama swiftly untied the letter from its leg. On the envelope was his name, both his human and his demon one. His eyes widened slightly, the only sign that he was not as relaxed as his body language made him out to be. He opened the letter and read.

After doing so, he still couldn't quite believe it. He read it again, and again. He read it over so many times just trying to believe it. Of course he knew of past lives and knew that this entire thing was possible. It was the idea that he and Kuronue could finally reunite that felt too good to be true. Not to mention the fact that they were both in similar situations: both were in possession of human bodies, and while Kurama wasn't an actual 'past life' like Kuronue was, his human and demon states of mind were actually very different, enough so that a good deal of the time it was like he was two different people. Sometimes he wondered if he had a form of multiple personality disorder.

Kurama shook the thoughts from his head, he was getting off track.

What to do about this letter. Kurama disagreed with Kuronue, he wasn't 'paranoid', he was merely cautious. He wanted to test this sender, or senders, as it seemed to be. They openly invited him to do so. The only thing stopping him from doing so was his own nerves!

He was worried about seeing Kuronue again. What if they weren't what each had remembered, what each had expected? He knew that the thoughts were childish and definitely not a good reason to deny this opportunity.

Kurama thought on that for a bit. Yes, this was an opportunity for him. All of his other friends had gained opportunity. Yusuke had gained a lot of it - learning about his true heritage, his true power, and getting the chance to go off on his own knowing in his heart that Keiko would wait for him. Hiei had accomplished his goal of finding his sister, ensuring her safety, and gaining power. Kuwabara... was still Kuwabara.

Kurama, himself, had decided on switching back and forth between Human World and Demon World. He was finishing up high school, as well as helping Yusuke with any cases that he'd call up Kurama for assistance on. Kurama felt as if he had no real opportunities come to him yet.

Yes there had been some concerning Demon World, but he didn't want to stay there entirely. If he pursued this, then he had the chance to gain something in the Human World; an old friend, a partner, something else...

He read through the paper once more before deciding. He sat down at his desk taking out a pen and a piece of loose-leaf paper.


It had been almost a week since Harry had sent the letter. That meant almost seven days of him keeping his eyes on the ceiling every time they entered the Great Hall. That meant almost seven days of him being twitchy with nervousness and anticipation. That meant almost seven days of annoying and worrying both his teachers and his friends with being inattentive, completely focused in his own little world.

Not even Snape's goading could take the spell off of Harry. And though the spy would never admit it to anyone, he was somewhat anxious about the boy, himself.

The only ones not worried were Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore. Ron and Hermione of course knew what was going on, so they tried their best to be supportive and reassure him that everything would be fine. Dumbledore... just seemed to know everything, for he acted in a similar manner even though none of the trio had told him anything.

Finally, on that day around dinner time, came the reply. Harry was so excited that he had to restrain himself from jumping onto the table and snatching the letter from the bird, still in flight.

As soon as the owl landed he quickly untied the letter and read it.

Harry & Kuronue,

What a surprise your letter was. Yes, I am aware of how 'past lives' work, so I know that there is a definite chance that your letter is truthful. I am also aware of magic-using humans, luckily. However, as Kuronue pointed out, though I disagree about being 'paranoid', I am a cautious fox, and would like to be sure.

I will ask you three very private questions that only Kuronue would know. If you two answer correctly then I suggest that we get to know each other (Harry and I), and catch up for the last fifty years (Kuronue and I) through letters.

Also Harry, do not fret, I can read and write in English. I am taking advanced English classes in school. I even have several books in English so I shouldn't have any trouble reading what you write.

Your owl looked very tired, and since this owl was rather large (I assume bred for flying long distances) this letter must have traveled quite a distance. Not to mention that 'Harry Potter' is a western name.

That is a far place to travel to in order to meet. We can learn more about each other through correspondence until we find the time to meet (that may save us several trips anyway).

Now, for my questions:

1. Kuronue, how did you and I first meet? And I do not mean the day we became partners in crime.

2. Kuronue, what was it that I told you was my only regret?

3. And finally, Kuronue, what was it that you confessed to me on the night of a blood moon 100 years ago?

I hope to talk to you both soon.


Harry let out a deep breath and a large toothy smile. Anyone who had been watching the Boy-Who-Lived from the moment the owl came, up until the grin he gave the letter were now very confused. Harry Potter had gone from distracted and anxious, to ecstatic and cheerful in a matter of two minutes!

Ron and Hermione each just let out a relieved sigh. Ron matched his grin and gave him a thumbs up, while Hermione gave him a smile. Since dinner was pretty much over with anyway, the three simultaneously got up and went to the common room where Harry could read the letter aloud and they could discuss it openly before everyone came in.


Over the course of the next several weeks Kurama, Harry and Kuronue corresponded, officially starting with the second letter Harry and Kuronue sent.



Hello, Harry here. I'm glad that you know how to read English. That makes things much less complicated for me. Now I can just say my part and then pass the quill to Kuronue. (I would just write it for him, but he's insistent on doing it himself. Was he always like this?)

Anyway, I'll keep this letter short so that Kuronue can answer your questions.

~I'm entitled to use my own hand to write to you. I want to hear no arguments. As for the answers to your questions:

~1. Such an easy question, but definitely a good one since I doubt that many knew us before our legendary thieving days. Before meeting up again many years later, we had met while we were still young, young enough to have not gained enough power to master our human forms. I was being chased by a lower class demon whom I had just stolen from - to be fair though, he had obviously stolen that sack of food from some other demon - I had noticed your snake-vine traps and dodged them, but the idiot behind me had not. Your vines tied him up, and I kept going, laughing as I looked back behind me.

~Then I almost crashed into you. You appeared in front of me so suddenly. You knew that I had a sack full of food and you wanted it as well. There we were, two hungry demon children, starving, trying to survive and ready to fight 'til the death for some measly scraps of food. And fight we did. I remember your claws very well, I think I died with some of those scars still on my body.

~We truly did fight like children - scratching, biting, head-on tackling. We tired each other out. So much so that when the sack somehow got in the middle of a tug-of-war match and ended up splitting open, we were both so tired we each looked at the food on the ground and instead of diving for it we each just slumped to the ground, ready to pass out. After catching my breath I remember looking up at you and seeing you do the same. We looked at each other, at the other's tiredness and our own and both burst out laughing at the same time.

~ I don't know about you, but I couldn't understand what I found so humorous at the time. Now, though, I think I understand. We were both in the same boat - both just children trying to live in this world and grow stronger, both starving and probably had not eaten in days, we both fought and gave up at the exact same time - it was all incredibly ironic!

~I think we both knew that, and that is the reason why we found kinship with each other. We were the same, you and I, and that is why we both slowly walked towards each other, gathering up the contents of the sack, and piling up the bounty in-between the two of us. We sat down together and shared a meal; almost unheard of in Demon World. And though we would part after that meal and not see each other for many years later as strong, powerful beings, it would be that memory to bring us together once and for all.

~2. Your only regret, I'm surprised you're even allowing me to remember this. As I remember you saying many times 'I have no regrets' except for that one time. You were quite distraught after one of our own men turned traitor and tried to assassinate you as you slept. I had been the one to stop him as I never liked to sleep too far away from you.

~This was another time when we were still young and inexperienced. We were just beginning to rise through the ranks and many wanted to put a stop to us before we became too good. There had been quite a few attempts on our lives but none of them were as close to home as that was. That was when we both realized that the camp could never be considered our home. The men we worked with could never be brought close enough to be considered brothers, for there would always be that risk.

~I remember comforting you as best as possible. You were so shaken up, it was surprising. We hadn't been partners for too long but I had already grown so attached to you, so used to your ways, that I was both upset and worried about your out-of-characterness. I had never comforted someone before but I tried my hardest. I circled my arms around your shoulders and leaned your head in my neck. I held you there, and I felt a few stray tears escape your eyes.

~Afterwards you were so embarrassed of your reaction that you told me that I should have pushed you away, told you to grow up and toughen up. But I told you that I would never have, I had started to care for you too much to do that. I liked you the way you were; you were strong and cut-throat when needed, but to your friends you were soft and gentle as well.

~You told me that you regretted developing that habit and vowed to become colder, sterner to those working under us. You regretted allowing them the idea that they could take advantage of that trait about you, to kill you. I had told you then that I did not regret that trait in you, and I still say that now. Out of all the things you should regret, I don't believe that being able to care for people close to you should be on that list. After all that would mean that I regretted you caring for me, and I you. And that would never happen.

~3. 100 years ago on the night of a blood moon... of course you would ask me that, wouldn't you? Wasn't it bad enough that I had too much to drink that night and confessed this to you in a drunken stupor? Such a sadist, Fox. Fine!

~I remember that night, we were sitting in our favorite tree. We were bathed in the soft glow of the moonlight which tonight actually was a tinted red. I reached over and grabbed your red-tinted locks and stroked them between my fingers. I said it was like my dream.

~You curiously asked me about my dream. I grinned and started to tell you about it in detail. The dream had a blood red tint - red the color of passion, and blood symbolic of a sadistic thrill! I described to you in detail (which Harry is forbidding me to write out fully) of the way I pounced on you and took you in a moment of heated passion.

~You then stared at me open-mouthed, and I took that as an invitation. I leaned in... and you punched me in the face, causing me to fall backwards out of the tree.

~If you require me to go into detail about the dream then I will. Harry wouldn't be able to deny me if you need me to.

Harry, again. Please don't ask him to. The things he's told me... I just can't.

In fact, I think I'm going to end this letter before Kuronue can get fully lost in his musing and I end up getting mental pictures that I very well did not need. *Shudders*

Bye for now, Kurama!

~Until next time, Fox.

- Harry & ~Kuronue


Harry & Kuronue,

I am very pleased with the answers to my questions. I am inclined to believe what you say. And not to worry, Harry, the details of the first two questions were enough to sway me, alone. I do not need Kuronue to go into detail about the third. (I hope you aren't too mentally scarred.) And yes, I'm afraid that he was always like that. Nothing we can do but live with it.

Also, I wanted to ask, since you mentioned that you were writing with a quill and the paper you are writing on is parchment, why are you writing with these items? Does it have to do with where you are? I have heard that western wizards were 'backwards' but this wasn't what I had thought they meant.

I suppose I can now formally introduce myself. You already know both of my names, including my human one, Shuichi Minamino. I am currently attending Meiou high school, and I also assist a good friend of mine, Yusuke, a spirit detective, from time to time.

I know this may come as a shock to you, Kuronue, but there is reasoning behind it and it is a long story. You see, I apparently do have that heart that you always claimed I had. I had thought that ever since your death, my heart would have died with it. You were the only one I was still warm to by that time. But when I was hunted and wounded, and had to take refuge in a human body, I was born to a couple who showed me unconditional love. Even after my 'father' died, my mother still cared for me.

At first I was cold to her, but one day she performed a great act of selfless, kindness upon me. In a child's body I had ended up almost falling upon broken glass. My mother ran to my rescue by diving down first, her arms out stress both to catch me, and to hit the glass first. She still has those scars on her arms.

After that, I was more willing to accept her love, and thus became more empathetic. It was the first time after your death that I was happy.

Years later, though, she grew ill. My conscience would not allow me to simply let her die, she who brought me such happiness in so short amount of time. I teamed up with two others - one, another... friend, I suppose you could say, the other was merely the muscle - and we snuck into Spirit World to steal various items in the vault. I took the Forlorn Hope (Harry, that's a mirror that will grant you any wish, but it demands your life as payment), intending to use it to save her life even at the cost of my own.

The spirit detective in charge of the case, Yusuke Urameshi, whom I had told my plans to so that he may take the mirror back when I was done, however, intervened. He asked the mirror to take his life instead so that my mother would not lose me. The mirror, instead, choose to take half of each of our life forces - saving us both, while still allowing the wish to be granted.

After that, Spirit World put me, and Hiei (the friend I mentioned before), on probation; assisting Yusuke in his spirit detective duties. The story is longer, but know that I became friends with a group of very odd people.

Yusuke: A middle school drop out, punk, spirit detective

Hiei: A powerful half fire demon, half ice maiden (although he'd kill me for saying this) whose life long goal is to gain power while searching for his long lost twin sister.

Botan: A very peppy grim reaper

Yukina: Hiei's ice maiden twin sister (he refuses to tell her, or Kuwabara about this, though)

Kazuma Kuwabara: Very much like Yusuke, a punk and fighter (but not a drop-out), I honestly believe he stays around to flirt with Yukina and fight with Yusuke

Keiko Yukimura: Yusuke's friend and (almost) girlfriend. She is rather studious most of the time, but always there for Yusuke.

Genkai: An old master, and Yusuke's mentor. She knows several fighting styles involving both physical techniques and spirit energy.

Koenma: Ruler of Spirit World and Yusuke's employer

Along with so many more, but I believe that covers the majority.

Tell me about your life, Harry. Kuronue, ask any questions you may have.

- Kurama


Dear Kurama,

Wow! That is all I can say, just, wow. I thought I had some strange friends... And to answer your question, I am writing with quill and parchment because that is what they give us here, in the western Wizarding world. Don't they do that in the east? Yeah, it is kind of backwards; if you ever visited it looks like we stepped back in time several centuries; both amazing and annoying. How do you know so much about the Wizarding World, anyway?

So you're in high school? I'm assuming a muggle high school. It's rather bizarre to think about, just because I only know what your fox-humanoid form looks like from Kuronue's memories; thinking about that image of you sitting behind a desk in a classroom full of kids is hilarious.

We heard about you through someone who witnessed The Dark Tournament who said your human body has red hair and green eyes, but I won't be able to picture it until I see you. I was wondering if you would send a picture of yourself, if I sent you one of me. I put it in the envelope: it's a picture of me and my two best friends Ronald Weasley (left) and Hermione Granger (right).

Ron is a little thick-headed sometimes, and doesn't have the best manners, but he's loyal and a good friend. He's also a genius at chess.

Hermione is a bookworm, but she is really intelligent and caring. She'll do her best to help you with a problem, even if she has to research for hours (which she will).

Kuronue is making jokes that you sound like the 'Hermione' of your group. (Along with this Keiko girl.) I kind of agree with him, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

Oh, I wanted to ask you. How old are you, Kurama? (Both ages?) And how did you get involved in the Dark Tournament anyway? Kuronue says that it's for lower class demons to compete in, and definitely not what you're usually into.

~ I'm gone for half a century and this is the kind of mischief you get into? I must say, this is a new level even for you. I too am curious about the Dark Tournament, as well as any other events you've managed to get involved in.

~So, Fox, what exactly happened after I died, and who was it that tried to, and almost succeeded, in killing you? Not many were strong enough to even fight against you, let alone outmatch you.

- ~Kuronue & Harry


Harry & Kuronue,

Kuronue, I can tell that you are serious about this topic, so I will answer you immediately and with equal seriousness regarding my almost death. A Spirit World Hunter, one whose power was about on par with an S class demon's, went after me specifically. He left false evidence for one of my men to find concerning a 'lost treasure' of a member of Spirit World that had been hidden in Demon World. I wouldn't have believed it, but it had been written in a human language (Japanese); since most demons think themselves above humans I knew that this was not a trap by another demon.

I just didn't think it would be a trap from a Spirit World entity. They always try to be so noble, so self-righteous... I underestimated them. A group of Spirit World Hunters ambushed us near the 'treasure', killed most of my men. I, and the few remaining, ran. The leader went after me. I thought I could lose him in Human World, but he still pursued me. He shot some very powerful spirit energy and wounded me greatly. One more shot and I would have been done for. That was when I used my last bit of strength to do two things: spring a trap using the unknown-to-him Human World plants, creating a distraction, and then using the rest of my power to seek out a soulless body to push my own soul into. It did not take me long to find a fetus, developed enough to hold a soul but not along enough to have developed a natural one.

I don't know if you know too much about souls, Harry. But when a baby's body in the womb is grown enough the fates will implant a 'blank; soul into it. A 'blank' soul is a soul made from pure energy - to give the body it inhabits life - and the bindings of specifically chosen 'past lives' that act as traits to influence the environmental factors that the soul experiences. This way everybody turns out different. You see how siblings aren't the same, even though they have the same genes and were raised by the same parents in similar manners... that is because of 'past lives', or 'soul influences' as people more into researching them will call them.

I will tell the both of you of my adventures with this group as we continue.

Harry, while the image in your head is rather humorous, I believe that we should correct it. Since you've sent a picture of yourself and your friends, I have done the same.

In the picture are: Me (back left), Kuwabara (Back right), Hiei (front left), Yusuke (front, middle-left), Keiko (front, middle-right), and Botan (front right).

Yukina was also there but did not wish to enter the picture based on the superstition that a camera can take your soul if you're photographed.

No, Harry. They do not have it like that in the east. I have also seen the wizards over here use pens. While there are those completely assimilated in the magical world who tend to ignore the 'muggle' one (I'm afraid that's everywhere), Wizarding Japan doesn't look too different from the 'muggle' one in terms of architecture or even fashion. It's a very interesting mix.

I know about the Wizarding World because I make it my business to know as much about my territory as possible. I find out every secret so that no 'surprises' can come later. Using my demon energy I can see through the illusions to portals, the same as a regular Wizard would. All I had to do was enter, and so I did.

Honestly, I don't care for it as much as I do 'muggle' Japan, where there is still plenty of supernatural occurrences despite the lack of magical humans.

...There is nothing wrong with a pursuit of knowledge. And if anyone is 'like anyone', this Ron seems like a combination of Kuwabara and Yusuke; they may not be book smart but they are street smart and Yusuke personally has been called a genius at fighting. Granted, chess and fighting are certainly two very different things...

I can't even remember my youko age, but it's around one thousand... or close to it. My human age is sixteen.

No, the Dark Tournament isn't something I'd normally choose to compete in, however the circumstances were dire. Not only I, but also Hiei, Yusuke, and Kuwabara were sent an invitation to be the invited team for that year. And Harry, I use the term invitation lightly. In reality if we would have refused they would have come after us and those that we loved. It's either fight (where most of the time the invited team is killed off immediately), or pay the price; a die or die situation.

I actually had come close to death a couple of times in the tournament, I will admit. But I am stronger for it. I had also gained a way to transform into my youko body. I had used a potion to help me transform into youko during the tournament. But the potion had done more than that, it had also helped me retain about of my old powers after transforming back to my human body.

After a few other events, I now have the ability to transform at will. So, I suppose 'every cloud has a silver lining' as the saying goes.

I would tell you more about it, but the details are gory and I'm note sure how Harry would handle them. Also, I feel that Kuronue may be upset with how much I had to endure.

So I will end this letter here, for now.


~Dammit Fox!

~ I know that whatever happened in that Tournament must have had you an inch away from death! You never admit to anything being as bad as it really was, so I know that when you say you almost died that it was pretty damn serious!

Um, hey, Harry here. Kuronue needs to cool down a bit. He really cares about you, and I think you scared him in a way. I mean, he hasn't seen you for years and suddenly he learns that he could have lost you before he even knew he could have you again...

I'm sorry. I'm not blaming you, I'm glad that you told us. I hate when people lie, so thank you.

And I actually know how you feel. I was forced to compete in this thing called the Tri-Wizard tournament in my fourth year, all because someone else put my name in! I was fourteen, and the competition was only supposed to be for anyone seventeen or older. But since the competition was magical and binding, I had to compete. It was deadly and a friend of mine actually died.

I can handle the gore, so I'll trade you. You swap your story, and I'll swap mine.

By the way, I'm sixteen too.

I guess I'll end this letter here, I won't be able to concentrate until Kuronue calms down. We'll talk to you soon, Kurama.

- Harry & Kuronue

Review Replies/Acknowledgments:


berkie88 - Yes, I put Kurama as 16, since I'm mainly following the anime, and I know that he was 15 for the majority of it, and I'm trying to angle it so that everything is pretty much done in the series (except for the extras where they all meet up again years later), but also young enough that he's within Hogwarts age. He's not going there, but *Spolier* Dumbledore may be eccentric enough to let him stay the holidays with Harry next year. And don't worry, it's more of like foreshadowing for Voldie's Attempt.



Sinopa Ariyana - I'm glad you like my writing style. :) That's a relief, really. Hmm, I think his reaction would depend on the first impression Kuronue gives him (i.e. does he pick a fight right off the bat, or is he decent first). Hiei doesn't really like anyone. He might admire Kuronue for his skills, but dislike him for his personality. This is set after the YYH series, mainly centered in the anime with a few manga influences, but not many (if any) references to the movies; mainly because they don't really seem to fit in. Haha! I guess it would be a foursome, huh? xD

IAmTheTaintedAngel 1

Tialakit - Is that really what they're called? I was just kind of basing them on the ones from Hercules and Macbeth. But if they're already established then ok, that works.


Kitsune Tenchi no Yami



rianifitria - That's actually where I was aiming. =) Nice inferring skills!

Chibi-chan - I'm sorry you were disappointed, and you have the right to be. I don't really have an excuse since I did eventually obtain a computer. Really it was just a case of low muse, and school work. I hope this update makes up for my lacking a bit. It's the longest chapter of anything I've ever written.

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