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Sam never got another chance to talk to Quinn until school started. He would see her out around town, usually with that idiot boyfriend of hers. He would roll his eyes as he watched them. Sam didn't understand why he felt this way away about the blond cheerleader. He just did. Every time he would see her, hanging on to the muscle head, fawning over him, he would want to puke. The thing was, Sam could tell it was fake. He could tell that she didn't really want to be with him. As soon as Puck would leave to do whatever it is that she sent him to do, her smile would drop and an annoyed look would cross her face. Sometimes, she just looked sad.

One time he saw her shopping with the other two cheerios he had met that first day. They were all in normal clothes, Santana in an outfit that left little to the imagination, Brittany's shirt was on backwards, and then there was Quinn. She was in a simple white dress with a baby blue cardigan. He never thought she looked prettier than she did at that moment.

His courage, the thing most people admired about him, was gone when she was in the picture. Later, in bed, he would wonder why he was afraid of a seventeen year old girl. Life mostly went on. The one thing that would haunt him at the wee hours in the morning was her eyes. They were beautiful, no doubt about it, but they were so sad. Even when she had a smile on her face, the look in her eyes were unmistakable. She was that little girl in the mall still. Quinn was still being held captive in some way, trying to get free.


Quinn wasn't stupid. She knew the deal with Puck was either going to happen or not and she was getting scared. No, she wasn't afraid of having sex, per say, but she was afraid of it being with him. She didn't like to be touched. She hadn't since getting pregnant with Beth. But, she felt like she couldn't deny Puck. So every time his fingers moved up her skirt or his lips attached themselves to her midsection, the girl would close her eyes and try and pretend it was someone else. Usually her mind went to Coach Evans. She knew it wasn't healthy and it wasn't okay, but it was the only image that made things bearable.

Yes, she got turned on by his touches. Who wouldn't when there was someone touching you in those places? It had zero to do with Puck. It could have been anyone, guy or girl, and she would have reacted the same. Especially when she closed her eyes and another man's face entered her mind. Puck was good about making sure she got what she needed before taking care of himself. That was the one thing she refused to do. She just couldn't imagine and though Puck pouted about it, he didn't try to force her.

Quinn suspected he was getting it elsewhere. The thought should bother her, but in all honesty, she didn't care anymore. Okay, that was a lie, but she told herself that so she didn't break down even more. School was starting the next day and in a week, Puck was going to expect her to give it up. She knew she had to somehow prove that he was cheating.


The first day of school was actually not so bad for the man. His English students were lazy and wanted to pretend not to care, but they were freshman. He really hoped his seniors were more interested in what was going on. He had the lunch duty for seniors and juniors so when the bell rang after fifth period, his lunch, and headed for the cafeteria. He saw a lot of his football players, all who waved and said 'Hey Coach,' when he passed by. His duty was to make sure no one cut in lines and other various things like that.

"Hi there, I'm Tina Chang. I teach senior English," a bubbly voice said behind him.

Sam turned around and smiled at the woman in front of him. She was shorter than him, cute and seemed to be generally happy.

"Hello. I'm Coach Evans. Freshman English, Astronomy, glee club assistant coach and football coach," he said, a grin on his face as he shook her outstretched hand.

"Oh, yes. I know. To quote some of my girls, 'hottie with a body' and 'Hella Booty.'

Sam blushed and shook his head. He had no idea the girls were saying that about him. He licked his lips and shook his head once more.

"Teenage girls…I don't know about them these days…"

"How old are you, Coach? If you don't mind me asking," she said after they both laughed again.

"I'm twenty-two. Fresh out of college. What about you?"

"I'm twenty-two! It's my second year teaching, I graduated college early. My husband thinks I'm insane for going into the profession."

He laughed and smiled at her. "I think we are all insane. What does your husband do?"

"He's a dance instructor. He's really good. We've been together since I was a sophomore and he was a junior. In high school, that is."

Sam smiled at her. He was always a sucker for a love story. It was something he use to hate about himself. He was a true romantic. Any girl he use to date always got the full royal treatment. They got the flowers, the music, anything they wanted. One time he was set to sing to a girl he thought he loved, only to find out she had cheated on him.

"That's really awesome. He sounds like a great guy."

"Mike is pretty much perfection. I think you would like him. He played for McKinley when he was in high school."

"Oh? Wait. Mike Chang?" he asked, knowing the question was stupid. She did say her last name was Chang.

"Yes! You know my husband?" she asked.

"Yeah I do. I went to McKinley for my junior year. We played football together. And sang in glee club together."

She grinned and nodded her head. "Yes! That's the one. I went to McKinley as well but I didn't join glee until the next year. It's a small world."

Sam would have went on chatting to her. She was nice and he did know her husband. He thought he faintly remembered his girlfriend. But just at that very moment, a familiar blond came into the room. He hadn't seen her all day and the sight of her nearly took his breath away. She walked into the room, hands on her hips, one leg in front of the other, looking like she was working a runway. The other two girls he met were behind her, scanning the room. Her eyes, however, were set straight in front of her. She gave off a vibe like she owned the school. And, from what he could tell, she did.

Guys were hitting each other as she walked by them. She ignored each and every one of them. Even her own boyfriend. She didn't, however, ignore him. She walked past him, turned her head and raised an eyebrow, giving him a small smirk as she did. And then she was gone. For that brief moment, it was like everything was in slow motion.

"She's…well she's had a rough time from what Mr. Schuester tells me. I wasn't here for her fallout. Apparently she got pregnant when she was fifteen, a sophomore. Can you imagine? And…Noah Puckerman is the father. Apparently he got her drunk and took advantage. She had a tough time he says. She went from being the most beautiful to the most picked on. And the father? He was still a God. She got kicked out of her house, kicked off of The Cheerios…she wasn't even dating Noah then. She was dating Finn. Do you know Finn? She lost everything she worked for. Mr. Schuester and his kids took her in. She gave her baby up. Placed her in the arms of another woman. I feel sorry for her. But I was here when she got it all back. She fought tooth and nail and ended up winning Junior Prom Queen. She's called the 'Ice Princess' because after what Noah did she wouldn't look at another boy. She talks to her ex-boyfriend some and his girlfriend, but mainly she just stays away from guys in general."

Sam took all the information in. Sure, he could have learned about most of this if he wanted to, but his student's personal lives were usually none of his concern. But, after hearing Tina's description of what happened to the girl with the sad eyes, he wanted nothing more than to help her. He knew she was still lost and yearning to break free. He could see it in her eyes. But he was a teacher and she was his student and there was only so much he could do to save her.

"Wow. That's…poor girl. She's been through way too much for her age."

"She has…and rumor has it, the lady who adopted her baby is moving back to Lima."

Tina then moved away from him, talking to one of her students that approached her. Sam was left there with his thoughts.


As angry as Quinn had been with Sam that day in the hallway, her heart still pounded uncontrollably when she saw him at lunch. She was nervous. Her last class of the day was Astronomy and yes, with Coach Evans. She walked into the cafeteria, head held high like always. He was standing beside her cheerful English teacher and looking at her. Her eyes met his and she passed him, smirk on her face. She knew the guys wanted her and in her mind, it was because she was untouchable. Maybe Coach thought the same? She grabbed a water and a small salad and made her way to the usual table she sat at with Santana and Brittany.

Santana sat down across from her and gave her a look. "I saw that, Q."

"I don't know what you are talking about, Santana. You saw nothing."

"Oh, I saw something alright. Eye sex. And you know what I'm talking about. You mastered that freshman year. It's what makes all the guys want you. But what I saw was a little deeper than what you usually do. Are you sure you are still into Puckerman?"

Quinn rolled her eyes and plopped a tomato into her mouth. She chewed carefully and swallowed. Of course she wasn't still into Puckerman. She really never had been. "We're still dating aren't we?" she asked, turning the table on the Latina instead of answering the question.

"Sure. But dating doesn't mean shit and you know it. I don't think you-" but she was interrupted by the other blond of the group.

"San, does the Gingerbread Man live on the same street as I do?" Brittany asked as she sat down, Dots being the only thing on her tray.

The other two girls looked at her like she was insane. "What are you talking about Britt?" Santana asked her.

"Well, today in English, Mrs. Chang said we had to write a paper. She told me I could write it on my favorite movie. That was hard to pick though, San. I like Bring it On, Homeward Bound, Shark Boy and Lava Girl and Shrek. But I picked Shrek. I like cartoons. And then Mrs. Chang said to write down things about the movie. So I started to think. Q always says I live in a fairy tale and my street is named Droid Lane. That's the same one as the Gingerbread Man. Do you think the old man next door is keeping him hostage?"

Quinn and Santana exchanged looks. "B, the Gingerbread Man lives on Drury Lane," Quinn answered carefully.

"Besides, you live on Mockingbird, not Droid. We don't even have a street named Droid Lane."

"Oh. Well, Artie kind of looks like a robot and…"

Quinn tuned her out, eyes finding Coach Evans' perfect body. He was squatted down, back to her, helping Coach Sylvester find her other contact lens. Quinn had a perfect view of one of his best assets. She licked her lips. It was strange how she could find herself turned on just by looking at him but when she was touched by Puck, well it was hard. Her phone vibrated in her lap, causing her to jump and the two other girls to look at her. She quickly picked it up and looked at it.

Hey Baby Mamma…what are you doing tonight? Wanna come to the house? No one will be home. ~Puckzilla

The girl rolled her eyes and quickly tapped a reply out to him.

Well, with that amazing greeting, how could I say no. Actually, Puck, I can't today. Mom's home. ~Q

It's all a part of my charm, Q. And that's lame. Fine. I'll go out instead.~Puckzilla

She tucked her phone away in her purse and bit down on her lip. She knew what he meant by he was going out. He might not say it and he would tell her she was insane if she brought it up, but Quinn knew he was going to meet a girl. And though it hurt her pride, it didn't bother her that much. She was just going to break up with him after school. She didn't need a man.


Sam ruffled through his papers as his freshman class left the room. It was officially the last period of the day and he was getting to have his Astronomy class. Though he liked English well enough, Astronomy had always been close to his heart. He bit down on his lip and looked up as he saw students come into his class. One of them, a perky brunette, came straight to his desk, blocking his view of the other students.

"Hello! I'm Rachel Barbara Berry! It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Coach Evans. I am looking forward to the time we will invest in each other's company. I have you know that I am aware that you will also be our assistant coach for glee club. Now, I am the lead female in said glee club. I know you will be in awe of my natural talent and I do hope my exceptional ability proves to be gratifying for you to hear."

He was actually quite shocked at her vocabulary and the way she spoke. Not to mention he sort of found her annoying, but he figured she was one of those students that would grow on him. The bell rang and he grabbed the roll call sheet without looking up.

"Hello class, welcome to Astronomy. I'm Coach Evans. I'm going to do roll call and we'll start talking about the things we'll cover this year. First up, Arthur Abrams."

"Here, yo. Can you call me Artie please?"

"Sure thing," he said as he looked at the wheelchair bound boy and smiled. His head dipped back down to the paper. "Rachel Berry."


"Chase Billman?"


"Katie Dole?"


"Melanie Dole?"


"Qu-" he stopped and did a double take. Yes, it was her. "Quinn Fabray?"

"Present," she said in a low, seductive sounding voice.

He swallowed and bit down on his lower lip, looking up to meet her eyes. Some boys were snickering in the back, probably at the way he messed her name up. He glared at them. They were two of his football players.

"Peters, Rung, I suggest you stop the giggling like girls if you don't want to run after practice today."

"Yes sir."

He looked back down at his list and continued. "Kurt Hummel?" He checked off a name.

"Stella Jones?"

"Yes sir, right here," the girl said.

"Would you happen to be related to Mercedes Jones?"

"Oh yeah! I'm her younger sister. Do you know her?"

"We dated briefly. She was a good friend."

The girl smiled and nodded her head, Sam continued reading names.

"Sarah Lamas?"


"Santana Lopez?"

"Your first wish has been granted. I'm here. Now how may I help you achieve your other two?" the Latina said, dirty grin on her face, hands folded under her breasts to accentuate them.

"David Martin? Christian Peters?" Both players were there.

"Brittany Pierce?"

"I think I'm here. I can see you and hear you. So yeah…I'm here."

He continued on reading the names out. All of his students were in class.

"Okay, class, I have syllabi for everyone," he said as he walked down the aisles, handing everyone stapled papers. The class collectively groaned.

"Astronomy is not a blow off class, guys. It's hard work, but I'm going to make it as fun as possible. Put your syllabi away and get ready for a quiz. It won't be for a grade, just for me to see how much y'all know."

The class instantly got quiet as they started to work on their paper. Sam sat down in his chair, watching the class intently. He saw Santana trying to give him peeps up her skirt. No doubt she wasn't wearing much of anything underneath. He was pretty sure Brittany's paper was upside down. Quinn, however, was working furiously. He smiled, knowing she would be a good student. The time passed quickly and the bell rang. Sam said his goodbyes and turned to pack up his bag. He had practice in an hour to get ready for.

"Mr. Evans?" he heard a familiar, angelic voice say.

He turned and smiled. "Yes, Quinn? Is there something I can help you with?"

"Can we talk? It won't be long, I promise. I just…please?"

He nodded his head and motioned for her to pull a chair up. He walked to close the door and then sat down in his chair. "What's up Quinn?"

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for lashing out on you the last time we talked. I'm not use to people caring about what I do. Plus, you are a teacher so that wasn't right of me. So, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Quinn. It wasn't right of me to barge into your business. I've known guys like Puckerman and I was just watching out for your safety."

She smiled at him and bit down on her lip. "Thank you."

"So, Quinn, I hear you are in glee club. I went to school here at McKinley my junior year and Mr. Schuester took me in. The glee club was just forming then. We made it work. So, Schue has invited me to be his assistant this year."

The girl smiled at him and nodded her head. "That'll be fun, Mr. Evans. Yes, I'm in glee club. Sylvester hates it. But they are my family. My sophomore year…something bad happened and well, I lost my position on the cheerios. I was slushied by the football team. Do you know Karofsky? Of course you do…he did it. Blue. I looked like an Avatar down there…."

"That's horrible, Quinn…don't worry. If I see it happening, they will be punished. No one is going to slushy anyone anymore." Sam didn't question her about the something bad. He knew she was talking about her pregnancy.

"It's okay. But even after last year, when I regained my title as HBIC, I still stood by them….I've met Mercedes, by the way. The girl you said you dated. She's nice…"

"I heard she became a diva after I moved…"

She giggled and nodded her head. "Yes."

Sam looked into her eyes and she looked into his. She looked so lost, like she was begging for someone to help her and yet, no one realized. "Lor Menari," he blurted out.

"What's that mean?"

"It means…you have pretty eyes…in Na'vi…the Avatar language…"


The two of them had moved extremely close and somehow, he felt that it was right.

"Mr. Evans…thank you. You make me feel like I'm pretty…I've got to go…" she said. She practically ran from his office, leaving Sam with his head in his hands.


Quinn didn't know what to do. She had just bolted from his room. She leaned against her locker, breathing hard. What in the world happened back there? She didn't know, but one thing was for sure, she was attracted to Mr. Evans. And not just physically. This scared her. Quinn knew what she had to do. She had to break up with Puck.

The girl fixed her skirt and top and pulled her ponytail tighter. She walked towards the gym. She found her boyfriend, talking to a girl and she rolled her eyes. "Puckerman. We need to talk." She walked away and waited for him to follow.

"What's up, Q?" he said as he found her in the next hallway. "Wanna head to the janitor's closet?"

"No. Puck…I've decided I want to be single. I don't need a boyfriend right now and you don't need a girlfriend. No one is angry or hurt…we're just friends. Okay?"

He shrugged and nodded his head. "Cool. See ya around Baby Mamma," he said before walking back towards the locker rooms.

Quinn sighed and leaned against a locker. Today had been insane.