Hermione comforted Harry as Malfoy left their compartment. What he had said worried them, but they both knew that Sirius was safe. They were speaking in hushed whispers as Hermione filled in details that the order had left out, things that the prophet had said about him and what she thought about both. Harry listened with unwavering attention as Hermione explained how she would skin the minister and Dumbledore alive the next time they met. What particularly brightened Harry's day was her leaning against him and putting her head on his shoulder as she spoke.

Meanwhile Ronald Weasley had been watching them. What he saw he didn't like. Harry and Hermione were growing closer by the minute and Ron thought that it had to stop.

"So what were you two talking about that you couldn't tell us?"

Different Reactions reflected on everyone's faces. Neville looked confused while Luna stared at them with interest, and Ginny looked livid at the prospect of them becoming closer.

Hermione scowled, because everything she had said was information that Dumbledore didn't want harry to know. Why their headmaster was keeping her best friend in the dark Hermione didn't know, but she wouldn't stand aside and let him wonder around in the dark. She would always be there for him.

"I was just filling Harry in on what he's missed out on during the summer."

Ron looked shocked. "But Dumbledore said we couldn't!" He immediately wished that his mouth could be cursed shut.

Harry was giving off a deathglare. "So" he started. "Dumbledore doesn't want me knowing anything, even now? He doesn't think I can handle myself or what?"

Ron sputtered out something really stupid then, "Well, it's Dumbledore so if he thinks you can't handle it then you can't."

One thing became crystal clear to Neville and Luna when Ron made that last comment. Do Not Piss Off Hermione Granger. She stood up and shouted.

"How dare you say that to Harry? He has been handling situation that even dumbledore couldn't since he was twelve! Who killed the basilisk? Who saved Sirius? Who escaped Voldemort? Who win the Triwizard Cup? Harry!

"And who did nothing but look like a fool while students were attacked?


Who stood by and watched as Harry struggled to save Sirius?


Who offered no help to a fourth year, even though he was competing against seventh years?

Albus Bloody Dumbledore! He has done nothing to help harry! So don't you come crawling to me with that bull that the sun shines out of his arse! He has done nothing to convince me that he's competent enough to be trusted with harry's wellbeing. So you can take that 'Dumbledore says' crap, and shove it!" And with that Hermione sat down and breathed deeply, partly to calm herself, partly because she had said all that in one go. As she breathed harry started to put his arm around her, but ginny stopped him.

"Are you just gonna let her say those things?" ginny asked.

Harry put his arm around hermione's waist, showing his support and affection. While he did this he glared at the redheads and in an icy voice said, "Hermione has never steered me wrong, and I'm not going to doubt anything she says, not now or ever. If you have a problem with that there are other compartments."

Ginny got the message and took Ron by the hand and left, leaving only Luna, Neville, Harry, and Hermione behind. Hermione immediately turned to face Harry and hugged him like never before. "Thank you for that Harry, you have no idea what that means to me."

Harry hugged her back, saying, "I meant every word of it Hermione, I would follow you straight into Voldemort's lair if you asked me to, because I know that you will never lead me wrong."

Clapping brought them back to reality, and to their spectators, both of whom were giving their applause. Luna spoke first. "Oh how romantic. How long have you two been together then?"

Harry blushed but felt he needed to answer the strange girl. "We aren't together."

Neville snorted at that, and leaned over to whisper in Luna's ear. When he withdrew Luna was in a fit of giggles. Hermione stared at the two and asked, "What?"

Neville grinned and looked over at Luna and nodded, telling her that she could tell them. Luna nodded and calmed herself a little before speaking. "Well Neville here just informed me that you two have been dating since practically first year, but just didn't realize it."

She had said it with such conviction that neither responded, both deep in thought of how accurate her statement was. They did spend almost all their time together, and had only argued once, over the Firebolt. And Hermione had stood by Harry throughout the Triwizard tournament, even when the rest of his friends abandoned him.

They were both knocked out of their thoughts violently as the Hogwarts Express came to a rather noisy stop. Harry and Hermione were thrown onto the bench, while Neville and Luna were tossed to the ground. After they had all stood up an announcement proclaimed their predicament.

/Attention all passengers, this is the conductor speaking. The Hogwarts Express has run into technical difficulties with the enchantments that run it, and therefore we are stuck. The headmaster is required to lift the charms protecting the engine so that we may fix the issue with the other spells, and therefore must be fetched from Hogwarts. The fastest way of doing this is by sending an owl, but it will still be tomorrow morning before the headmaster can reach us. Because of this, we will be distributing sleeping bags to all passengers, and will have you all sleeping in your compartments. That is all. /

Soon sleeping bags were passed out to the occupants of the train and the four in the compartment quickly realize that they had a problem with sleeping space. Luna solved the problem by taking Neville by the hand and exiting the compartment to find an emptier one, bidding Harry and Hermione an enjoyable night.

Once they were gone Harry turned to Hermione and said, "So which bench do you want?"

Hermione ignored Harry and took both sleeping bags and dumped them both on the floor between the benches, one on top of the other. After this was done she turned back to face Harry. "Do you want the loo to change into or this compartment?"

Harry blushed and grabbed his things, saying that she could have the compartment. After that he headed for the loo. When he got back he saw Hermione sitting cross-legged on the bench with a book in her hands. Her pajamas consisted of loose shorts that left Harry with plenty to look at, and a shirt that had a V-cut going down well into her cleavage. Her blush was prominent, and meant she knew what she was wearing was revealing. What she didn't know was how much it turned Harry on. Taking deep breaths Harry calmed himself before sitting next to her and asking what she was reading.

She looked up from her book and said, "Hogwarts, A history. I'm looking to see if the train has ever broken down before."

Harry nodded. One of the best things about Hermione was that she never freaked out if something went wrong, she immediately set about trying to figure out what was wrong and fix it. "Find anything?"

Hermione shut the book and put it away before answering, "No, nothing. This train has worked fine since they began using it in 1936. Back then it ran on steam like all trains, but now it works by using wards and runes."

"Could the Runes have broken?"

Hermione gasped. "Maybe! And the wards protecting them from tampering require the headmaster to deactivate them to get to the broken Runes!"

Harry could only smile as she figured it out in a heartbeat. Hermione was so smart it was almost scary. Hermione caught him staring and asked "What?"

Harry shook his head slightly, still smiling. "Nothing really, I was just admiring your brilliance." Hermione blushed, and reached over to wrap Harry in a soft hug. Harry was shocked for a second, but then returned the hug.

After a few minutes they broke apart, and Harry suggested they get into bed. Hermione agreed and they soon found themselves under the covers. It only took them a moment to realize that they weren't going to have enough room to sleep on one side or the other, so Harry opened his arms and Hermione snuggled close to him, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his chest. In minutes they were sound asleep.

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