Hakai Suru series: Chapter one, Raifu



Hakai Suru-Destroy


Ni mieta-Looked




Chiketto- Ticket

Hakai no kōdo-Destruction code



She showed me Raifu and Hakai. Hakai she showed me on purpose, Raifu by destiny.

See her goal was to Hakai suru Raifu, destroy life. All life, not just the Raifu of beastmen.

And I was her Chiketto, ticket, to this Hakai. I didn't want her to destroy our world, but she wasn't a listener.

Oh Morte!

There was another problem than that. Toppy thought I was falling for that On'nanoko. I wasn't falling for her! Was I? I wasn't worth her time.

Then I met Agan and saw how she Ni mieta at him. I wished she looked at me like that, but all I saw in her eyes was anger.

Something I hated.

She looked at Naja and Lia the same way she Ni mieta at me. They were the enemy. Does that mean I'm one too?

Should I leave? They're better off without me.

But Toppy has stopped me several times before.

'There are two kinds of people, Kuma.' He starts. 'Kind people and mean people.' He looks at me. 'You fit in kind, Kuma. Morte isn't in any one. It's to soon to tell.' Then I would sigh and walk back to where we had been sleeping.

I said hai every time she asked for something. She got what she wanted.

Even that day.

It was the day I feared. I had gotten tossed away like a doll. No one Sewa for Kyrie any more. My Raifu was disappearing. I could see myself

getting up and waiting. Then I could see Naja Wadai to me. I didn't respond. Someone else joined us and another conversation Kidō. I only heard one sentence.

'He's the real Destruction code.'

I'm the Hakai no kōdo? I didn't want to be that! I found myself saying yes, that I am the real code and that the other code was mymemories. I fainted in my own mind.

I woke up when I saved Morte and Toppy. We all ran out.

Hakai Suru. I hated those words.

Hakai no kōto. That was me.

Ni mieta. I could only look at my past as a reminder of the good days.

Wadai. I miss the sound.

Chiketto. I was a ticket to someone's happiness

Sewa. Now people care.

Hakai. It's a evil word.

Kidō. It has started.

I closed my eyes. Inside I could see every place I've ever been to turn to sand. Everyone I ever knew running. I felt someone hug me.

'That's enough Kyrie. We don't have to destroy anything.'

I opened my eyes to see that I was in Morte's arms.

'Morte?' I asked.

I'm glad you don't want Hakai Suru anymore.

Maybe Ai can take over your heart. I hope Morte.

Hakai no kōto, stay deep inside of me. I want to live my Raifu myself.

Maybe my Raifu was just beginning.

I'm planning on this being the first ones. The second 'book' will be a group of Black Cat one shots with the Characters. Anime and Manga. I'm not done with the manga yet, so when I start, bare with me.

I hope you enjoyed.

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