I wrote this during NaNoWriMo in my mother tongue. Right now I'm in the process of translating the story. The story is unbeta-ed, but I hope I got rid of most spelling mistakes. But if someone would be willing to beta this (and maybe the 4-part sequel), I would be very happy.
But now, on to the prolog...


This is my last call to you
Then I'll give up everything
That we had, that we'd do
And you'll never hear me sing
All these songs about you

Kurt stares at his cell phone almost coaxing. Why doesn't it ring? He looks at his watch. Well, okay, it's not evening in Los Angeles yet, maybe Blaine is still at some casting, or he finally found a job to keep his head above water in the meantime, or -

Kurt's cell phone rings and vibrates at the same time. Mere seconds before it falls from his table he grabs it and taps the 'call' button.

"Finally! You can't imagine how long -"

"Kurt?" Rachel's voice carries through.

"Oh, it's you Rachel." Kurt can't keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"Blaine still hasn't called?"

He shakes his head, only to remember that Rachel can't see him.

"No." He breathes out slowly. "That's the third day he hasn't called. I haven't heard anything from him since the short call between his arrival at the motel and his departure to the casting.

For a short moment there is only silence at Rachel's end.

"But of course you tried calling him, did you?"

Kurt can't keep himself from rolling his eyes. "Of course I did, Rachel."

"And he doesn't answer?"

"No. He doesn't answer my texts, either. I ..." He hears someone talking silently on Rachel's end. "Who's with you, Rachel?"

"Huh? Oh, my agent just came in and told me that they want me for Maria at an off- Broadway- production of West Side Story."

And there it's gone, the fleeting moment in which Rachel Berry concentrates her attention on someone else than herself. He can throw in a short "Congrats, Rachel!" before she starts chattering away about her new role and how fast she'll have a role on Broadway afterwards and Kurt will certainly - "I'm perfectly sure!" - get a role for himself soon, too.

The only thing he wants to get, Kurt thinks a few minutes later after he hung up and takes a look at his watch, is a call from Blaine. A call in which Blaine tells him everything is okay. That he misses him. That Los Angeles isn't as nice as he thought. That he comes home soon and that he wants to try his luck, like Kurt, on Broadway.

But the call doesn't come. Neither that evening nor that night. And neither the next day. And when Kurt hasn't got a sign of life from Blaine two weeks later, he admits to himself that his boyfriend is his ex-boyfriend by now. And that he obviously used Los Angeles as a chance to make off.

A/N: The lyrics are part of Plaine White T's "Last Call".
A/N 2: Thanks to chrono-contract because it seems like I messed up while uploading that story last night. Should be fixed now!