Epilogue part 3

Hey everyone. This is the final part of Howl, I hope you enjoyed reading and thank you for those of you that stayed with me on this. I know the start was shaky and I was told by a lot of people that put them off. I even lost some subscribers too. Either way, thanks for hanging in there.

I'm considering a second story if anyone is interested? I've been toying with the idea of Ayah and the companions adventuring Solstheim with Ayah and Farkas's child. (notice I said child. I don't want to give anything away :3)

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"I'm sorry I've dragged you all from your beds. I'm sure you were busy, sleeping off last night's birthday festivities..." Ayah said bluntly with her arms crossed over her enlarged chest.

It had been four months since Alduin's defeat and Ayah had swelled. Danica said it was because Farkas was so large. Either way, no woman in Whiterun felt sorry for her. She was a good eight months gone by then and the child was growing better than expected after it's mother's fight with Alduin.

Sadly, she no longer fit in her armour...or much else for that matter and had taken to wearing Farkas's shirts.

The other Companion's groaned in unison. The night before had been Farkas and Vilkas's birthday and they'd all gotten stupidly drunk, as usual. Ayah however, had wished her husband a happy birthday and left the Bannered mare early for bed.

Farkas had rolled in at near dawn and Ayah was not pleased.

"I've been thinking..."

"Oh you don't want to do much of that Ayah..." Torvar croaked. "You might hurt yourself."

Her eyes narrowed on him and she was sure, if he wasn't still drunk and she wasn't so heavily pregnant, she'd have punched him in the nose.

"Aye, well, thinking might do some damage to you Torvar, but its a different story for me." She ground out. The closer to the due date she became, the more aggressive she'd become. She didn't mean it. And she always felt guilty afterward, but she couldn't help it. "I want to change the way things work around here."

The Companions scattered about under the Sky forge, propping themselves up against the stone and sat on the floor, all looked up at her groggily.

"You can't...do that." Njada squinted.

"I can and I will." Ayah said blankly.

"This is a legendary warrior brotherhood." Torvar hic-upped. "You can't just...change it."

"I'm not going to change it dramatically..." she sighed, rolling her eyes. "I just want to start pulling us up. We're Companions for Talos sakes. When I met Ysgramor, he said he was grateful for what I did for his companions. Well I want to do more."

"Like what?" Vilkas after from under his bed sheet. He was that hung over he hadn't even bothered to dress and had shuffled over to the under forge in nothing but his bed linens.

Eorlund was not impressed.

"Well, for starters. I want to hand out some roles." Ayah leant back against the stone wall, watching her shield siblings in light amusement. Farkas was fast asleep on the floor beside her. She should have woken him, but she was a little biased. Just a little bit.

"We have roles." Aela sighed from under her folded arms.

"No, you, Farkas and Vilkas hand out jobs and everyone else sits about." Ayah replied. "I want to correct that."

"That's how its always been." Athis yawned.

"And that's why I'd like to change it." She smiled.

"Go on then..." Aela lifted her head and rested her cheek on her palm. "what does our great Harbinger think we should change?"

"Well..." Ayah rubbed her stomach absently as she thought. She'd been seething when Farkas had come home, falling all over the place and had ended up sleeping in Vilkas's room because that's where the twins had staggered to. She'd had a lot of time to think.

"The circle." Vilkas uncovered his face to watch her with narrowed eyes. "I don't want it just to be four people deciding any more. Vilkas?" She looked over to him, but he didn't answer. "I'd like you to be my right hand man...when your sober... I don't know anyone who knows more about the Companions than you. I'd like you to be by my side to keep everything running perfectly."

She noticed the slight smile on his face before he covered himself up again.

"Aela." Ayah next looked to the huntress. "I want you to be the Harbinger's harbinger..." The look on the older woman's face was beautifully amusing and Ayah thought it best to explain. "I need to be kept in check. I'd like you to advise me. There's no better advise than that of an older sister." she smiled.

"Aye..." Aela smirked. "I understand. Thank you."

"Farka-..." Looking down at her husband, Ayah raked her hand through her hair. He was spark out. "Farkas'll take care of the training of the whelps."

"Farkas has always done that." Ria groaned.

"Aye. He just keeps telling me to train..." Torvar snorted.

"Aye, well he wont any more. Because I'm moving you all up." Ayah told them.

All those that had been considered whelps under Kodlak's reign as harbinger looked up from their relaxed positions.

"What?" Njada frowned.

"I'm making you all members of the circle. You'll get your own responsibilities, but I'll wait till your all feeling better to do that." Ayah drawled.

"You're making us members of the circle?!" Ria squealed, the sound making her shield brothers and sisters groan and hiss.

"Aye." Ayah chuckled.

"Well then... whose Farkas in charge of?" Athis asked, his mouth hanging open slightly as his mind ran sluggishly.

"About six days ago, I received word that we have four warriors on their way. They wish to join our rakes after travelling Tamriel. I want you all comfortable in your new roles by the time they arrive." The harbinger hugged herself gently and watched the others as her words sunk in. "New whelps for a new start." she added.

"Oh man..." Torvar gasped.

"Are you sure you're ready for that?" Aela asked, eyeing her harbinger closely.

Looking into the huntress's piercing green eyes, Ayah smiled. "I've never been more ready in my life."

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