"Mom, where are we?" The little girl no more than six years old asked the young lady who was holding her hand.

"Oh, we're just visiting family." She cooed to her daughter. The young lady looked over her outfit making sure it was nice. The light peach of the cotton fabric clung to her body perfectly but gave her s glimpse of innocence, her white tights helped her keep warmth, and so did her white sweater. She crouched down to her daughter who was dressed in a rainbow striped dress, a red beret, a pair of white leggings, and red rain boots. The young women collected her daughter's hand without realizing she let go in the first place and disapperated.

The young women grabbed her daughter before she fell to the ground. She smiled softly at her daughter who was pouting about her almost fall.

"So sorry Rae." She said softly to the six year old.

She walked with her daughter's hand in hand around Diagon Alley, a magical place she hasn't been to in almost seven years. Rae looked around in amazement at to what she has missed in all her life.

"I know Rae, it's spectacular isn't it?" She questioned her daughter. The little girl stared in awe to overwhelmed to answer.

"C'mon, I need you to meet my two favorite people." She said softly into the little girl's ear. She led Rae into a store filled with magic and wonders. When the mother looked at the daughter she laughed at her expression; jaw dropped and eyes wide. The daughter Rae has never seen or imagined anything this extravagant or wonderful in her life. The mother crouched down to her daughter and whispered ,"Don't worry if you can't tell them apart, it takes a while to realize who's who."

Rae looked confused at her mother's words and just nodded. If only she knew what she was about to see, she thought to herself. She giggled and picked up her daughter placing her at her hip, and began walking through the crowded shop. The mother looked around for a while before smiling from ear to ear and having a bit of tears rim on her eyes. Rae looked up at her mommy and begun to feel panicky at the tears in her eyes, but stopped when seeing the huge smile on her face.

"Mommy, why are you crying?" The mother just looked at her daughter and hugged her tight. The mother started to walk more quickly to what looked like a counter but stopped where she saw a Pigmy Puff display and told her daughter, "Chose a Pigmy Puff and I'll be back in a minute or two." The mother lowered her daughter on her feet and kissed her cheek. She was a bit worried, even though Voldemort was killed during the Second Wizarding War, you always have to be careful but she didn't have to worry about that in this shop.

The many giggles and cheers that surrounded her made her even more happy to be in the place that cheered her up even when some bad happened to her in her sixth year. She hasn't been here in years unfortunately and she hopped they would be there.

She leaned on the desk and tapped her finger on the little bell and looked around the shop and smiled.

"Hello there miss, is there anything we could do for you?" A handsome young man said from the back of the desk. She took in his features and smiled. She tried to restrain herself from jumping over the counter and hugging him so she stayed calm and collect.

"Yes, my daughter and I have come from America to talk to some dear old friends of mine. I also need to pay for one of the Pigmy Puffs my daughter has taken a liking to."

He looked at her strangely before cashing in the Galleons she had given him. "Not to be rude, but why are you telling me about your friends?" He asked curiously.

"Well two of my friends should be here right now, and I was wondering if you could help me find them." She looked hopefully up at him knowing that he wouldn't pass on the opportunity to talk to a gorgeous girl even if she was or wasn't married. He flashed her a smile and took her hand. She smiled at the contact and walked with him.

"So, what do your friends look like?" He asked her.

"Well they're twins so it should be hard finding both of them, but I could tell their laughs a mile away." She looked up at one of the missing pieces she was trying to find.

"Twins you say?" He looked thoroughly interested and looked at her trying to calculate something. Realization dawned over him and he smashed her in his arms. As soon as he hugged her, she brought her arms to his neck and squeezed him tight. Tears were falling down her cheeks and she was grinning like a fool. The young man held her at arms length and smiled a t her with tears brimming his eyes.

"Fred." She whispered and held him tight again. He pulled her at arms length again and looked over her numerous times just to make sure she wasn't fake.

"Were have you been?" He asked her softly and sadly. Before her reply had been out her mouth a red headed young man who looked exactly like the one in her arms came into view with a little girl in red rubber rain boots who was clung onto him and her eyes lit up upon seeing her mom.

"Who's this Fred?" The twin holding Rae asked. "Who's that George?" Was his mocking reply nodding his head at the little girl. The young women got out of Fred's arms and held out her hands for the little girl to jump into.

"This is Rae Fred." The young women said to one of the twins.

"And this my friend" Fred said while wrapping an arm around "Is Jasey."

"Jasey? You don't mean!" George wrapped his arms around Jasey and her daughter Rae.

"It's really you?" He asked while trying to commence that the young women was there. She just nodded. Everyone was grinning at each other… well not everyone.

"Mommy, who are these people?" She said kinda dazed looking at the two brothers. Fred and George's attention went to the little girl on Jasey's hip.

"These are your uncles." She said trying to get it out as quickly as possible. They all looked at her with wide eyes, but Rae looked back at her uncles with glee.

"Really?" She asked both the young men.

"Rae where's your Pigmy?" She asked she lowered her daughter to the floor. The little girl looked a bit confused then ran to the Pigmy puff display. Jasey sighed as she looked at her two best friends.

"Look, do you guys think we could talk or I don't know do something? I know I've been gone and that was bad but I know I can't run from my problems. Especially since Rae's been asking who her father was, and I'm such a screw up and I don't know what's wrong with me." She said tiredly and began sobbing as she knew that visiting after being gone for seven years was a wrong idea.

"It-it –it's okay Jasey. We aren't that mad and we missed you so much. Listen why we catch up in a little while when the shop's closed?" Fred tried to reason. Jasey just nodded.

"You could go upstairs with Rae or hang out in the shop." Jasey just nodded to go and get Rae for she was to weak and tired to do anything. Meanwhile in both the twin's thoughts they were both thinking of the same thing.

They both grabbed the girl and pulled her into a hug. Before she left the two, George grabbed her wrist and looked at her with questioning eyes.

"She's Ron's right?" He asked her, knowing that their older brother Bill was maybe a possibility for they were best friends despite the age difference and they always hung out.

"Of course." Jasey said knowing what was on both their minds. She would have never slept with Bill. He was attractive yes, but they were only verry close friends and that would be it. Bill would always tell her stories of the adventures of Gringotts even thought they were mostly fake, and he would take care of the protective brother position that was never filled.

But she loved Ron and Rae was his.