Hello everyone! I'm new here (on Fanfiction), so this probably isn't my best writing… These are not my characters, so yeah. I don't know what to call this, but I'll come up with something… Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Awakening

I could hear muffled voices through layers of dirt.

"On three! One…uh…THREE!" My stem was tugged, but it wasn't enough. "Dang. Again THREE!" This time I was dislodged up to my eyes, and was met by cheers. The bright sunlight hurt my eyes, but I didn't care. When my eyes focused, I could see two pairs of feet: one red, and one yellow. I struggled, but finally got my arms out of the ground. The others seemed to enjoy watching me struggle. I pulled myself out of the dirt, and the two started clapping. The red one helped me up and hugged me.

"What the?" I said angrily and pulled away. The red's face fell. The yellow one interjected before the red one could speak again.

"Congratulations!" he said enthusiastically. He continued, " We were just around the area, you know, and I-well-he" he said pointing at the red one. "said he saw a Pikmin stalk. I was like, 'no,' but then he was al like, 'yeah,' so we went over to it and then we got you out of there!" The yellow one stopped to catch his breath.

The red one sighed.

"Well, I guess we have to take him to Leader now. I wish I would have had more time together, but unless you want to come with us, we'll have to bring you back…"

I was confused. "Back to Leader? Who's he?"

The other Pikmins' mouths dropped open.

"WHO'S LEADER?" they said in unison. Then the yellow one spoke. "This changes everything!" Two Pikmin high fived.

"What?" I said. "I didn't agree on anything…" The two exchanged disappointed looks. "What's 'Leader' look like, anyway?

The yellow thought a moment and then promptly puffed out his chest, and his stem stood on end. He waddled around the clearing. "You know, Olimar." The red gasped.

"You said his name!"

"Come on, you've got get used to calling him that. We're outcasts now."

I interjected. "Um, guys? I guess I'll join you or whatever."

"Yay!" The yellow said.

"Now we can-" the red one trailed off; a buzzing had filled the air. Turning around, I saw a large insect flying straight towards us.

"SNITCHBUG! RUN!" screamed the red Pikmin. And we did. For our lives.

It buzzed right behind me. I seemed to be lagging behind the others. I wondered why. Before I COULD wonder why, the bug grabbed my stem and followed the other two. I kicked, flailed, and yelled, but it was no use. Then it had grabbed the other two, and was flying off with us. I'm not sure how THAT had happened. I looked at the other two, but they were flailing just like me. I looked forward; just in time to see a large rock. I felt pain erupt in my head, the blacked out.

Please note that he is not dead. This a lot different from the original writing. For those who know me (Brandon, Anthony, Liam, and Zak) In the original writing, the red Pikmin was killed, but not in this version. Also, I give some credit to V rex (author of "Spored", which is an awesome fan fiction which I have not finished reading yet) for some of the writing. The next chapter will come out soon. Thanks for reading!