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Chapter 9: Reconfigured

I then dashed away. Call me a coward if you will. Sometimes you just need to get away from everything. This was one of those times. Although not all moments like that are timed perfectly. This was one of those times. Although that seemed stupid at the time (about 5 seconds after I had done it) it was also one of the best decisions of my life.

Let's just say this is how it probably would have gone if I'd stayed there:

The orange Pikmin turn on me and brutally murder me then go after Leader and everything dies.

So it's a good thing I didn't decide to stay. I dashed through the forest, vaguely reminded of when I fled from the snagret and my friends and went after the orange Pikmin that had gone after my blue friend.

Who is now orange.

That was when I realized I yearned to be yellow again. I had had no idea where I was going, but now I knew. I was going to be yellow again. I had to find a yellow canypop bud. But where was I to find one of those? They're so rare. But what about my friends? I knew for a fact that they hate being orange. I couldn't leave them.

I turned around to go back, but I realized that I hadn't been paying attention to where I'd been going, and didn't recognize where I was.

Not this crap again. My life has been going in circles. I've been doing the same things over and over again and again. What am I supposed to be doing? It's like my life is some kind of video game (hee hee), and I don't know how to win.

Screw it, I'm going back for the. If I find a bud and revert back to yellow, what will I have accomplished? There's an even bigger chance of my friends dying if I take that much time. I'm going back for them.

And Leader.

Even though I wasn't entirely sure of the route I was going, I just turned around and started running back the way I came. Maybe.

Well, I never made it back to that clearing where everyone had been fighting. I guess I just missed a turn or something. But, I found something better.

Branches whipped at my face once again as I rushed through the underbrush. Everything was hard to see, especially the pine needle that I tripped over. I tumbled down a hill, hitting every rock that jutted out of the steep ledge. For some reason, it didn't really hurt. As I landed at the bottom of the hill, I heard yelling. I sat up, and was suddenly alert. I looked around, but I didn't see Pikmin. Or Leader.

"YOU!" an unfamiliar voice said. I looked around for speaker.

My attention was drawn to a rock on the side of the ledge that I had fallen down, because a rock had seemed to dislodge itself from the hill. A large grey rock rolled dolled down and landed in front of me.

Then it stood up.


The rock then seemed to unfold, and a Pikmin sprout – A PIKMIN SPROUT – came out of the rock. THE ROCK. A rock Pikmin? What is this?

Anyway, he was pissed off. "YOU, ORANGE! YOU DON'T JUST ROLL DOWN OUR HILL!"

I was too shocked to respond immediately, but I managed to sputter the words, "Th-There are rock Pikmin?"

"No, we're green Pikmin,"

"Really?" I said stupidly.

"NO! How stupid are you?" he said, as 4 more rock Pikmin rolled down the hill and landed behind the first rock Pikmin.

"No, no, I'm sorry! I used to be a yellow Pikmin, but I was taken captive by the orange Pikmin. They transformed me into an orange Pikmin, and I've been trying to find my friends that were fighting the orange Pikmin. I was trying to find my way back to them and Leader, but-"

One of the rock Pikmin interrupted me, "Leader? That short fat guy in the suit?"

I normally wouldn't put up that, but seeing that I was outnumbered 5 to 1, I let it go. Also, I didn't know their abilities at the time, so I didn't want to put myself in danger because someone who isn't here was insulted.

"…Yes." I said stiffly. "Him. I was trying to find him and got lost."

"Well, you can't find him if everyone thinks you're evil and tries to kill you." Said one of the rock Pikmin who hadn't spoken yet. "Should we show him the Medu-"

"NO." said the rock Pikmin in front of me. "We can't have an outcast like this guy be one of us. He would blab. I can tell."

"Come on, if we want to stand any chance we need to make our army grow. Otherwise our race will be extinct. The Slurker will eventually die of or be killed, so we need as many as many as we get."

"…Fine. But he must not reveal any information. If he puts one petal out of line he's gone." He then turned to me and said, "Some with us. But, you must never reveal the location of where we're going."

Although I didn't know what they were talking about, I followed them. Finally, someone who isn't caught up in this whole orange Pikmin. I mean, they are now, seeing as I basically told them my life story. And they seem nice enough.

As I followed the rock Pikmin, they kept looking around. Obviously, what they were about to show me was completely confidential. We eventually arrived at a small cave. I followed them inside, still following.

Are they going to kill me?

But no, they didn't kill me. I heard a trickle of water, and became wary; I doubted orange Pikmin were waterproof.

"We're here." A rock Pikmin to my right said. A floating jellyfloat looking thing was wandering around the cave clearing.

"What's that? A Jellyfloat?" I asked.

"This is the Medusal Slurker. If you want to be one of us, approach it now."

I still couldn't tell if they were trying to kill me. What did I have left to go back to if this were to end my life? A couple orange Pikmin who aren't truly orange and Leader. Are they even still alive? What if I do this for nothing?

Well, I won't be orange.

Okay. I'm doing it. I approached the Slurker cautiously, not taking my eyes off of it. A uvula like dangling thing inside the Slurker vibrated vigorously and I was suddenly inside of it.

I felt my skin hardening, and It seemed like I was growing a shell. I looked down at my body, which was now grey.

I fell out of the Medusal Slurker, feeling the absence of my tail.

I am a rock Pikmin.

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