Yes! It has now started! The story with half- a god! The story with a funny friendship! The story you will love, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Without an Entrance!

Cosette's POV

I admit, I am known for mistakes, trouble, crazy... but now, a knew little adjective is about to top all of those: Insane. This because of many things. I think I should just shut up and tell you of the story.

Chane and I were running like the wind from the police from a nearby VONS that we took some apples from. I know it is bad, I am a daughter of Athena! But, we were hungry.

I watched as Chane munched on an apple while running, her black hair flowing in the wind. "You know you can choke while running and eating at the same time." I told her, hey, I like to be bossy. It is in my natural nature.

"Shut up Zet, don't be talking. Last week, you almost choked us to death with that bark!" Chane replied.

"It is very healthy... but nicely played." I had to give it to her, if I learned one thing from Chane, if she didn't get credit, I wouldn't hear her talk for a week... torture if you only have one friend.

We were running across the cobblestone street, our shoes making noises like ducks. We saw a bridge next to a lake and we jumped into the lake.

After we were sure the police weren't following us, we ducked under the bridge and breathed. Though I may be smart, funny, and cute, I lack lots of athletic skills. Of course, I watched Chane sit there, eating another apple, while I felt like barfing.

"You could be safer, full of happiness, never on the run, and have a better life." A girl said, while coming out of the shadows. She had ringlets of midnight black hair with streaks of blond and pink. Her eyes glowed black and silver in the damp dark. She looked really... sad, I guess is the word.

"You could be." Another girl said, obviously cheery. Her emerald green eyes gave it away. She had shoulder length brown hair. I felt we might be under attack.

"Look. We. Don't. Want. Trouble. Is that understandable? Because if not, we have other options." Chane said confidently, holding up her fists. Believe me when I say she was mad, with Chane, her dark green eyes become even darker when she is angry.

"Relax! We are just joking with you guys! I'm Maria Jones and this is my friend Julianna Katherine Holloway, but she is called Julia." Maria said cheerfully. I noticed she was a lot younger looking than I thought, she was about 13, explaining the whole cheerful attitude, and I would guess Julia was 15.

"Come on, follow us and we can bring you to safety." Julia said so plainly, no huge explanation.

I shrugged and nodded at Chane, giving her a look say "might as well!"

Michael's POV

Yay! Another summer at camp. No seriously, didn't you get my excitement? yeah, all right. I really didn't want to go to camp this year because soccer tryouts were a week before summer camp is done and there is the "NO LEAVING EARLY RULE" but, maybe I would sneak around it.

I was by the woods in the grass patch playing soccer with Marquis Corin, Randy Lefleur, and Izabelle Aurora Sliverette. I know what you are thinking, "All Aphrodite kids? That's your level?" No one else is easy enough to beat by walking, it's summer and it is hot, I don't want all the chicks to see me super sweaty!

It was Randy and I against Izabelle and Marquis, I suggested everyone against me, but some of them thought that was, "uncool."

I was about to kick a goal, when my sister and her almost-boyfriend walked by. Dimitri Zoe is my half-sister, we both have Hermes as a dad, but we treat eachother like real brothers and sisters. Zoe has a best friend (it's her boyfriend! Don't tell her I said that I she will be on me) his name is Nicholas Reller, son of Dionysus. He is pretty cool, but I am trained to hate him since he is my sister's best friend.

"Hey Dimitri and Nickels! How are my favorite people in the world?" I asked in my most loudest, politest voice.

I hear Zoe softly say to Nik "Just ignore him Nik, he's nothing but a kid." Well excuse me sis, I didn't know 3 years was such a difference in age!

They walked by. "Michael, are you going to pass or what?" Randy asked with a funny voice. I kicked the ball into the goal without flinching.

"Game over! We quit." Izabelle said and left to her cabin. Randy srugged and walked off too.

Only Maquis and I were left. "I am a little depressed, catch up with you later?" He asked and left without a response.

Lone Hermes kid again. I heard the dinner horn, and I decided to go over.

Chane's POV

I trusted Zet's judgement... we held hands with Maria and Julia, and we flew up into the air. I admit, I have a huge fear of heights, but I couldn't look weak in front of people I just met.

We flew over tons of New York buildings, and when no one was looking, I threw up. "Tell me how you can fly!" I yelled to Maria. She had said something about the greek gods, and demigods, the children of gods and mortals. I wondered if there was monsters... wicked cool.

"She's a daughter of Zeus, the god of the sky." Julia stated simply. I was really liking her... she seemed a little bit like me.

"We are landing!" Maria yelled. I shut my eyes closed. I was trying to think of an excuse to tell everyone why my eyes were closed, but I felt ground under my feel already.

A guy with spikey black hair and deep brown eyes came up to us. "Hey Maria, Julia... new campers, huh? I'm Michael Orion, son of Hermes." He said, then looked at Cosette. "Hm..." He said like an inspection. Then Michael looked at me and said "grmmp."

I looked at him with a sour face, and I almost said something until I heard Maria's cheery voice say "Cosette, Chane, welcome to Camp Half-Blood."

We walked past a pine tree and braced ourselves for whatever laid beyond.

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