Harry Potter and the Room of Fantasy

"It started with just me and Katie," Tonks said quietly. "She and Angie have a pretty open relationship, and when Angie was in season she was gone a lot. Katie and I always had some kinky shit going, and it just got worse when Angie decided to join. Then Ginny found out. Luna was a part of it for a while, until she and Ginny broke up. Er…it's become kind of a secret girl club that everyone kind of knows about, but no one quite knows exactly what's going on. Until they join, of course," she added with a smile.

"How many?"

"I'm not collecting or anything. In fact, I was a little nervous about adding Payton. She's…younger. But Ginny said it would be good for her, and she's really sweet."

"So…the room?"

"One of the reasons I wanted to pick the house," Tonks admitted. "I need a large room to pull of that big of a Glamour."

"A change spell? That's all?"

"Yep. Just ask my lady, or as was the case last night, ladies, what they're up for, and poof!"

"Poof…." Harry's mind was officially spinning. "So the interrogation room?"

"Katie's favorite, but Ainsley likes it too. I think you were perving on her that night."




"Standard 'first night' fantasy. Eases the new girl into things."

"I may pass out…."

Tonks laughed.

"Do you…you know… like any of them? Like more than just for sex…."

"Ginny. But we're both kind of addicted to the current arrangemet."

"What else do you guys do?"

"Aw, sweet Harry," Tonks said, grinning. "Your head would explode if I told you, and I don't fancy having that on my conscience."

"I'm in."

"In what?"

"Your harem. I want in."

Tonks laughed again. "It's not a harem, Harry."

"Fine, your boning club…your secret love parties…your metamorphmagus shagging Olympics. Not bothered with what you call it, but I want a membership!"

Tonks shook her head. "No boys allowed."

Harry harrumphed and sat back in his seat. "Will they be mad? You know, that you've told me all of this…?"

"No. We have an understanding that if you ever found out, I would fill you in and make you swear on pain of…well, pain, that you wouldn't tell a soul. And that you won't poke too much fun at them."

"Noted. Can I join when it's just you and Ginny? You two aren't completely opposed to cock."

Shaking her head, Tonks stood. "We'll see. See you after work, Harry."

Harry whistled as he walked through the Ministry. He'd trained with the recruits for a while, proctored an exam for a few of them, delivered all the profiles to Seekins, and was still in time to catch his favorite radio program. Assuming no one caught him on his way out. He greeted people as he walked, making his way to the Floo hall.

"Hey Harry! Leaving?" It was Payton.

"Yeah. I'll see you Monday, P."

"Right, see you."

"Hey Payton?"


"Nice bracelet." With that, Harry waved and stepped into one of the fireplaces to Floo home.