Emily felt her heart calm as the hot liquid slid down her throat, and her eyes slowly read over a new sentence she came across in her book. Her upper back was laid against the arm of the couch and her bare feet sat on a cushion she took from the chair near her television. Before she could pick her fingers up to flip the page, her head turned to the coffee table when the phone rang. Her eyes squinted before she set her mug down and picked up the phone, placing it next to her ear as she looked back at her book. "Prentiss residence."

"Hey Emily, it's Hotch."

Emily smiled as she flipped the page. "Hey Hotch. Happy Saturday."

"Yeah, you too. Can I ask you a question?"

Her smile quickly turned into a frown as she closed her book, her finger scratching her temple when she felt the muscles in her face tense. "Hotch what's the matter?"

"Nothing's the matter…per say. But, I kind of need a favor."

"Of course, what is it?"

"Can Jack and I stay at your place for awhile?"

Emily's eyebrows lifted into her hairline as her fingers scraped along the part in her hair, straight down the middle. "Why? Hotch what happened?"

There was a sigh at the other end of the line. "I'm just behind on some bills because of budget cuts at the office, and…"

"And what, Hotch?"

"The evicted us, Emily."

Emily gasped as her hand flew over her mouth, soft whispers floating down to her from one of the rooms upstairs. "Oh Hotch, I'm so sorry. Of course you two can stay with us, as long as you need."

"Emily, I'm sorry. I would have asked someone else, but Jack likes you so much and we've gotten really close, and I ju-"

"Hotch, thank you for actually thinking of me for this. You both come over as soon as you can."

"Um, there's the thing."

Emily squinted her eyes as she sat up, putting her book on the wooden coffee table. "What?"

"We're already kind of here."

Her head spun before she got up and sprinted to the door of her new house on a quaint little street. She looked out the peephole and smirked as she opened the door, leaning against the doorway. She waved at the two boys standing near their car that was parked at the end of her driveway, suitcases already in hand. "Come on in, fellas!"

Hotch lifted a smiling Jack into his arms before picking up both suitcases in one hand, and walked swiftly up to the brunette standing at the front door. Her hair was parted down the middle, her grown out bangs reaching just below her eyes and all her other hair was down just below her shoulders. She was wearing faded jeans and a dark blue, low cut top. "Howdy boys."

"Emily I'm so sorry for coming before you even sai-"

"Before I even said yes. Well it's not like I would have made you leave." She shrugged her shoulders lazily before smiling at the young blond boy in her boss' arms. "How are you Jack?"

Jack hid his nose in his father's neck before waving softly at the older woman. "I'm kay Miss Emily, thank you."

Emily smiled softly before taking him from his father, smiling at the brunette with the bags. "Get inside, Hotch. It's too cold out here."

The three made their way into the living room, where Emily quickly set Jack down onto the wooden floor. "I better get the kids."

Hotch grimaced as he remembered his last encounter with the other three Prentiss'. "Can they not come near my beltline, this time? It still hurts when I think about it."

Emily smirked as she ran her fingers through Jack's soft hair. "Kids! Come down here please!"

Immediately, three bodies came charging down the steps, their eyes wide as the youngest spoke. "What did we do?"

Emily smiled before walking over and picking up her six year old son. She kissed his cheek before he hid his little head with dark black hair in his mother's neck. "Everyone, you remember Hotch and Jack right? Hotch and Jack, I hope you like being reintroduced to the kids." She felt her son tangle his legs around her waist as she held him tight. "This is Brandon." She moved over to the teenager with blond hair and smiled. "And Cheyenne." And Hotch watched her smile to the other girl next to her, her hair just a tad lighter than Emily's. "And this is Kristie."

Hotch nodded to each one of them, an unfamiliar smile on his face. He felt himself try to keep down a chuckle at Brandon in his dinosaur pajamas, knowing Jack had an almost identical pair. He looked to the girls and immediately saw how identical they were, except for the hair and obvious sense of style. Cheyenne had on baggy sweats and a tight tank top, her dark, curly blond hair up in a high ponytail. Kristie was still in jeans from a days activity, but her t-shirt was baggy and white, with black spray painted letters. Her dark hair was short, down to her shoulders, and her eye makeup was just a bit too heavy. "Hi kids."

"We ain't kids, Agent Hotchner."

Emily sighed as she looked to one of her oldest. "Kristie, be polite."

Kristie turned to her mother, crossing her arms over her chest, her bracelets moving slightly. "Why do they have suitcases?"

"Mama are they sleeping over?"

Cheyenne nodded her head slowly before scratching her forehead. "I guess they are." She smiled at the blond boy on the floor and gave a small wave. "Hey Jack."

"Hi Chey-Chey."

Her face immediately brightened as she heard her mother chuckle. "That is the cutest nickname ever!"

Emily smiled at the group before setting her son on the ground and patting his small butt. "Ok, everyone back upstairs to their homework."

Cheyenne immediately began running up the stairs before waving her hand back down the staircase. "Nice to see you again Mr. Hotchner." Kristie was right behind her, her hand running through her obviously straightened hair. "See ya'."

Brandon tugged on his mother's leg, watching as she bent down before he kissed her cheek. "Bye mommy!"

Emily smiled before ruffling his hair. "Take Jack up to your room, baby. He's gonna be sleeping with you."