Emily woke up the next morning with a throbbing at the center of both of her temples as memories of the events from the night before came flooding back. She gave a small shake of the head before sitting up in bed, holding her hand to her dark hair before throwing the covers off of her body. "Who knew crying could give you such a headache..."

She stood from her spot on the bed, tugging her tank top to cover her stomach before slowly making her way out of the room and into the hallway.

Hotch looked up from the sink where he was rinsing his razor and looked into the hallway, his eyes widening before he turned away. "Uh, Em?"

The brunette looked towards the bathroom with her eyes trying hard to open themselves all the way. "Hey."

"Don't you think you should go and change?"

Emily raised a brow before looking down at her body, her eyes widening when she realized she was standing there in only her black top and her lacey panties that she'd forgotten to change out of. She quickly ran back into her bedroom, slamming the door and picking up a pair of shorts near the foot of her bed. "Aaron I'm sorry! I completely forgot."

Hotch shook his head, staring down into the sink with closed eyes. "Its fine, Emily."

Emily let out a huff before opening the door, her fingers doing their best to smooth down her hair as she stepped back out into the hallway. "No its not fine. I'm just so out of sorts this morning, and I have a huge headache. My head's not on straight."

The older man looked up with a towel in his hands, wiping away the excess of shaving cream from his chin and watched as the house owner tried to tighten the ties on her shorts. "Do you need some advil? I saw some here in your cabinet."

The brunette quickly nodded her head, wincing when she felt a sharp pain shot to the front of her head. "Yeah I'd like some, thanks."

Hotch opened the medicine cabinet and handed the small bottle to the brunette beside him.

Emily looked to the clean shaven man that stood in her bathroom as she tried to twist off the cap of her medicine. "There wasn't a lot of hair or stubble to begin with, Aaron. Why shave?"

"I shave every other morning, Em."

The brunette nodded, taking two pills and immediately popping them into her mouth. "Yes I know. But why?"

Hotch gave a laugh before setting his razor down on the edge of the sink. "Well why do you shave under your arms every day?"

Emily's eyebrow arched before she handed the bottle of pills back to her friend. "Because it gets uncomfortable and its embarassing."

The older man gave a nod of the head, winking towards the brunette beside him before making his way out of the bathroom. "Exactly my point. Same with men."

Emily let out a giggle before nodding her head. "Sure. Whatever you say, Aaron."

Hotch's steps stopped just at the top of the staircase, slowly turning around to see the grinning brunette just a step behind him. "Do you not believe me, Emily?"

"Oh no, I definitely believe you." She smirked before walking past him and skipping down the stairs. "I never said I didn't."

The older man shook his head, following her down the stairs and into the kitchen. "I heard that chuckle you gave."

Emily rolled her eyes as she made her way to the fridge. "It was a giggle, Aaron. Not a chuckle, a giggle."

"Its still a laugh. And the laugh means that you don't believe me."

The brunette felt the older man behind her, and she quickly spun around, pointing an accusing finger towards the older man. "Don't you try and profile me, Aaron Hotchner. You're not the only one here with those skills."

Hotch's eyes darkened as he looked to the younger woman, taking a step forward so Emily was backed up against the fridge. "Trust me Emily, I have so many skills that you don't know about."

Emily felt her breath catch in her throat as her back touched the cold steel of her fridge, Hotch's large hands slipping around her waist as he stepped as close as he could without letting their bodies touch. "Aaron..."

"Yes Em?"

She looked up to the older man, her lids fluttering slightly when she saw his head close in on hers. "I told you I wasn't ready."

Hotch nodded, laying his forehead against the younger woman's and laying a kiss to her nose. "I know, Emily. If you wanna talk about it... I'm here for you."

Emily felt herself give a small nod, her fingers trailing over her boss' forearms and feeling the hairs beneath her fingertips. "I know you are. And thank you for that."

Both brunettes quickly jumped away from one another when a bang was heard from upstairs, and Emily sucked her bottom lip in between her teeth knowing that it was one of her eldest who slammed their bedroom door. "I should go see whats wrong."

"Do you want me to come with you?"

Emily shook her head, giving a smile to the older man before backing herself out of the kitchen. "Its ok, I got it." She quickly made her way up the stairs and over to the last door on the right, her fingers wrapping around the doorknob before giving it a turn.

She popped her head into the room, her eyes immediately latching onto the brunette pacing back and forth between her and Cheyenne's bed. "Krissy?"

The brunette looked up to her mother with steam spewing from her nose and ears. "I cannot believe you!"

Emily quietly shut the bedroom door behind her after she carefully entered the room, moving her attention to her other daughter who just sat still against the headboard of her bed. "Whats the matter?"

Cheyenne just shook her head, her finger pointing over to the frustrated brunette who glared towards their mother. "She saw it, not me."

"Kristen, tell me whats wrong."

"You know whats wrong! You told me that it wasn't true!"

Emily slowly made her way in front of her fuming daughter, lifting her chin so she could see straight into her dark eyes. "What did I say wasn't true?"

"That you were fucking your boss!"