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Chapter 1

It was a rainy Tuesday evening and I was driving down the familiar road away from my home that I shared with my boyfriend James. James and I had been dating since the junior year of high school. When we graduated, we moved into an apartment in Seattle together.

Earlier that evening James asked me a very important question one that could change our lives forever and i liked our lives just the way it was.

He asked me to marry him.

"James?" I called, as I walked into our apartment.

"In here babe."

He was sitting in the living room when I walked in.

"What's going on?" I asked. He looked a little nervous.

"Bella" he started, "we have been together since we were seventeen." He stood up and walked towards me.

"Yeah?" I wondered where he was going with this.

"We love each other and I want to start a family with you. I just got promoted and…"

"You want kids?" I interrupted. Where did this come from? We never talked about kids.

"Well yeah… I actually wanted to ask you to marry me and kids come with marriage babe" he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I don't think I'm ready for that…marriage." I definitely not ready and i would probably never be ready.

"Why not?" he asked furrowing his brow."We've been together forever, your dad loves me, I'm financially stable and-"

"Yes but I don't want to get married James." Surely he could understand.

"Of course you do. Your dad is so excited."

This was a little overwhelming. I hope he didn't get me a ring. "My dad may be excited but I'm not. I'm not ready."

"Why not? We love each other. Don't you love me?" He sounded heartbroken.

It was all starting to get overwhelming. I loved James but I wasn't ready to get married and become a housewife or a mother. I needed to get out of there and think this through because I don't want to hurt James.

"James..." I sighed. "I need some air" and with that I left him standing in our living room as I rushed to my car.

So here I am running away when things get hard instead of talking things through. I seemed to do that a lot throughout my life. Running was something I just did. I wouldn't be Bella Swan if I didn't.

I never walked out on James before but the thought of marriage was scary and I don't feel ready. I thought we still had a lot of time ahead of us. I didn't want to get married yet. I loved James but that wasn't the life I wanted. I couldn't do marriage and kids. I don't want to end up like my parents.

The rain beat down heavier on my windshield and I found it got harder to see where I was going. Suddenly there was a flash of headlights a loud grinding noise and then everything went black.

I was lying down and I couldn't open my eyes. I was in an extremely cold place.

I blinked a few times before I slowly forced my eyes open.

"Hello Isabella" a clear bell-like female voice said. "I'm so glad you're finally awake."

I tried to look around but I found that it was impossible to do so. I felt like a heavy weight was holding me down. Everything was white. It was like I was in one of those hospital rooms. I found myself wondering where I was and how I got there.

"You were in a car accident," she said simply. She made it sound like being in an accident was a completely normal everyday occurrence.

"Where am I?" I rasped, still trying to look around.

"You're probably dead." She said casually, "but you are getting a second chance. I'm sure you will make things right before it's too late."

"A second chance" I asked confused. What does she mean? Wait a minute. I'm probably DEAD? "Is this a joke?"

"No." she said solemnly. "This is no Joke. This is very real."

I was finally able to focus my eyes on a short slim woman with short black hair. She was vey beautiful and was dressed all in white. "Who are you?"

"You can call me Alice," she said sweetly. "I'll explain everything later, but you'll figure it all out soon enough." And with that everything turned black.


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